KWFinder Review : Why It Is My #1 Keyword Research Tool?

KWFinder is an online keyword search tool which starts with free account and paid account with the feature of long tail keywords with low competition. It is actually a new tool to market but still is more reliable than other online tools. If you are looking for a way to easily find the best keywords for your website, like niche keywords which helps you to be on top rankings at Google app? So for this the answer is KWFinder. It is the best tool for it. This is a research tool for keyword which helps you to find the best keyword of long tail, to hit the high search and low competition. Actually it’s an excellent Google Keyword Planner alternative because it gives exact search monthly volumes also with some other useful metrics.

KWFinder displays the data visually; this tool has a simple and easy way to use the interface along with taking a lot of complexity out of the research process.These qualities makes the KWFinder the tool of choice for bloggers, SEO experts and marketers alike. KWFinder has the potential to take its competitors.

About KWFinder

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 KWFinder was built to help the people to know the truth of online money making. Mr. Finnich Vessal launched this tool as a perfect guide for clients. It has the easiest tool to use the interface. To startup with KWFinder, you have to easily go to their website and you can create your free account. A plan that is free, will let you perform the three SERP lookups and three keyword look ups per day, and with per search you will have maximum 50 keywords related the search. If you want more searches and want to unlock it you have to upgrade the one of the paid plans.

This tool is a reliable and effective tool to find long tail keywords. Mangools brand is a brand after the development of KWFinder. It  has two more tools those are SERP checker (The rank tracker tool) and SERP watcher (to analyze SERP results). All three tools come under the Mangools, if you want to have the access to any these tools, you can buy either basic or premium and agency plans. The growth of each tool is exceptional.

If you are going to search a keyword you have to put the word and then the choice of country and language English, you will get many options in just one click. The results are always based on the suggestions keywords. If you will see on the result pages, you will see different parameters, through the word get the value on websites. Helps you wonder the certain product is service or a scam.

KWFinder Review : Features & Plans

KWFinder Features

>>Check out KWFinder Features and Plans:

  1. The best feature of KWFinder is as if you will run an Amazon niche site, you will see the buyer intent keywords, which helps in drive the more sales for Niche keyword.
  2. You can also include the words in include words option and tool will give you long tail and low competition keywords. You can include many buyer intent keywords, which helps you to create best Amazon affiliate niche site. If you need a long tail keyword, you have to enter the number of keywords like 3-5 in the filter results option and click a search for long tail keywords.
  3. You can select and create a list of group of keywords, you can also save this list and can use whenever you want.
  4. Also, find the competitiveness of your keywords after checking the ranking on website.
  5. You can also export the selected keywords in CSV format, the option of export the metric of keywords is also there.
  6. No Adword account needed.
  7. The interface is simply superb.
  8. Find search volume on keyword especially for local one.
  9. Keyword research option is autocomplete with suggestions, questions.
  10. Find estimated page views based on SERP position per month.
  11. Real time graph which actually shows the popularity of the keyword over the time.
  12. Pricing is affordable and reliable.
  13. You can also import the keywords and can find the difficulty of them.
  14. The live support of developers is also available on website. You can also chat with them for help in finding the solution you can also hide the keywords from them.
  15. A wide collection of long tail keywords are therewith low SEO competition.
  16. Enables you to find more options for giving you perfect and profitable one.
  17. It is an absolutely free tool for 3 searches per day.
  18. You can find country and also city based search keywords.

Plans Of KWFinder

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KWFinder is owned by SEO which reorganized its pricing and plans. The plans starts from $12.42/Month which annually costs($29 month to month) the premium tier starts with $24.92 /Month which annually costs($49 month to month). It has also introduced the Agency plan ($79 per month, which annually costs $129 month to month). KWFinder and SERPchecker Gives 700 keywords to search. Agency plans gives Access to 1200 keywords to search. In annual plans you can save upto 40%.

  1. Mangloons premium $69/Month.
  2. Mangools Basic $49/Month.
  3. Mangools Agency $129/Month


  1. It is best for budget users.
  2. Inbuilt SEO competition tools, tracks the location based results.
  3. That long tail keyword which your competitors can never find.
  4. You can easily export and import data of keywords.
  5. For customer support there is great facility of chat and email as well.


  1. As other tools it also sometimes shows inaccurate results.
  2. Not affordable for Small business.
  3. Lack of updates.

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Refund policy

KWFinder provides simple and easy way to get refund, if after using it, it does meets your needs and creating some kinds of issues, refund will be given to you within 24 hours. Refund policy is Quite clear and takes few hours to get back the payment.


If we see the overall experience of KWFinder it is the best one keyword search tool online, actually it is new but still it is beating the competitors as well. The features of this tool differentiate it from others. Like volume of search keywords, import and export facility, and free membership as well as paid one. The wide range of long tail keyword results.

The best one is the chat and email facility of developers for the support of customers, the team answers the each question you will ask, taking no time, they are always available there for the support. It is more reliable and effective tool for keyword online search. And also giving the best performance to the customers so it becoming the first choice of the today market, the data in this tool is so secure that no other one can find it, except you.

The reliability of the tool is also making it the best. All over the performance of the tool is best. To user the interface is so easy and also in budget for the users, it is giving the best one priced plans to customers for unlocking the more searched data. There are three types of plans basic, premium and agency, you can take anyone of it, on monthly basis or yearly, so these features  of  KWFinder making it so effective. KWFinder is quite difficult to process. New users face some difficulties while processing. It only depends upon the user is it beneficiary to him or not?

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2 thoughts on “KWFinder Review : Why It Is My #1 Keyword Research Tool?

  1. I really love KWFinder because it makes the KW Research very easy and simple. I am thinking to buy it but not sure which plan should I buy because I am a big user. Can you suggest me any plan as well as give me the discount.

    1. Hi Fahad

      You can go with basic plan of KW Finder and as of now company is not giving any discounts. You can subscribe our newsletter and get weekly updates on discounts and offers. 🙂

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