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Voluum Review : Why It Is Best Tracking Software?

Voluum is a web tracking tool, with various features and large sized requirements for tracking the web searches. It is an advance tracking tool to gear the businesses with large affiliate program. Volumm is basically a click and conversion tracking tool. It tracks the external links of businesses effectively and reliably. Businesses can have their extended reports for your advertising performances. To track your link activity Voluum offers two types of APIs, API for campaign creation and reporting. You can optimize you’re your campaign with integration with Zerokpark. While tracking you will get advertising performance including clicks, traffic and conversion in real time.

Voluum also offers comprehensive data reporting system for your business link activity. It gives you any type of data for your business in real time. You can customize your new campaign on the basis of tracking report. It deals with hassles in software installation and server setup. Voluum gives extensive reports with real time split testing, statistics, optimization and improved earnings, mobile and web tracking, cloud hosting and with improving technology based on the views of their customers and need of the market and updates in the web market.

About Voluum

volumm review


Voluum has four data centers in (Sydney, Ireland, USA and Singapore), and will have to 8 centers in different places. Voluum’s founder is Robert Gryn in 2013 by Codewise , Codewise is a tech marketing company, which is based Krakow , Poland. The consists of analysts programmers, designers,affiliates working together for the products which are further used for online business. The recent activities done by Robert Gryn are, FT 1000 and The Drum. Motive behind the foundation of Voluum is to remove the hassles in the online business while server setup and software installation, it is basically a tracking tool which tracks all the reports for what you did good or what bad for your business, and also give right conversion for your campaign to target the traffic. It tracks all your data at one place. Users can have those extensive reports which users can’t get from other affiliate networks. It provides an instant report of your profit and loss without using Excel sheets calculations. In voluum you can also hide your traffic sources using cloaking.

Voluum: Features and Plans


voluum features


  1. Fraud Prevention and Click Lost:  Voluum provides facility of ultra-fast redirect, so that your target traffic can’t miss the clicks to wait for long   time  to redirect. It prevents the users for their traffic to miss the clicks, which can  give loss to businesses.
  1. Web and Mobile Platforms Tracking: Voluum offers you to track on your web as well as on mobile platforms. You will get your reports in one click at one place in a real time. The interface in mobile apps is clean and sleek, and setup is so easy to do.
  1. Evolving Platform: Volumm is an evolving tracking tool, which updates according to the views of their users , it updates their features and quality . Your old data is saved with updated version no matters how big your data is.
  1. Advanced Split Testing:  Voluum offers you advanced split testing, with effective results and  high returns on investments, you did in your business. Users are able to customize the campaign based on the data received.
  1. Live Statistics Report: Voluum provides Live statistics report without any calculation of Excel sheets in real time, it gives the users all profits in one click.
  1. Integration with Zeropark: To gain more campaign the integration of voluum with zeropark, user will optimize their campaign.they will have instant results in real time, due to that users can optimize their campaign.
  1. Extended Reports: Voluum tracks the external links effectively and reliably. Users can have extended reports for their advertising performances. This offers two types of APIs, reporting and campaign creation.
  1. Cloaking the URLs: By using cloaking you can hide your traffic sources and referrer, your competitors will never come to that from where you are getting the traffic.


voluum plans

       To have the services of Voluum users can opt the below Plans

  1. Pro plan having 1000000 included events $99/Month with pro support. Having 6 months data
  2. Agency plan includes 1000000 events $ 399/Month, 13% more cost-effective than Pro plan with pro support. Having 1 year data retention
  3. Enterprise plan includes 30000000 events $999, 20% more cost- effective than Agency plan with premium support. 2 year data retention.
  4. Custom plan includes 100000000 Epic events and 1000000000 Legendary events.

Voluum: Pros and Cons


  1. Instant setup
  2. Cloud based
  3. Ease of use
  4. Automated Fire Conversion pixels.
  5. Infinite scalability
  6. Extensive reporting
  7. Integrated DSP
  8. Fastest Redirects
  9. Mobile Apps
  10. A/B testing and optimizing.


  1. Available on monthly basis plans, which are quite expensive.
  2. Security risk due to Cloud Based
  3. Lack of multivariate testing.
  4. Not ideal for novice marketers
  5. Learning part is missing.
  6. Limited tracking
  7. No email alerts
  8. No Monitor Link
  9. Also, No sub- accounts
  10. No facility of click map
  11. No IP redirection

Refund Policy

Refund policy of voluum is quite different they do not give any refund actually they only resolve the problems of the users within 30 days not more than that, if you exceeds the 30 days you have to pay for any technological support. It is quite different.


Volumm is an advanced tracking tool which is best option for the businesses which already have large affiliate program. It can give a fly to their business, it improves the campaign by comparing the good the bad you did while campaigns.  It is latest technology tool which understands the needs of the good businesses to make them best. Extensive reporting is it’s best feature. Due to cloud based tracking it is quite risky also. It can create insecurity to data, which can be disadvantage for the user. It can be expensive for the new comers to online business, and who have small business, they should try the free trial plan of Voluum, to understand is it worth for them not. Voluum lacks with learning part which is quite difficult to handle for both small and good business setups. So Voluum can be opt with the satisfaction of the user.  If you are going to opt for Voluum you should try its trial pack rather than instant shifting to it. You will be  able to see the rate of improved profits of this tool for your business.

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