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DigitalOcean Review: Real Experience- Why To Choose It For Your Blog?

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What To Expect ?

The product has a very attractive tagline: “Simple Cloud Hosting built for developers”.
We will surely find out weather if they live up to their tagline 🙂

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DigitalOcean is a kind of newbie on the block of cloud vps. Digital Ocean provides very basic services like, a client get VPS’s in the cloud and DNS management, that’s all. They also offer hadoop clusters, a simple load balancing, hosted databases, etc.. If we compare digital ocean AWS, for example than this could be seen as a disadvantage, but at this time you should not judge it yet. Let’s have a look at this detailed Digitalocean review.

DigitalOcean Review : Features & Specifications


The product has a very attractive tagline: “Simple Cloud Hosting built for developers”.
We will surely find out weather if they live up to their tagline 🙂

Looking up! Features Of Cloud VPS Provider

We know being a buyer you will first go out and check up the features of this simple cloud vps provider. Here we have gathered the list of all features of this cloud vps provider lets have a look,

  • Performant SSD drives (!!!)
  • Easy resizing of nodes
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • KVM virtualization technology with guaranteed system resources
  • Server network speed at 1Gbps
  • Application ‘images’ – pre-built images for a few apps (WordPress, LAMP, RoR)
  • An API
  • Data centers in Europe and the US (Currently Amsterdam and New York)
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Free and fast private network in the data centers
  • Fair & good pricing level
  • 55s spin-up time for servers
  • 24/7 ticket support, an IRC channel, and a forum
  • Easy accessibility of control panel, almost foolproof
  • Server snapshots and automatic backup options
  • Highly scalable, resizing servers with a few clicks
  • Two-factor authentication security
  • HTML5 enabled full console access via VNC
  • A large collection of helpful tutorials and an active community
  • Available DNS management
  • One-Click Installs of WordPress, LAMP, and RoR
  • Pay-As-You-Grow policy, per hour billing, no contract
  • Accept Credit cards and PayPal for payment methods

I hope You guys must have found these features attractive. Now, lets just find how much Digital Ocean web hosting costs a person.

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Thinking! Whats The Price Of Digital Ocean?

Well, guys i must say one just can’t beat the pricing of DigitalOcean servers.

Here’s we have provided a chart taken from their pricing comparison page, just have a look.

Low Prices! that’s what you are looking for, right? You know what’s amazing about these low prices is that you can easily build a small rather scalable cloud architecture for yourself. If you are short with money and you want best thing for your startup ideas than it is the best option available in market as it won’t vacuum your wallet empty. Ofcourse, not you will never bang your head when your startup starts booming and you need to scale.

A best thing about digital ocean pricing is that they list the prices monthly, not just per hour. Moreover, there are no hidden costs in pricing as compared to EBS volume prices, fixed IP prices, AWS’s traffic pricing, etc.

What is Disk speed??

Digital Ocean reads about 128K with random access.

Cloud CPU Benchmark

One thing that grab my attention is that Digital Ocean Review is giving a very powerful computing power for much less money comparatively others.

To check the performance of control panel we tested the performance of 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB VPS droplets with UnixBench. Just like OpenVZ solutions, DigitalOcean’s KVM based virtualization also guarantees the allocated CPU and RAM resources.

The lightening fast SSD disks adds a great source in helping in improvement in overall performance, as already evident during the creation process of a fresh VPS. The following are some of our actual test results.

On our 1GB VPS:

System Benchmarks Index Values               BASELINE       RESULT    INDEX
Dhrystone 2 using register variables         116700.0   29181066.6   2500.5
Double-Precision Whetstone                       55.0       3364.8    611.8
Execl Throughput                                 43.0       3080.7    716.4
File Copy 1024 bufsize 2000 maxblocks          3960.0     970605.7   2451.0
File Copy 256 bufsize 500 maxblocks            1655.0     275813.5   1666.5
File Copy 4096 bufsize 8000 maxblocks          5800.0    1765632.4   3044.2
Pipe Throughput                               12440.0    1666863.1   1339.9
Pipe-based Context Switching                   4000.0     250412.6    626.0
Process Creation                                126.0       9697.9    769.7
Shell Scripts (1 concurrent)                     42.4       4901.2   1155.9
Shell Scripts (8 concurrent)                      6.0        703.4   1172.3
System Call Overhead                          15000.0    2173421.8   1448.9
System Benchmarks Index Score                                        1268.0

On our smallest 512MB VPS:

System Benchmarks Index Score                             910.1

On our largest 2GB VPS:

System Benchmarks Index Score                             1603.4

The above test scores published in this DigitalOcean Review are our first hand experience on NY1 droplets. You can use these results to compare these data with your existing VPS or cloud hosting provider.

DigitalOcean VPS Performance!

DigitalOcean has a wide number of tutorials on its website, starting from the basic steps such as creating your VPS droplets, setting up IP tables, installing MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, RoR, and Apache, or even Nginx, are very well documented.

The tutorials are up-to-date and very simple and convenient to follow. Readers are allowed to comment so readers can interact with the writers or the huge DigitalOcean community to resolve their basic queries related to the tutorials. There is a forum maintained their for the users where they are allowed to exchange ideas as well.

It’s also commendable that DigitalOcean is very active on User Voice, a customer feedback system.

Digital Ocean Benchmarks

What we decided is that exact benchmarks of Digital Ocean can be visualized by seeing how EC2 instances perform compared to DigitalOcean droplets (DO droplet == EC2 instance).

To attain this target we have tested the digital ocean severs. We are providing a brief picture of that lets have a look.
Smallest DigitalOcean droplet : 512 Mb RAM, 1 CPU – $5 / month
More Popular DigitalOcean droplet  : 2GB RAM, 2 CPU – $20 / month
EC2 m1.medium : 3.75 GB RAM, 1 VCPU – $87.84 / month
EC2 m1.large : 7.5 GB RAM, 2 VCPU – $175.68 / month

We came to the conclusion that the t1.micro EC2 instance is comparatively as it’s a very low performance, yet it costs $14.64 / month.

DigitalOcean Data Backup and Recovery Option!

DigitalOcean has brought for its users two types of mechanism for data backup and recovery. You can take the snapshots of your DigitalOcean instance manually at any point in time and that requires your VPS be offline for just a minute or two. If you want to go for the automatic backups which are done periodically and without the need to bring your servers down.

The overall costs for snapshots and backups are very reasonable. If you are using least expensive server than automatic backups for such server configuration cost just a dollar per month.

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DigitalOcean Customer Support, Document Library and the User Community

DigitalOcean’s customer support and technical support is just too awesome. Your query is resolved in a matter of minutes. The technical support team of Digital Ocean is very friendly and eager to help. They have build an IRC channel just for users who are interested in participating in real time chat. There is a network status website which is hosted on a separate domain.


Whats Missing!!

Elastic Load Balancing is a best way to do fire and just drop the tension of load balancing without having to worry about scaling. That’s something i am personally missing in a Digital Ocean. Elastic Load Balancing has best prices and one can easily add and remove nodes using their API.

So, this is something which is missing at DigitalOcean and guys, if this is created, i am quite sure you will get ample of customers to buy it. A great opportunity, DigitalOcean guys! Please create such a service, I’d gladly pay for it).

Digital Ocean also don’t have DynamoDb or ElastiCache either. Neither it has RDS. Poor champ you are stuck somewhere where you have to build your infrastructure yourself. Hey! no need to take it in a negative way as it can be a good thing actually, though building a repicated HA DB cluster is one of the challenges few are willing to take on.

Guys! trust me its not really hard to create a HA cloud though using Chef or anything similar. Well, lemme tell you I’m using SaltStack.

Let me show you what i have done :

I just dropped my domains at Route53. Route53 is something great and cheap service with wonderful edge location coverage and features.

Then, i launched two $5 DigitalOcean droplets, both running HAProxy with managed identical configuration.

I set up a weighted round-robin scenario for these two load balancer instances in Route53 with health checks. So, in this way if all LBs operate the load is distributed nicely and if any one of them is dropped than all peers are redirected to the remaining LBs in 60s.

What’s The Conclusion??

Using this website builder you can experiment with infrastructures and create a low-cost, scalable solution for your Next Great Idea. But, yes you can improve it in many ways, e.g. removing the burden of old and typical infrastructural parts, load balancing or replicated databases with in-house solutions.

Undoubtedly, after whole conclusion my overall experience says DigitalOcean is a best and cheap medium to start experimenting with the cloud.

My Thumbs is Up for this Product as DigitalOcean is worthy and value for money.

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