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Grammarly Review {DISCOUNT & COUPON CODE} Why Writers Loves This Tool?

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  • Grammarly Online Grammatical Error Checker Tool

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Grammarly Review : Hello,, Folks!! Today we are about to solve the biggest headache issue of content writers that is called “Grammatical Errors“.

Damn !!!

You must be thinking “Whether this problem can really be solved!”.

Do you people REALLY think so?

Grammatical Errors and punctuation errors are one of the most common issue faced by content writers. I can bet on it that every content writer or author have never done digging in deep of the every prospect of English language to produce grammar errors free content every time they write articles. We look for various online grammer checker tools, softwares, plugins as well to produce a grammatical error free content.

Producing grammar mistakes and punctuation errors free content is very tough and challenging. If authors fail to do so then, he will have to face criticism and embarrassment.

And for those content writers who don’t take this topic or issue seriously for them let me tell you guys you are playing with one of the Google Ranking factors and SEO.

Writing an article with grammar errors will not only lead to embarrassment but also result in bad SEO of your blog.

So, I hope you must have got my point, what is the importance of writing an article which has no grammatical mistakes!

Now, you must be wondering OK we agree. FINE, this is an issue and challenge but what is the solution then.

Or, you must be thinking, I know that Dude that’s why I was hanging on google and finally landed here (Thanks for that).

Ohkk!! Ohkk!! Let’s get back to the solution.

I asked my fellow team members to carry hard research, on this issue to help out the bloggers and authors. After a month of research we together found that there is a magic software in the market who has already helped millions of authors and content writers to deal with their biggest Nightmares while writing.

Yes, the name of the magic software is Grammarly.

Please don’t get to the final conclusion just because we said that this is magic software to deal with grammar errors and punctuation mistakes. I personally believe you should first ask us few questions like “How the hell it is Magic tool to do grammar check?”, “How can your team can claim that so confidently?”

Well, thanks for putting logical questions. Now, it’s our responsibility to answer your questions and give the complete review of Grammarly which will help you also in dealing with the issues. Also, we have some surprise discount, coupons of Grammarly for you readers. So, If you want Grammarly discount, coupon, then stay tuned with is as we have Grammarly coupon for you all who are looking forward to purchase this magical grammar checker tool.

Let’s have a look at this detailed Grammarly Review.

Let’s Begin With It !!

Grammarly Review : Explain Me Every S**t Out of It ?

Instant Grammar Check
Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker

Grammarly was founded IN 2008 by Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko. Later in 2011, Brad Hoover joined the company as CEO who was also listed in San Francisco Business Times’ 40 Under 40.

The Company is headquartered in San Fransisco.  The Company has worked with Microsoft company and has launched Grammarly for Microsoft® Office which they claim that Grammarly works best with Outlook and Office.


  • In 2013, Grammarly was declared winner 2013 Red Herring Top 100 North America award and in the same year, it was named to the 2013 Inc. 500 list.
  • In 2014, they won runner-up tag in Best Bootstrapped Startup on the eve of 7th Annual Crunchies Awards and in the same year again they were listed among fastest growing companies in North America.
  • In 2015, they got selected as the finalist in Eighth Annual Crunchies Awards.
Forbes have quoted thatGrammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better.”

So, these were the overview of company history and achievements which was very much needed to tell you.

Now, Let’s talk about its functionality that how it serves the purpose of content writers and authors to produce a super awesome article that too without any spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

How It Makes An Author Perfect Writer?

Click Here –> Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker

Grammarly is online software tool which helps writers to find grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and helps in correcting it by giving the genuine reasons for that mistakes.

Basically, it acts as an Automated Proofreader. It helps in dealing with punctuation errors and also enhances vocabulary usage of the writers. The most loving part of this software is that not only it helps in removing wild errors from the article but it also suggests citations to the user.

Grammarly software claims to detect 250 types of  punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes, and spelling errors.

Is It Easy To Use & How it Actually Works?

As I told you earlier that Grammarly is an online tool which detects all types of possible mistakes which can ruin the quality of an article and as well as an image of an author.

Grammarly is very easy to use online tool. Let me Explain “How”:

  • Grammarly is great in terms of its algorithm flag. It detects all types of errors and correct those mistakes in content automatically and suggests the citation and vocabulary.
  • This tool provides and online text editor dashboard where you can put your content via using Copy and Paste method to check the mistakes and get suggestion to fix the issues easily.
  • You can also install the free Grammarly tool in your Safari or Chrome browser add-on or extension to get the spelling errors alert and a suggestions to fix it.

WOW!! It’s Damn easy to use this premium grammar checker online tool.

Personally telling you I get flattered there and then only which tools provide the convenience of Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste option to solve the issue.

Nobody can serve the purpose that easy where you have to Just Copy & Paste article in an editor, then sit and relax and get your grammatical mistakes corrected automatically.

For Whom Grammarly Will Suit Best For ?

Grammarly is widely used by many categories of people. Millions of people have trusted the effective solution of getting rid of any type of error from the article to produce the super like content for their readers.

Grammarly is the favorite online tool used in different field by English Writers like:

  • Blogging
  • Students (especially English learners)
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Academia

Professional of various fields who deal in the English language highly recommend this tool to avoid all kind of writing mess and deal with grammatical errors.

Expertness of this tool provides perfect expert support and helps in massive SEO ranking boost because you have listened many times before from experts that “CONTENT IS KING“.

Obviously, if you have error free content for readers, then Google bots will definitely fall in love with the well-written content of yours. Hence resulting in boosting the SEO rankings of your blog.

People who want to get the mastery and expert command over the English language they also will get definitely advantage from this magic tool. You can learn and enhance your reading and writing skills which will help you in getting perfect in the English language.

Grammarly Review : Features & Plans

If you are among those people who like options from where you like to choose from then Grammarly will not disappoint you at all. Grammarly has a various different range of products and  service which they offer to their customers.

Wait !!! What if I say they have some free services and products which they offer to people.

Definitely, you will then want me to reveal those as soon as possible.

Grammarly Review

Ohkkk !! Ohkkk !! Let Me Tell You There Freebies First :

1. Free Grammarly Browser Extension – The First freebie is one of the gems from all of them. They give free browser extension which you can use in your safari and chrome browser. This will help you in correcting all your mistakes while writing the content with just one single click. The best thing is that you don’t need to put your content in their editor to alter the mistakes, content mistakes can be edited there and then wherever you are writing online, whether you are writing on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc (thanks to the powerful algorithm of Grammarly).

2. Grammarly Words – This is an online dictionary service introduce by Grammarly to help the people around the web.

3. Grammarly Handbook – This is the perfect guide for the people who want to learn grammar and style to get mastery in the English language.

4. Grammarly Blog – You can get the latest updates, tips, and other insights which will help you to get in touch with the latest happenings of the Grammarly world.

5. Social Media Interaction – You are provided with access to their Facebook community and twitter account to interact and enter into the discussion with the people to get grammar tips.

6. Grammarly Answers – This is an online help to the people via community run by Grammarly team to help the people and writers by giving them answers to the questions.

Well !! You must be wondering these freebies don’t impress me a lot.

This could happen may be because you expected more from this online tool. Don’t worry I never told that this is it. I just told above that these are Freebies which are offered to the newbies.

There are many more features and services of the Grammarly online tool. But let me clearly tell you that Premium services are listed under the Grammarly Premium plan and pricing category.

You will need to get paid subscription to witness the magic of this wonderful tool. I know that you are Mr. Perfectionist and don’t generally love compromising with the quality of anything.

Same here you must be saying to me that I don’t mind to go for Grammarly Premium subscriptions if it will serve my purpose according to my nature of being perfect and making my content perfectly PERFECT.

No issues if you have that kind of attitude and mindset to be Mr. Perfectionist and passionate for writing the great content ( grammar error free content), then I will not let you down and tell you about the further features of Premium Grammarly.

Grammarly Premium Review: Plan & Pricing

Caution : Before telling you about its premium plan I must clear you one thing that If you are not among those people who want to provide super like content to their readers or are always in a mood to serve your readers anything crap and scrap content may not read this below paragraph. You can easily use the freebies offered by the Grammarly and Stay happy with your content.

Now! You if you are reading this line or going to read below paragraphs then, that is understood by us that you are seriously Mr. Perfectionist and want to produce super like content for your readers.

So, Here are 3 Types Of Plans and Pricing of Grammarly Premium :

grammarly review

  • Monthly Plan : 29.95 $ per month
  • Quarterly Plan : 19.98 $ per month (Billed as one payment of $59.95 USD )
  • Annual Plan : 11.66 $ oer month ( Billed as 1 payment of 139.95 $ USD )

You must be wondering that it is worth it to spend dollars just sake of content.

If you still thinking in that way then let me tell you are not still aware of the fact that not Content is King but “Quality Content Is King”. There is a universal rule that if you can’t Express well then you can’t Impress Well.

Just look below this magic tools Premium features that how it does wonder for people who are hungry for success in the field of Digital world.

Must ReadThrive Themes Review: True Facts About It {Get DISCOUNT & COUPON CODE}

Check Below “Premium” Features Of Grammarly Premium

1. It gives writer suggestions for Vocabulary enhancement.
2. It checks the Genre-specific writing style.
3. The tool is capable of finding and checking 100+ additional advanced spelling and grammatical errors.
4. The tool can easily detect Plagiarism by going through more than 2 billion plus web pages through its Plagiarism detector.
5. Last but not the least its main feature is to check critical 150 spelling and grammar checks.

Click Here –> Grammarly’s Free Plagiarism Checker: Check Your Papers For Plagiarism And Correct Grammar Errors Now!

Wait there are more great features which I forgot to tell you above :
  • You can easily access your personal editor using
  • Via email you can get stats on your performance
  • You can watch the explanation of grammar rules
  • You can access your documents on other various devices
  • It will also help you in checking your written work over the web
  • Ease of use of desktop applications (OS X and Windows)
  • Helps in detecting contextual grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Integration of tool with Microsoft® Office Windows can be done
  • You can get synonyms and definitions by double click
  • User can add their words to their personal dictionary

Hang On !!! If above features you were not able to digest or understand fully then don’t worry.

I will give you some screenshots to make you understand in a very simple way what Grammarly actually does.

Premium Feature Of Grammarly : Grammatical Error Checks

grammarly review

Another Premium Feature : Punctuation Error Checks

grammarly review

Premium Feature : Sentence Structure Checking

grammarlyPremium Feature (Grammarly) : Style Checks


People who want to become PRO in future for them these above features of Grammarly tool would have already given goosebumps to them (hope you also among those who want to become a brand in future).

Support & Refund Policy

They have very good support staff and you can get there assistance 24/7. If you are a subscriber of the software you can contact their helpdesk and surely your matter will be solved soon surely.

Talking about their refund policy, earlier they used to give 7 days free trial to their new customers but no they have converted this policy into 7-day money back guarantee return policy.

Means if you are not among the satisfied users then you can ask for your money back within the time span of their 7-day money back guarantee return policy scheme.

Cool !!! 🙂 That’s really great..Hang On !!

But I always prefer people also telling Pros and Cons of product and services in reviews (why should I unnecessarily speak about it in its favor after all it’s not My DAD’S company… Lolzz).

Pros & Cons of Grammarly Software

Pros :

  • It helps students in improving their writing grades.
  • Users of this tool have built their stronghold on the English language.
  • The tool is damn easy to use and gives awesome user interface experience.
  • Kick-Ass features of this tool help in producing error free content which gives PRO feeling.
  • Free tools are also very effective.
  • Pocket-friendly plans and pricing.
  • This tool is perfect for bloggers because it helps in producing error free content which is loved by search engine bots hence increasing SEO performance of their blogs by 100 times more.

Cons :

  • The tool can not be downloaded it can be used via only online subscription.
  • On the Apple platform, Grammarly’s Microsoft Office integration is not available

Unfortunately, I can not find more cons (just my opinion). 🙂

So, Finally, we should give you my Final Words on the behalf of my team who did hard research on the Grammarly software.

FINAL WORDS : What Should You Decide ?

I already told many times above that this tool is for those who want to be PRO writer or want to kill the market by providing their users Killer error free article.

It’s just not for this is an article I am passing the above statement. Even for SEO and ranking the blog also, you need error free content which is also user-friendly.

Means it’s not always easy for a human being to detect the errors manually every time (becomes more worst if you are not a professor of English).

Moreover, if you are busy in finding small or tiny mistakes in the article then you will feel exhausted which will result in reducing work efficiency and killing creativity.

So, if you want to learn English well as a student or as a blogger you want that your content article should create a buzz in the market and produce an awestruck article on which Google Bots falls love in with then Go for this PRO Grammarly tool.

Our team has proudly recommended this tool to many people who have now already become PRO writer or almost on the edge of becoming PRO writer a Happy Grammarly’s Customer. 😀

So, If you want this Grammarly Tool to rock your Writing Skills then grammarly JUST GO FOR IT !!!

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  1. Yeah it’s real and trusted Review…
    I’ve used grammarly and seen a lot of good features, as you mentioned in your review…
    in fact, i always recommend it to all my users and blogger friends to use whether they’re writing a blog post or working in MS Word…

    keep it up, preet…

  2. awesome review post with very good points you have mentioned with examples. Yes! grammarly is very good proofreading tool. am using free version for my blog posts. IT’S saves not only time, will improve THE WRITING SKILLS. tHANKS FOR HONEST REVIEW.

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