HideMyAss Review – Good VPN Option In 2020?

The Hidemyass VPN promises the user with complete protection and privacy in all ways. It is a latest and the strongest VPN protocol that has many options for encryption. The hidemyass VPN claims to be the best because it allows the user to access their favourite’s sites like amazon prime, Netflix and many more. It is a total fully blown VPN. You can download hidemyass from its official website www.hidemyass.com . It delivers amazing and consistent speed to the user along with that it has good compatibility with every device and can be downloaded in several servers. Now lets have a deep knowledge about this VPN. It comes with a large amount of servers in more than 100 countries.

People love HMA due to its amazing speed and its user friendly usage. If you will download the latest version of HMA, it comes with many more unique features like new designs, automated diagnostics mode and so on. HMA is the most easy to use VPN. HMA is making a consistent improvement to be the best VPN in the world. The company, VAST initiated HMA. The company also offers free trial of HMA.

Features of Hide My Ass (HMA)

As HMA is spread all over the world, sometimes it is difficult to find all its settings in one go, but this VPN has a nice to have feature in large amount. For initial stage, every user requires two things they are, a kill switch and second is set up for automated connection at the time of booting your device.

The HMA kill switch, runs as expected it helps in blocking of the traffic as soon as the device gets disconnected unexpectedly. This is unlike other kill switches like Air VPN’s feature of network lock, where the blocking work is done even when the VPN is disconnected purposely.

The automated connection option of HMA are similar to bog standard feature, example the user cannot choose where the VPN connection is needed instead of that the VPN only chooses the connection where the user mostly used, like it takes most contacted connections. However, you can easily make a set up to connect it automatically only to public networks and not the private networks, it is a great way of avoiding any danger from public networks.

Apart from these two features, HMA also currently have extra two features in contrast to other VPN’s. The first one is app kill switch, where it defines you a list of programs which triggers the client of HMA for blocking the traffic especially from those connections where the VPN is disconnected unexpectedly. The other feature is IP shuffle, anytime at the interval, the VPN can change the IP address which improves the security level and promotes privacy options by making it stronger, which is practically difficult for someone else to track your activity.

However, the kill switch is the most effective feature. Otherwise everytime the connection changes there is more possibility of vulnerability of IP address, where the IP address is visible.

Hidemyass on Android, IOS and more

The noteworthy feature of HMA, it supports all kind of operating systems whether you have android or IOS, windows and routers. It is an easy and clean application for mobile for striking many chord with users and fetching the rating as compared to many other VPN’s. Overall HMA has great features in comparison to other VPN’s. The only thing it is lacking in split tunnelling. Split tunnelling allows users for selecting application based programs that uses VPN’ s tunnelled connection and uses standard internet connection.

Pricing Of Hide My Ass (HMA)

HMA has different pricing options as per the country. When we connect HMA from USA, it offers three plans starting from yearly plan instead of monthly plan.

When you will buy it from 1 year, it will cost you $83.88 per year with $6.99 per month, in this plan the HMA offers unlimited GB bandwidth in which you can include 5 devices. The next plan is for 2 years, where you have to pay $119.76 for 2 years, which means you have to pay $4.99 per month with unlimited GB Bandwidth and 5 included devices. The third plan is for 3 years, where the client has to pay $143.64 for 3 years, with monthly pay of $3.99 along with 5 included devices and unlimited GB bandwidth.

Another nice thing about this VPN is, it comes with 30 days money back guarantee. This VPN comes with 30 days of money back along with 7 days of trial session, where you can use HMA VPN, without any risk of money. Even the trial sessions are also depending upon the country. Although this is strange and weird, still the unique features of this covers up this negative point. When it comes the payment, the website accepts payment from paypal and credit card.

Ease of use

The most popular scheme of VPN is blue and white colour, whereas the HMA comes with more user friendly interface design, which is easy and clean. Both ways, the mobile application and system application are pleasant and have easy impact on eyes, even if the system is in dim light. The quick options of HMA are available on the right side of the homepage. From there you can easily get access to kill switch and auto connect options on and off, you can also see the amount of bandwidth you have already used since you are connected to the VPN.

Speed and Security

HMA VPN runs at very high speed. Almost in many countries, HMA VPN is kicking the speed, as it gives great performance on many locations. When we talk about the HMA security, it depends on the protocol and encryptions it is using. It is important to open the VPN for the protocol and then pair it with AES-256 encryption. As it is mentioned above, the kill switch and auto connect offer gives great security to the system, so there is no doubt about the security of HMA VPN.

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