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RackSpace Review: Is It The Best Cloud Hosting? Get Discount Coupon Code

  • RackSpace Review: Is It The Best Cloud Hosting?


Rackspace is a virtual machine system which can be made available on demand which can deliver performance according to need with reliability assurance.

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Rackspace is a cloud company which serves the purpose of cloud servers. Cloud server is a virtual machine system which can be made available on demand which can deliver performance according to need with reliability assurance.  You can also define the cloud servers a compute engine on which you can run your application in the open cloud. The fundamental building block of these cloud servers is the cloud architecture. Cloud servers are easily adaptable and provide flexible functions. Rackspace Company has experts with them who help you to use their cloud servers efficiently. It ranked the top most cloud provider.

Let’s find out more information on Rackspace cloud hosting plans, features in this Rackspace Review. We are going to share a complete information on Rackspace hosting plans, customer support, pros and cons and refund policy. So, let’s move forward and study this detailed Rackspace web hosting review.

Rackspace Review 


Rackspace.Inc is providing manager infrastructure for many years. It has a long history. It has also come up above the OpenStack, which is a cloud operating platform as an open sourced service and has the company of trust NASA as its co-founder. Rackspace committed OpenStack to open an Infrastructure-as –a-service (IaaS) solution which will be completely based on the open source. This commitment resulted in a good decision for Rackspace. Rackspace is going well for providing efficient service at reasonable prize beginning from $10,300 per year having a package of eight- server Web app. Amazon gets the top position above Rackspace as an Editor’s choice. It secures excellent place because of features providing pure virtual infrastructure.

Rackspace gives a good performance to deliver managed clouds. Rackspace has two devoted virtual CPUs (vCPU) at the place of single CPU. But doubling CPUs don’t assure high performance. Rackspace managed cloud is more than a service providing virtual infrastructure. Its service level agreement (SLA) turned to a Business contract.

Rackspace is providing its services in the regions of North America, The European Union (EU), and Asia-Pacific. It has worldwide situated six data centers. As compared to services like Amazon, Rackspace is efficiently handling its entire load with these six data centers. Rackspace also offers a choice to its customers to select among virtual infrastructure platforms. Rackspace runs Linux and OpenStack. It also runs Xen for the hypervisor. It provides virtual machines (VMs) as well as Linux distributions. Both of them work over Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

Rackspace claims to be number one in the services it provides. They promise to provide services how you want. As per your IT need, they are customizing services for you rather than enforcing you to join the crowd. Rackspace pronounces itself as the leader of hybrid cloud solutions. Their services come with 100% guarantee of network uptime. Rackspace makes your hiring procedure easy. You have to hire engineers for your business purposes only. No need of hiring network engineers if you shake hands with Rackspace. In all Rackspace is providing combine infrastructure in the presence of specialized experts.

Rackspace Web Hosting Features

Rackspace encounters 500 billion of page views each year for web hosting and infrastructure power. Its web hosting services are too flexible as it can be customized as per requirements. User need is the primary factor of designing its service architecture. The Rackspace ensures 24x7x365 Fanatical support from their side. Rackspace web hosting services will take care of all the performance issues. You don’t need to compromise your sleep to solve the traffic and congestions. It was providing fast page downloads with lightning-fast CDN. It has the expert team taking care of other unexpected surges also. They can monitor all your events if planned in advance.

Rackspace gives you the platform for your business growth. It solves your entire problem with scaling your business to higher levels. If you already have a distributed business then also Rackspace will help to maintain and enhance your business. Such hyper growth of your business will lead you to success. Rackspace has an easy to manage feature with it. It can give you the ease of managing your website or your client’s website. You can deploy new site within 5 minutes using Rackspace. It also offers security patching for your website automatically. It has a technical control panel which makes it simpler to get the website deployed. It uses dashboard for the domain.

There are some services provided by Rackspace website hosting services. Some of them are, >>>

  • Cloud sites

Rackspace is a premium web hosting facility for developers who are serious about building their website. Your business website is the prime factor for the number of users and your revenue. You can’t afford your website to be cumbersome and slow. Slow page load may affect you adversely. Such time of user disappointment and inconvenience may create long-term impact on your business. Hence Rackspace web hosting came up with ‘cloud sites’ which can keep websites up and fast in case of heavy traffic also.

  • Web content management

Rackspace has the experienced experts. They know how to build up the environment according to your needs. They have also recorded the proof of their excellence. They also commit around the clock support for you. Rackspace web hosting architects an environment which is consistent, reliable and has high uptime and speed. To manage the web content, it also has advanced monitoring for the web content which can gain visibility in the infrastructure.

Rackspace C-panel 

Rackspace control panel gives you an interface to manage your Rackspace cloud infrastructure. The interface is quite easy to use i.e. the c-panel is user-friendly. The control panel has a drop down list of Rackspace cloud products. You first have to click on area product headings like servers, networking, storage, etc. on clicking such respective title, it will show a drop-down list of all the products in that area. For example, if you click on ‘Networking’ it will show the products namely Load Balancers, Networks, Cloud DNS, and CDN.

C-panel has various features to manage your products efficiently. You can add ‘Tags’ to customize any of your resources. ‘Filters’ can be used to sort of resources having same tags or any other same properties. There is a check box next to filter which when tested shows the list of resources having a matching one. The control panel has another feature called ‘search’ which can give you the assets you are searching for. You can enter part of the asset name, IP address or any tag in the text search box to locate the asset.

C panel has the provision for various administrative actions. Each resource has a gear icon which let you know all the actions which can be performed on that resource. It also has an action menu which gives you all the details of respective resource. To have access to other control panels, you can click on top left o the control panel which has a Rackspace cloud drop- down menu.

=> Rackspace Web Hosting Plans


There are various plans offered by the Rackspace as per user requirements and need. Here we will explore those different web hosting plans.

  1. Premium web hosting plan

When you mainly rely on your business website for entire revenue, you need to maintain a website with complete dedication. Users will never entertain slow loading pages. No one can wait for the page to load. To avoid such inconvenience and risk of losing customers, Rackspace is giving a premium web hosting plan. This plan starts from $150/month. It creates new website and database for it on demand.

The package includes:

  • Predefined designed architecture
  • Optimized architecture to load pages faster
  • Scaling your business with multiple domains
  • Promises reliability
  • Provides security environment
  • Offers 100% guarantee of uptime
  • Fanatical support 24x7x365
  1. Rackspace public cloud

Rackspace provides fast and secure Drupal hosting. Drupal hosting package has the support of Drupal experts. Drupal is a content management system which is a powerful platform to offer security. It also provides facility to enhance the flexibility of features. With all these advantages it is not easy to build high performing Drupal environment. Rackspace provides two platforms designed to get best of all Drupal’s feature. Depending on needs, users can have a choice among cloud sites or cloud servers platform as per user’s Drupal website. Cloud sites package starts from $150/month. You can launch your Drupal website with the starting prize of $128/month.

It provides features like,

  • Easy platform to grow your business
  • One-click installation
  • Full system/root access
  • Availability of unlimited domains
  • Easy scaling
  1. Hosting For WordPress Sites

If you are working on a wordPress Rackspace has a package for you. If your website has traffic on it, Rackspace can manage all the needed technical expertise and all the resources to get the best advantage of wordPress. Rackspace ensures speed and flexibility for your wordPress website to be built up as per your need.

Rackspace gives a platform for wordPress users to have full control over their website providing unrestricted system root access. Cloud site for WordPress environment can be launch with the starting price of $150/ month.

The package gives features as below:

  • Easy to start
  • Enhanced storage performance with local SSD
  • Provides quick loading time
  • WordPress infrastructure can be scaled up or down with complete support.
  • Gives complete control over cloud environment.
  • Serves availability of unlimited domains.
  • Feature of rapid scaling
  • Load balancing techniques

Rackspace Dedicated Hosting Plans

Rackspace Rapid Deployment Dedicated Server
Rackspace Customizable Dedicated Server

Rackspace Cloud Hosting


=> Rackspace Additional Features

You may create a good and smart website for your business but there are some additional features required for the website to have a great performance.

-> Email having address as ‘email@your domain’

Most of the business deals will be finalized through emails. These emails uses platform like Outlook. Rackspace makes your email function fully compatible with Outlook. It uses secure IMAP for providing this compatibility. It supports both the platforms Windows and Mac. It can also operate such this feature on smartphones and tablet also.

  • Uses Secure IMAP (for outlook &mobile)
  • Virus protection
  • Spam detection
  • Attachment size limit of 50MB
  • Auto setup tool
  • Email forwarding
  • Free and easy migrations

-> Provision of faster service

Rackspace is giving faster service provision with the availability of general purpose and work-optimized servers. It has a large space of 10 GB on the host computer dedicated to the networking. Deployed SSDs. You don’t even need to format your entire disk while building the server.

-> Large memory

You can select up to 120 GB of RAM per server. It can be 30 GB for standard server class. Thus it provides large memory.

-> Processing power

It has maximum up to 32 vCPUs to make processing faster. It will have higher computing power than standard servers having 8 vCPUs or virtual cores.

-> Ensures faster networking

Rackspace has the work optimized servers which provide network bandwidth of 40 giga-bit ethernet for each host server. To manage and to cloud block storage each host server gets 20 gigabit Ethernet. Such bandwidth serves for interoperability of servers.

-> Maximum input output operations per second (IOPS)

Rackspace provides higher Input output rate of operations per second (IOPS) by separating operating system from data.

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Rackspace: Pros & Cons


  • Support: Rackspace ensures great support system from Rackspace support team. Each member of Rackspace support system is completely dedicated to serving the customer with the highest quality service. Rackspace provides support 24x7x367 to all its customers. Rackspace gives fanatical support all the time.
  • Trained staff: Rackspace has experts in all the respective fields. All the employees are highly trained and supportive team members. Rackspace has certified professionals with them. About 3000 hosting professionals, above 370 AWS certified professionals, above 2000 cloud engineers, 200 plus Microsoft certified professionals, 165 plus CISCO certified professionals, 160 plus Red Hat certified engineers and much more.
  • Rackspace forum: Rackspace has an active community who can answer your queries and guide you through the forum. The forum members can place their query any time on the forum. Forum community can then answer them with an appropriate solution.
  • Knowledge Center: Rackspace has a freely available knowledge center on Rackspace site. This information center is well organized and gives all the required knowledge effectively.
  • Live server status: Rackspace website has a page dedicated to giving live status of the server. You can anytime check server status on this page.
  • Servers: Rackspace has both Linux Server and Windows Sever which helps you to operate a server on both platforms to store data on it.


  • Lack of sharing facility: Rackspace does not offer shared hosting plans. This limits the flexibility of distributed business to share the server features among all work places.
  • Fails to prove uptime guarantee: Rackspace promises to give 100% uptime performance but in reality, it fails to prove it. Rackspace does have a dedicated page to give live server status, but there is no information about uptime guarantee on their site.
  • No returns: Rackspace commits some features but what if someone does not feel the service worth his website or want to discontinue Rackspace services? There is no information about money back policy on the website. It doesn’t mention money back guarantee in any scenario.
  • The poor value on the high end: users are paying money for more memory. But they fail to provide memory more than 16 GB for a cloud server.

Rackspace Customer Support

Rackspace promises fanatical support to experience best support system. The success of any service depends on its support system. Once user commits for the services, he expects complete support for all features of the service. If a single user goes disappointed, it will adversely affect on website reputation. Rackspace make it sure that such disappointments will never happen.

It provides complete support with live chats via user’s email control panel. You can get help from the support team via documentation, you can make a call or you can also go with live chats. Rackspace mentioned its support call number on its website.

Rackspace has the documentation on its website. This documentation has all the self service assets. You can search article from variety of articles in the documentation. Documentation is placed on support site of Rackspace. To discover the world of cloud hosting, you can check extensive knowledge centers of Rackspace. They contain a knowledge center which contains loads of article which can help you to know all about the cloud hosting.

Support team of Rackspace is trained and has thorough knowledge to answer the queries perfectly. They are available 24x7x365 which makes Rackspace more reliable in case of availability. When user makes a call to support team he get directly connected to a trained support team member. Rackspace avoided the irritating automated menus which are too tedious to reach customer support team.

Support team is well trained and hence when you make a call about a resource, you don’t have to wait for the answer. You don’t have to struggle for searching a perfect person to answer your query. You can directly speak to the professional and get your query answered immediately. If they make any mistake they are also transparent to admit their mistake.

Rackspace Refund Policy

If the user wants to discontinue service of Rackspace server, you have to submit a cancellation request to the Rackspace support team.

You must take a backup of your website. You have to take backup of your database and email also. To stop the billing process, you have to terminate and delete the cloud server. All the data of your website will be removed when the process of closing your account happens. You can also remove all your data immediately. You have to delete complete data before submitting a cancellation request.

Many users reported that they had not found any refund policy statement on Rackspace. All they have talked about the billing procedure and how to pay but there is not a word of refund policy of Rackspace. They also mentioned that cancellation request would not be considered on the phone, by email or chats. For cancellation, you have to delete your account completely. Till you delete your account billing will continue.

Should We Buy Rackspace Hosting?

Rackspace is reported favorable by about 37% users. If we compare Rackspace with other web hosting services, it gets the marks which can say it is an average web hosting service. Customers faced problems about its uptime. They guarantee 100% uptime, but this is not followed when actual service starts. Customers also reported that we pay for more service, but we get less. Its services are not value for money.

They are good at support system. Rackspace is not using updated technologies. They stick to the technologies with which they started. They also fail to provide security environment as they promised. Rackspace can’t be marked ‘bad’, it is average among all hosting services. Rackspace is good at the network with RAID technology. The control panel is also user-friendly which makes navigations easy.

Upload speed is encountered to be slow. They never mentioned hardware details about the system to configure the services properly. Prices of the packages are also not affordable for the small scale business website. Website navigation is completed. It takes too much time to locate particular information on their website. The worst thing is no refund policy mentioned on the Rackspace.

In all, you will start with Rackspace with good experience but after a period of a couple of years, you may want to stop the services. But as there is no refund policy, you have to take your decision carefully. You must explore the package whether it suits to your need or not and then only you can buy the Rackspace services.

So, I feel it has all what a digital marketer need in a decent hosting company. So, it’s a thumbs up from my side. 😀


Just have a look at Rackspace Review and take an opinion from the existing users as well to land on a perfect decision. 🙂

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