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DroneX Pro
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DroneX Pro

The DroneX Pro work by receiving flight control instructions wirelessly from its controller. A Budget Drone With All The Features Of Professional Drone. Ultra-compact, Light And Easy To Fly! Get Yours With 50% Discount. 720P HD Camera. Amazing Quality. Fast Delivery. Easy to Use. Instant Purchase.

Quadcopter drones have become quite common these days. Whether it’s industrial filming, surveying landscapes, or just for adventures. Drones come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as price. Some are more suited for filming while others are just meant for fun and play.

Are you looking to own one yourself? If so, let me introduce to you DroneX Pro by Hyper SIs Ltd. This drone has a high-tech, slick design and futuristic feel to it. Maybe you have always wanted to get a bird’s eye view of your yard or just want to upgrade your current trashed drone to a better one, you might consider DroneX Pro in your top priority list. DroneX Pro comes with a majority of the features to satisfy a typical photo enthusiast.

The DroneX Pro will definitely enhance your adventures. Taking group selfies from an elevated position is now easy. Impress your social media buddies with beautiful landscape photos. Scout a variety of terrains while you are just chilling somewhere whether at the comfort of your balcony or standing next to a cliff.  

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DroneX Pro Features And Performance

  • Foldable design

One of the physical features that make DroneX Pro stand out is the collapsible joint between the frames holding the Propellers and the body. The Propeller blades are not fixed as well.  This incredible feature enables you to fold the drone when in transit or just when you are not flying it.

  • Portable

DroneX Pro is incredibly lightweight to carry and furthermore when folded, it can fit at the palm of your hand. If it can fit at the palm of your hand, you can definitely carry it in your pocket with ease. This is very convenient especially when it comes to outdoor use. This means you won’t have to carry bulky and heavier drone alternatives.

  • Camera

The DroneX Pro comes with an on board HD camera of 2 megapixels that is able to take photos and record videos. This camera supports resolution of up to 720p which is really great. The camera is able to capture still images at a wide angle of 1200. With the panoramic mode, you can be able to capture 3600 images with one click of a button. The drawback with the camera is the fact that it is fixed therefore as the drone moves and shakes, the camera shakes as well. So shots taken while the drone is moving are not that good.

  • Flight time

Compared to other pocket-sized drones, DroneX Pro has a pretty decent flight time. This drone can fly and film for around 10 minutes on a fully charged battery. Charging the battery will take an average of 70 minutes. If you are looking to have longer flight time, arrange for some spare batteries.

  • Stability

DroneX has advanced stabilization algorithms used in rake off, flight as well as landing. In the case of turbulent conditions, the drone is still able to maintain its course considerably. This means you will not have to use a lot of skills to keep the drone from being blown away. Another cool feature of DroneX Pro is the altitude hold mode. This ability enables it to hover which maintains the drone at the same position and height for a chance to take smoother and timed shots.

  • Controls

DroneX Pro is one of the easiest drones to land. Most of us usually worry about wrecking our drones when trying to land them. When it comes to the DroneX Pro, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This drone is able to detect the ground and land smoothly. Furthermore, most drones when the transmission is cut off, you will find it fallen somewhere since controls have been lost. When the DroneX Pro detects that the connection is lost, it begins a slow decent until it lands. You can still regain control by moving closer to the drone in time before it reaches the ground.

  • Durability

In case of a crash, this drone has Proved to be resilient all this being credited to the fact that its Propellers are collapsible. It also has a strong outer covering.

  • Control options

DroneX can be controlled with your smartphone or just the controller that comes with it. It would be convenient to control the drone with your smartphone when out of sight. This means you will receive real-time FPV feed to your smartphone screen as you monitor where your drone is flying to. You can as well control your drone only with the remote control. This would be suitable when in the open and the drone flying in sight.

  • Other exciting features

The DroneX Pro is one of the easiest drones to fly out there. This drone comes with one-key press functionality for landing as well as taking off.

This drone also comes with two led lights just next to the camera. This can come in handy when trying to maneuver the drone in dark, close Proximity.

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How does the DroneX Pro work?

The DroneX Pro work by receiving flight control instructions wirelessly from its controller. You can control the flight of the device using the controller that comes with it or you can use the designated app on your smartphone instead.

The controller is pretty straight forward. The remote control has a cradle at the bottom for holding your smartphone which means you can use both hand-in-hand. Control the flight of the drone as well as monitor the terrains when in flight through your smartphone.

  • Controller

The controller comes with two primary control knobs for controlling the drone. Each knob is supposed to be held by the thumb from each arm. The knob on the left is used as throttle and the knob on the right is the main controller for direction while in flight.

Pressing the throttle forward causes the drone to move up and increase altitude. Pressing the throttle backward causes the drone to descend. Moving the throttle to the right causes the drone to rotate on a vertical axis to the right and vice-versa. Then the two buttons next to the throttle are used for automatic take off and automatic landing. An arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing down are drawn on these two buttons respectively. So if you are’t skilled with the throttle, use those buttons instead.

How Can I Get a DroneX Pro?

If it’s still in stock, here is how you can get yours:

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2) Start taking stunning HD videos and photos of you and your friends or family!

It’s That Simple!

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