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RevenueHits Review – Best Ad Network For Publishers & Advertizers

RevenueHits Review
  • RevenueHits Review - Best Ad Network For Publishers & Advertizers


RevenueHits proves as the best option as an alternative for Google Adsense. It works on the innovative concept of CPA ad system. This technology helps you to earn more with your blog or website.

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Blogging is surely a fascinating world. Every blogger steps in this blogging word to share their knowledge or share their passion. At the end, ultimate goal of blogging stops at making money from it. Is it that much easy to earn from your blog?  Every blogger understand how tough it is to bring traffic on their blog. The traffic on blog is not the only factor which will help you to make money. What else do you need? It’s the RevenueHits. Let us explore this RevenueHits Review with this post.

RevenueHits Review


RevenueHits is a platform like its name indicates target the revenue. This platform is helpful for publisher to earn more from their blog.  RevenueHits works on Geo Targeted Ad Serving technology. RevenueHits ensures more earning with this technology. This platform monitors online assets like widgets, toolbars, search, applications and many more. RevenueHits is a private startup company which is owned by Israeli based Intago ltd. RevenueHits was founded in the year of 2008. The founder team included finance experts, tech professionals with strong experience and also the online marketers.

RevenueHits is a performance base service. It analyzes the traffic coming on the blog. This platform maintains huge inventory of millions of ads. It analyzes performance of these ads. Inventory of ads includes various displays ads and text ads. With these ads publishers can customize their blog to earn more.

The main query is does RevenueHits pay you? No, they don’t pay the bloggers. It works on a CPA concept i.e. Cost Per Action. It is an advertising network. CPA Networks help publishers to make money on the basis of actions which use make. These actions may comprise visiting a website, email Id, contact number or other factors of users which are the basic requirements to publish ads relevant to user’s need and likes. Bloggers reported to earn $50-&60. Earning can fluctuate within the range on the basis of traffic. If you have less traffic you have to be satisfied with earnings within the range of $5-$10.

RevenueHits platform analyses traffic with which it also keeps tracking location of users. It displays ads based on Geographic locations. If you are in India, you will not see ads of US. Publishers can get the payment via Paypal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer. RevenueHits issues minimum payout of $50. The platform has impressive operations and advertising network.

-> RevenueHits Features

You must go through below listed features of RevenueHits. These features make RevenueHits a best choice as an Adsense alternative.

  1. Fast approval

It is time consuming and nearly impossible to achieve Adsense approval (with low quality content). RevenueHits can solve this problem with the surety of the approval of almost all applications. These approvals are instant you don’t have to wait much for it.

  1. Absence of Strict policies

If you have any invalid activity on your site, there is risks to get banned your Adsense account with the Adsense approval for other platforms you need to agree lots terms and conditions. Violation of such terms and conditions may ban your Adsense account immediately. You may suffer because of click bombing by your enemies but the good news is RevenueHits do not have such strict policies like Google Adsense.

  1. Payment Options

RevenueHits offers payments through PayPal, Wire Transfer and Payoneer. Such varied payment options cannot be expected from Google Adsense. The easy options of RevenueHits make it eligible for giving a try.

  1. No extra charges

At Google Adsense may approve your account but after this approval it will charge $10 for PIN conformation these is clear west of time. RevenueHits do not charge a penny for any PIN conformations they have direct payment system so you can directly start working with RevenueHits.

  1. Minimum threshold amount

To issue the payout Google Adsense needs minimum threshold limit of $100 which is very tough to achieve it means you have to wait for your payment till you earn $100. RevenueHits agreed to the minimum threshold limit of $10. So you can expect your payment within a short time of period.  This feature works best for publishers whose earnings are low. They can also get their payment without much waiting.

RevenueHits Pros and cons


  • You can active your user account with RevenueHits.
  • It is heist eCPM.
  • RevenueHits provides user-friendly interface which make it more convenient to use.
  • RevenueHits has more than five thousand advertisers and two billion impressions with it over the globe.
  • As it is a performance base platform, it shows a relevant and profitable ad on your blog or website that too at the right time.
  • RevenueHits provides a robust service of add server optimization.
  • In all compotators RevenueHits has highest payouts.
  • It provides quality customer support which is valuable.
  • RevenueHits gives fast Adsense approval as compared to Google Adsense accounts.
  • RevenueHits pays very quickly. Month’s payment can be expected in your account till the end of month. Your earning per month is the revenues for your current period.
  • RevenueHits provides numbers of options for ads and banners. You can choose among Pop-ups, pop under, sliders, banners etc. you can choose relevant and which will suit your blog or website. This makes you earn more money with these ads.
  • Threshold limit of RevenueHits is $10.
  • RevenueHits don’t ask for any kind of verification process.
  • RevenueHits is not only ad monetization platform for publishers. It is also useful for advertisers to increase traffic on the blog.
  • RevenueHits do not concern your niche. With any niche you can use RevenueHits as Adsense alternative.
  • You can reach millions of users all over the globe. So it is best platform for advertisers for scaling their business worldwide.
  • It is performance based (CPA) ad system.


  • RevenueHits gives low quality ads. This can create clarity problems for the viewers.
  • You have to wait 24 hours after your account approval to get right of ad monetization.
  • RevenueHits display Pop-up ads that are too irritating.
  • The ads displayed by RevenueHits are not interactive. Such ad can’t engage visitors on your blog or website.

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Shall I Go For RevenueHits?

RevenueHits proves as the best option as an alternative for Google Adsense. It works on the innovative concept of CPA ad system. This technology helps you to earn more with your blog or website. RevenueHits help you to monitor your search, site, apps, widgets with the use of different formats of ads and banners. Such features make you work efficiently and can make more money for you. The different formats included by the RevenueHits are Pop- ups, pop- under, widgets, XML feeds and many more. You can use all these ad formats in your site or can combine them to earn more. Such ads combination can give you more revenue.

RevenueHits is a performance based technique hence it offers a money making platform which considers two factors: traffic on the blog or site i.e. visitors and the placement of ads. So you have to work by keeping these two factors in mind. You have to attract quality visitors on your blog or website and according to the type of visitors you have to place the ads at appropriate time, at right place.

You can use RevenueHits rather that Google Adsense as it has many features over the Google Adsense. RevenueHits stands on top with minimum threshold limit which is 1/10th of that of Google Adsense as discussed earlier. Such minimum threshold can help you earn quickly. As an added feature RevenueHits uses advanced Geometric system. This system targets the visitors through ads according to their searches and especially for those who want alternative to Google Adsense.

To give a final thought I want to conclude that RevenueHits is best alternative for those who have low traffic or have permanently banned from Google Adsense. Most of the users are already earning 10 times more than they make through Google Adsense. As RevenueHits performs on cost per actions; it increases your ads efficiency. It is a safe and recommended platform for all the bloggers. You can sign up here.


YES! Go For It!!!

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  1. a great review, preet
    i tried using Revenuehitz and ended up with just making 5$ in 3 days..
    As it cant work with Adsense, but its great for blogs in which adsense is banned or does not work,..

    We need to target proper traffic with Revune hitz ads..
    BTW Are you Using revenueHitz? How its working for you?

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