Plesk review

Plesk Review : Why This Tool Is Best For Cloud?

Plesk Review
  • Plesk Review : Why This Tool Is Best For Cloud?


Plesk is the sole control panel that offers diverse applications directly to the end users. It is a must buy because it has a great user friendly interface.

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The advent of technology has brought about the growth of online business. These online businesses require platforms for running, automating and growing varied applications in the business front. It is imperative to deal with complexities that arise out of the web-based applications along with the systems which support them. These are managed by Plesk which is one of the most leading platforms beneficial for the management of businesses.

Smooth Running Of Websites And Applications

Plesk deals with application deployment, maintenance, management, repair and configuration. This extensive platform helps in designing the attributes along with the philosophies of the software products. The tool helps in the building, securing and running of websites in addition to applications present in Cloud.

Plesk Review 


The modern era has witnessed an upsurge of distinct cloud developers who require faster, secure and more efficient infrastructures. This has brought the emergence of Plesk that is bent upon constantly elevating partner and customer profitability. It provides users with a platform which helps in granting the application developers an advanced environment. It largely aids in the constant elevation in the partner and customer profitability. It further offers cloud platform which grants the application developers an environment that is ready-to-code. Thus, it helps in simplifying the level of complexity present.

-> Offers Code Ready Environment

Apart from complexity, Plesk enables the partners along with the customers to customize and extend the platform as an open one. This is one of the leading platforms which runs, automates and grows varied websites, applications while even hosting businesses. It highly continues to add greater value across distinct could services. It further provides access to simple and increasingly secure infrastructure of web which is effectively managed by the web companies. The worldwide market comprises of over a billion cloud developers interested to access faster, secure and extremely efficient infrastructures. This is where Plesk comes to rescue and provides the market with a platform which offers an environment where coding can be done easily.

-> Builds and runs websites

The ever secured commitment of the team accepts modern business challenges while guaranteeing a respectful time, resource and environment. This commercial hosting platform keeps all a completely separate business while enables to accelerate the drive innovation, the development cycles. It further maintains a high end focus on the requirements and needs of the partners, employees and customers. Thus, Plesk has set up integrated platforms that help the server administrator for setting up advanced accounts of e-mail, reseller, and DNS entries and so on. It constantly thrives to bring in the latest versions of the program in order to render improved services.

Plesk Review : Features 

Plesk is one of the most renowned platforms for web hosting. This advanced platform performs running, automating, and growth of diverse businesses, applications and websites in an efficient manner. This platform features a broad array of characteristics. Following are its features.

  • Control panel
  • Server security
  • Server automation
  • WordPress Toolkit
  • Site Management and Webserver
  • Integration Options
  • Development environment
  • eMail components
  • Cloud Linux
  • Programming languages
  • DNS Management

Control Panel And Server Security

  • The control panel ships with the help of a sole component and thus offers role which is based on access. This access is offered from the end user, right to the developer, back-end admin and across distinct devices. This is one of the only tools required to design and develop the web applications which are based on clouds.
  • The next feature, sever security comprises of distinct authentication methods, antivirus and anti-spam, network security along with security of web server. This feature offers advanced form of security methods to help secure all data present in the server.

-> Advanced and integrated features

  • The next feature, server automation offers the right kind of tools beneficial for managing the applications, provisioning the systems, handles the administration of the server components while enjoying the ease of intelligence.
  • Further, WordPress toolkit helps in managing the installation of WordPress with only few clicks. It is integrated with security scanning along with hardening of one-click. Site management and web servers’ offers support for distinct web servers which include Apache, Litespeed, and NGINX and so on.
  • The feature of integration offers a flexible look and helps in the building of an environment based on customization. Email components help in managing e-mail smoothly with the help of multiple options.
  • Its feature of programming languages helps in supporting diverse option of Java, Ruby, .NET, Python and so on. Thus, all of these features integrate together to make Plesk what it is.

Plans Of Plesk

The commercial hosting platform, Plesk has comes up with a wide range of web hosting plans. These plans are based on certain functions in association with distinct range of prices. All of the plans come with distinct pricing system in association with carried features. One can choose a plan on the basis on monthly as well as annual basis. There are three distinct important plans which are Web Admin, Web Pro and Web Host. The starter plan is beneficial for the concentration on server administration and on the website. This plan comes with 10 domains, WordPress toolkit and a developer pack. This feature is priced distinctly on monthly and yearly basis.

Unique Monthly And Yearly Plans

For monthly basis, it is priced at $5.00 monthly, while yearly plans call for $4.17 monthly. Another plan is Web Pro which serves as the perfect solution for the web professionals, whether the user is a developer or a designer. There are two distinct plans under this wing. One is VPS and the other is dedicated. The dedicated plan offers 30 domains, WordPress toolkit, developer pack, subscription management and account management. The VPS comes in a price of $10 per month. On the other hand, the dedicated plan comes in a price of $15 a month.

Web Host Plan

The dedicated plan comes in a price of $15.00 monthly and the yearly plans come down to $12.50 per month. The third plan is the web host plan which is beneficiary for everybody who wishes to build the business on this platform. This plan too comes with two distinct hosting plans which are VPS and dedicated. The VPS hosting plan comes in a price of $15 monthly and $12.50 each month yearly. On the other hand, the dedicated plan is available at $35.00 each month $27.17 per month annually. Thus, when one opts for the annual plans, one is liable to avail discount of two months.

Differences Between Dedicated And VPS

The dedicated plan in the web host offers unlimited domains, WordPress toolkit, Developer Pack, subscription Management, Account Management and Reseller Management. There are certain differences between the VPS and dedicated license that you need to know of. VPS licenses are used on varied virtual instances which are based on distinct hypervisor technology which include Xen, KVM, VMare, Virtuozzo and so on. On the other hand, the licenses of dedicated server has the potential ability to get installed on either dedicated server or even on VPS which stands for virtual private server. It is imperative for you to be aware of the differences because only after its knowledge, one can go forward with the right choice of planning.

Thus, one can choose a particular pricing plan depending upon the needs and affordability. All of these plans cater to certain functioning. Thus, as you proceed higher with your choice, you can opt for better offerings and services. The payments can be performed through PayPal and/or credit card. This flexible payment choice aids one to perform easy and fast checkout. You can go through these plans of Plesk and choose yours accordingly.

Plesk : Pros and Cons

Plesk is one of the most popular control panels catering to web hosting services. For those of you who wish to seek for an alternative form of cPanel, this serves as an extremely secure and reliable choice. Plesk further uses frames that are beneficial for running a control panel that is a web based one. Plesk aids in offering great usability along with a beginner interface. Following are the advantages of a user experience on choosing Plesk over others.


Free trial

Plesk comprises of a free license of trial. Hence, one can actually try Plesk once before one decides to use it.

Easily installed

Plesk can be installed very easily. It has a very simple and straightforward process of installation. It comes built in with the security and reliability features.

No need of resources

There is no need for Plesk to have many resources. This is why it is loved by the dedicated servers. It does not hog varied resources and is very compact and light.

Modular interface

The interface of Plesk is a lot like that of Windows XP. It has been organized on the basis of administrative tasks for web hosting. It has been organized on the principle of administrative tasks which are involved in web hosting.


This panel offers direct availability to the end users. It offers incredible add-ons which include Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder for the purpose of Website management and editing and Parallels Plesk Billing for the purpose of billing. This lets you offer a great deal to the customers as everything is available in it.

Application Vault

A new and advanced customizable repository is included with greater ability to deploy, add, configure as well as remove varied applications for a domain in the system.


Plesk has the ability to get tweaked for varied requirements of hosting provider or of the dedicated server.

Preferred choice

Plesk is an increasingly preferred choice for the Windows operating system.

Versatile servers

This is another advantage of Plesk which states its usability with both Linux servers as well as Windows servers.

-> Cons

Restore and backup

There are many things than Plesk does much better than the competitors, but however loses in the critical function. The option of restore and backup requires a greater amount of free available disk space. In most of the cases, it also requires large files that need to be transferred in to another secondary server.

Thus, the above-mentioned pros and cons true to Plesk. There is a wide array of advantages available which makes Plesk earn its position ahead than the rest. These pros aid in making Plesk a popular control panel that manages the web services efficiently.

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Plesk : Customer Support

Plesk is the control panel which is web based and has increasingly become a preferred choice for varied hosting companies. It comes with a simple configuration that facilitates the provider of web hosting to manage wide array of virtual hosts on just a sole server. Its wide array of features is extremely essential for the webmasters for managing the websites. However, there are many times when the working gets interrupted due to certain problems. These problems need to be solved at the earliest. This is when the support system comes to being viewed. One can take aid of the support system through diverse ways.

  • Community Forums
  • Guides and documentation
  • Video tutorials
  • Knowledge base
  • Frequently asked question

Multiple Support Choices

The community forum lets the users connect with other fellow Pleskians present on the forums. The answers to your queries can be found here by meeting and interacting with other people. Another way is knowledge base where there is a diverse range of articles that can be read. One can read the articles and further increase the knowledge with the enticing knowledge base. These articles help you to solve the problems that you encounter during its use. Further, the aid of video tutorials comprise of several videos that describes the ways in which one can overcome a certain problem while using Plesk. This aid works wonders for those who are not associated much with reading, rather is more comfortable hearing.

-> Strong Support System

Its exclusive YouTube channel guides a user through all odds with the help of ‘know how’ videos. The documentation and guides offer hand-picked guides in order to experience Plesk’s power. Hence, these guides aid you to learn the working of Plesk, whether you are a designer, a sysAdmin or a developer. There are diverse questions that are frequently asked which are listed in the section of frequently asked questions. One can go through these questions and earn knowledge as they are written out of experience.

Plesk : Refund Policy

Plesk is a control panel that lets the users manage a wide array of aspects of the accounts which include files, email and applications which are hosted on the account or the server. It comes with simple configuration that makes way for the provider of web hosting to manage diverse virtual hosts present on a server. It comes with a number of features which are highly essential for the webmasters in order to manage the websites. However, it so happens that at times customers is unsatisfied with the software and wish for a refund. Hence, it is imperative to have an in-depth knowledge regarding the refund policy.

-> 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Plesk offers a 30-day money back assurance for the new accounts. Hence, if you are one of the users who are not fully satisfied with the services, within a period of 30 days of the contract, then a complete refund is provided. This amount is excluding of the licensing and software costs, setup fees, over usage of data transfer, available disk space, domain renewals, domain transfers, domain registrations, SSL certificates and domain renewals. It is vital for the customers comprising of control panels to pay for the said. All refunds are solely made in the discretion of Company Management.

-> No Refund When Bought Online

However, it should be noted that Plesk do not refund any purchases that are made online. Any purchases done through resellers or online stores are not liable for any kind of refund. In these cases, the user needs to contact the seller or reseller directly to acquire the refund policy. Thus, in order to opt for refunds, one needs to get in touch with the customer support that processes the request. If any user is unsatisfied with the hosting and wishes to make a change, the refund policy is there to assist you with the services.

Should We Buy Plesk?

Plesk is an integrated control panel that manages DNS, mail, web and other varied services with the use of user friendly and comprehensive graphical user interface. For those of you wondering whether you should purchase it or not, let’s clear the air. Yes, it is a must buy as it successfully simplifies the activities of web management. Plesk offers a wide array of services and features that are important to set a website securely and quickly. This also includes the WordPress toolkit which is a user-friendly control panel. It enables the users to reach out to varied customer profiles in order to support distinct operating systems.

Must Buy For Its Diverse Benefits>>>>

One major reason why Plesk is a must buy is the license price that it comes with. This is way cheaper than compared with other hosting services. It is organized effectively into sections comprising of distinct functions on varied pages. This is the best intermediary that plays major role between users and system services. Further, Plesk has emerged as one of the leading control panels comprising of multiple platforms. It offers simple and convenient way for managing the web services. The control panel is so designed that it aids in reducing the operating costs as customers are often able to support themselves.

Moreover, it is imperative to note that Plesk is the sole control panel that offers diverse applications directly to the end users. It is again a must buy because it has a great user friendly interface. Thus, it can be said that, you should undoubtedly buy Plesk as it is already a popular control panel among 5 million domains throughout. Further, one can opt for diverse languages as one wish. Such great array of benefits is hardly achievable by any other control panel. This stable control panel is a must have and is incredibly beneficial for managing domains and servers.


YES! Go For It!

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