InMotion Web Hosting Review: Best Choice Or Not? Reality Exposed

Inmotion Hosting Review

Inmotion Web Hosting Reviews

This is the article which you were actually looking for. You wanted all the information about the InMotion services and wanted to know how much they can deliver to you. If this is true then keep on scrolling page down to get all the information about the Inmotion web hosting services.

Well, Nothing bad in researching and purchasing the perfect product and services. I also like to do same when i am in mood to buy anything.

Finally, you have landed here on my lovely temple (Beforebuyreviews) where i worship and help the people with giving them honest and most deep researched reviews to choose the perfect product and services of the companies.

You must be thinking Ohk Ohk !! I understand and respect your sentiments for your Temple  (Beforebuyreviews). Now just start explaining me about InMotion hosting reviews for what i have landed here for.

Hmm.. Don’t Worry!! In this article i will tell you all about InMotion and give its review that why and how this can be your best web hosting choice.

Let’s Start !!

InMotion Hosting Company Overview


If you are in hunt of very reasonable well priced and pocket friendly hosting company with great features which can support your website nicely. Then InMotion can be really good choice from where you can buy web package.

InMotion has been in hosting industry from long time and have tremendous records to serve the people with there non-stop service and support to the there clients. They are best in business and from decades they have maintain the best hosting hardwares with the policy of not compromising with the quality of the service.

Lets have a quick glance on InMotion Facts :

  • Plans starts with just $5.99 a month
  • They have 3 plans from which you can choose
  • Plans have unmetered data transfers per month
  • You have ease and comfort in the coding options as it is flexible
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Plans are also available
  • All plans have unlimited storage space and email facility
  • Free Backups with all Plans

You must be assuming. Well OK!! But Still its not Steal Deal.

Yeahh !! I know that. I will tell you more about InMotion hosting, what they have more in terms of features, benefits, plans and Pros-Cons.

InMotion Web Hosting Review : How They Are Best In Business ?

This company has got many awards for there web hosting class and quality. They are CNET Certified Service Provider for 13 years. But don’t worry they have not become the arrogant typically like big giants of the industry. They are still in hunt of discovering new technologies, services and try to make customer support stronger so, that there customers feel proud to be associated with them.

They try incredibly hard to make there clients website on 100% uptime with uninterrupted hosting services. Well, you may find difficulties in finding pocket friendly means in budget web hosting package who can manage there clients in such a effective way like InMotion hosting company.

What Makes Them Successful Web Hosting Providers ?

InMotion Hosting company was founded in way back 2001, it took time to settle down for them. But amazingly very soon they became successful and got themselves listed in among top giants of the hosting industry.

Secret Of there Success –> Unconditional Support

Support!! Support!! Support!!

This is the main thing which consumer asks for. This is on the top of the priority list of the consumer and clients.

talking about InMotion hosting support they are extremely good in that. They have designed very simple structure to support there users.

Obviously, you will ask me about the How and what options they have in support ? Well Don’t ask me watch below the video to explore all the options on InMotion web hosting support options.

I hope You found some answers of common doubts and question regarding InMotion company support. I personally like there structure of supporting ways and providing useful information to there clients.

What About Real Human Being Support ? ( Means Actual Agent )

Don’t worry everything regarding support doesn’t relies completely on there computing system. If you want actual agent to get support then, definitely they have those Angels ( Hahaha!! Lollzz !! I mean Agents) whom you are desperately in search for when you are stuck and seeking for support.

Our Research Team Personal Experience Regarding Support:

To check there support team we personally took initiative. One of member of our team made an attempt to do live chat session with the company’s agent. After opening the live chat and filling out the genuine information, we are able to connect with there support team.

It took me 3-4 seconds to get in contact with the live chat session (they promised also that it will take 3-4 minutes to get connected). When we got connected soon immediately one agent replied to us.

We had good communication with him. But frankly telling he was himself little confused with some of the answers which he gave to us but after verifying all the question’s answers with his senior team member he was able to answer and satisfy us properly.

Over all he handled our questions very well and information which he gave to us were genuine and informative.

Good thing was that he was not forceful with his opinions and products which normally company and there agents do. Every thing which he told to us where very accurate and motto was not to sell there products but to guide there customers on right direction.

InMotion Web Hosting Features: Quick Guide

Well, If you remember in the beginning only i told that they have starting plan of 5.99 $/month. You website can get setup in just that little amount. No Worries, that this is basic setup but you will be provided with range of different technologies, features, support and rewards.

Maximum Speed Via Zone Wise Setup : They have many different data centers which will help in serving there clients zone wise according the geographic. Putting server nearest to set geographic ensures the maximum superb quality speed.

Business Class Hardware & Tools : InMotion company never compromises with the quality especially, the quality of servers they use. They have high and optimal updated tools and servers which gives powerful quality and up time to websites of the clients.

Consistent Backups : Losing data is the worst nightmare that any website owner can have. To ensure that you don’t deal with such a horrible nightmare company maintains regular backups for the clients.

OHhh !! One thing i forget to mention over there. InMotion hosting company provides one very great facility. I must tell you that.

They provide online locker in which you have around 100 GB storage facility with 1TB data transfer plan ( i guess this is great thing ” i personally loved this”).

Extremely sweetest and fruitful deal this is. I am not just saying this actually i mean it. One thing more you can expand the things more higher by choosing InMotion other plans.

InMotion Web Hosting Plans “Common” Features & Facilities :

You must be wondering that why i put common in inverted commas. I did that because features varies according to plans.

We have extracted the common features an facilities which InMotion web hosting company is providing in all of there plans. Lets have Look :

  • Free Domain Name : You will not have to give any extra charge for domain name while buying any of there web hosting package. Even you can transfer your existing domain name without paying them extra.
  • Free SSD Drives : Company have now included free SSD drives facility to there customer in every web package plans. This will help in developing the reliability, performance and speed.
  • Free To Do Coding : Clients can easily do coding in there desired different languages like PostgreSQL, PHP, MySQL and Ruby.
  • One Click Installation : Company is providing single- click installation for more than 310 applications.
  • Secure IMAP Email : You are provided with most secure IMAP email which will help you in accessing easily with any device.
  • Integrate Google Apps : Simple three steps wizard has been provided to you so that you can integrate Google Apps easily.
  • Free Regular Data Backups : You don’t have to worry and pay extra cost to maintain the regular data backups of your website. Instead company will take the regular data back ups of website that too free of cost.

InMotion Hosting -> Flexible Plans and Pricing

They have five major types of plans:

  • Shared Business Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

If you are new to the online world then let me explain the above terms to you so, that things get more cleared to you.

1. Shared hosting is basically basic package which is designed to run your website with other websites on same server. Shared hosting is for newbies and it is also low budget which suits easily to newbie.

2. Managed Hosting is for the people who want that there website back end should be managed by the companies like installing wordpress, plugins etc. In this all the professional assistance to run and maintain the website is provided by the company.

3. VPS Hosting is Virtual Private Server which is in between option where you allow the sharing of a physical server. In this you have your own virtual operating system, which is almost same as the functionality of dedicated server.

4. Dedicated Hosting is the server which is completely for yourself. In this you have to pay the rent to become the owner of physical server.

5. Reseller hosting is the hosting in which you can allot your space to third party to host there websites.

See I told you earlier above i am here to help you and give you detailed information. 🙂 🙂

So,, Stop Yawning!!! 🙂 🙂

Keeping My Promise In My Mind Lets Move Further Its Not End Yet.

InMotion Hosting Company have different plans for each types of hosting.

Shared Business Hosting :

  • Launch Plan : They are providing this plan at $5.99 per month. You may find deals under $6/month if you look for it but different offers are launched at different times and for different periods. But after the introductory period expires you are again rolled back to $5.99 per month.
  • Power Plan :  $7.99 per month
  • Pro Plan : $13.99 per month

InMotion hosting plans are very good and in budget. Above price of Shared Business hosting plans can be little expensive if you compare with the introductory offers provided with other hosting companies but when package expires then long term prices which they charge are different. So, above pricing is long term price which remains same.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Launch : $5.99 monthly
  • Power : $7.99 monthly
  • Pro : $13.99 monthly

The cost of Managed hosting plan may go up and down for few cents or dollars as per the company policies. But don’t worry these wordpress hosting plans are loaded with features which compatible to user needs.

They are best in business we have already told you because there professional assistance via experts are really great for managing your Managed wordpress hosting plan.

VPS Hosting Plans

  • VPS-1000HA-S : $29.99 per month
  • VPS-2000HA-S : $49.99 per month
  • VPS-3000HA-S : $74.99 per month

May be yes, VPS Hosting Plan and pricing are high as compared to other hosting companies. But frankly telling you its worth it. They charge little bit extra because even there basic VPS plan has got 60 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, two TB of bandwidth and two IP addresses.

Talking about there Top VPS plan they are providing there clients 200 GB of storage, four TB of bandwidth, 8 GB of RAM and three IP addresses.

I compared plans with other hosting providers and amazingly i found that InMotion hosting company basic plans are even good enough to compete with some Hosting company’s top tier plans.

Reseller Hosting

  • R-1000S : $13.99 per month
  • R-2000S : $19.99 per month
  • R-3000S : $27.99 per month

Basic plan of company has monthly bandwidth of 800GB, disk space 80GB. Their Basic Value plan has monthly bandwidth of 1200GB, disk space 120GB.

If you talk about there Highest plan it includes 160GB disk space and monthly bandwidth of 1600 GB.

Whats best thing in all the plans are that you will get 1 dedicated IP address FREE with all the plan.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

  • Essential : $119.99 per month
  • Advanced : $159.99 per month
  • Elite : $229.99 per month

Dedicated server will fulfill your need of running big online business. This will be your own complete physical server which will be serving your purpose.

Well, this is the reason they are expensive as compared to other hosting plans. But still if you compare it with other hosting plans offered by companies are still pocket friendly for you. You can check out for discounts on the dedicated plans and who knows may be you will get good heavy discounts.

Which Plan I Tested ?

We tested Shared business hosting plan which was named as Power Plan. Its price was very low in budget i.e 7.99 per month. Although all of Inmotion hosting plans have everything unlimited but still  i choose this plan to test the company’s server performance.

As per there plans policy they gave me unlimited domains to host on there server, unlimited database, unlimited bandwidth etc. (Ofcourse with Terms & Conditions).

Guess what !! The plan was actually power house and perfect for me. Server gave great speed and superb website pages loading speed. The lightening speed was impressive and 2 month of our usage we never faced the server downtime.

Inmotion Hosting Review : What They Have In E-Commerce Features

InMotion Company offers premium web builder which helps you in including e-shop page to your website. They offer lot of built-in features and facilities to construct super awesome e-commerce portal to open the online store for the visitors to online shopping.

But i found one drawback in E-commerce features that it has limited ways to collect payments. But it is not that big issues which can not be resolved. You can update your e-shop with the available plugins in the market to improve the payment methods for your users.

Whats About Security ?

Inmotion company has designed special wordpress plugin called Sucuri Security plugin which they give to there users free. They have made many security barriers to protect there clients websites. There plugins protects the website/blog, looks and scan adware to make sure that every thing is safely running and operated.

You can buy SSL certificates from them which they give with dedicated IP address (but go for SSL certificate if you genuinely need it).

By giving nominal fee $1.39 per month you can easily sign up McAfee for your email account to give your website extra protection.

Most best thing i found was that you will get free regular back ups remotely untill you get 10 GB of account database.

InMotion Server’s Uptime Statistics : Our Personal Experience & Research

We tested the servers uptime for near about 30-35 days. We personally believe that server uptime is one of the major factor for online business success. We can not take this lightly and for this, we did personal check up of InMotion hosting servers by putting them into Uptime Robot for  30-35 days. And What they delivered is in front of you via real screen shots :

Did you saw that in above screen shot that the server which we put on testing gave constantly 100% Uptime for  30 days.

Wow !!! Amazing ( atleast for us )

What else i need to tell you screen shot speaks and tells itself what is the quality of InMotion hosting servers.

Amazingly to get such a plan in just around 7$ was awesome experience for me. For you guys reading this article should not worry about the price tag because passionate businessmen deals with quality.

But before you make conclusion i have on more thing to discuss related InMotion web hosting company. I want to tell you some Pros and Cons of the company to clarify some points. Because things never goes easy for everybody.

InMotion Web hosting: Pros & Cons

Pros :

  • Free Back ups.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth with unlimited storage and emails.
  • Coding options are user friendly and flexible.
  • Flexible Hosting plans are available to serve the different purpose and needs of clients.
  • Superb customer support staff team.
  • WordPress Managed hosting plans are awesome and outstanding as compared to the other companies.
  • Easy to use site builders and with one single click installation for near about 310 applications.

Personally telling my experience was very nice with the Inmotion hosting company.


  • You will have to buy there plans and packages for 1 year means no other options like monthly, quarterly etc is available.
  • Full highest level of service access is given to the clients who opt for top highest pro level plans.
  • Mixed reviews has been found for there website builder themes as many have said that it looks little bit out of trend.

See Folks !! No body is perfect. You all know that very well. But we should look at the full side of the glass in stead of looking half empty side of the glass with water. I have personally seen bigger giants even failing to deliver there promise.

It happens with everybody but the thing is that InMotion company have successfully served there clients since 2001 year. There business have rise and increased every day as they are doing extremely well with there services. There flexible and ease to use tools are very attractive and sweet deal (because plans are completely affordable) for every person who want to set up there website.


For Whom InMotion Web Hosting Suits Well

They are not just for high profile businessmen as it has all types of products and service with different tiers and level to meet up the customer needs. There hosting plans easily helps and compliments to people who want to set up the new or small online business.

But let me explain in points whom they actually suits lot :

  • Perfect for the people who want start there WordPress blogs as there plans have great features and services to support the needs of users.
  • Perfect for setting up new online e-shop.
  • Perfect for those who want to take there large or small online commercial enterprises to the next level of success.

One thing more i should bring into you notice that is about Inmotion Refund Policy. This also very important point to read.

Inmotion Refund Policy

If you are planning to buy the dedicated, VPS or reseller hosting web packages then you can easily get your amount refund in time period of your first 30 days.

But if you are planning to buy VPS plan, shared business hosting plan or reseller package with a 6 month or for longer term, then you get your money refunded with 90 day full guarantee.

Wow !! 90 days are more then enough to judge and test the products and services of company. This is long time and you can say that complete sigh of relief to the people who are always in two states of mind whether to buy or not.

Now its time for my favorite part that is Final word and Conclusion regarding Inmotion web hosting company.

Hope this part is your favorite part too.

FINAL WORDS & CONCLUSION : InMotion Hosting Worth It Or Not ?

If you ask me about my Final words about the InMotion hosting company then i will answer you from the behalf of BeforeBuyReviews team. We did all our best to do hardwork in researching about he products and service of the company to expose there reality and truth.

We tried to explain you every thing with appropriate screenshots. Inmotion web hosting company has the combination of features with super awesome flexibility (in plans), user friendly easy to use tools, tight protection with upto date security and not to forget great support and assistance to there users.

I discussed with you in beginning only that Support is the biggest back bone of there success in such a competitive hosting industry.

They have managed to raise there standards in very time and effectively serving there clients with there pro active support team.

So, keeping in mind of what the positive things we got from our personal research (especially Server 100 % UPTIME for constant 30 days) We have full marks to the Inmotion team.

And For The Readers

We would like to recommend the InMotion Hosting services to you as well as it is great hosting company with sweet and perfect deal to start and launch you Dream project with them.

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