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CoolHandle Hosting Review


CoolHandle is a privately owned US based web hosting company that was founded in 2001. It offers a range of hosting services, including VPS and dedicated hosting, but appears to specialise in cloud based shared web hosting.

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Cool handle is one of the most popular web hosting, created by number of IT Professionals in 2001. The main working of cool handle is it made new standards for fast changing world of web hosting. In 2010, it was acquired by The company’s focus is customer satisfaction.

Currently the cool handle is handled by both and IT professionals. Cool handle is in the market since long, however a totally brand new company acquired this handle and they updated all its prices and offerings in 2010. The company now offers this as VPS Hosting. The company offers three plans on buying this hosting like starter plan, business plan and pro plan.

With starter plan you have to pay, $29.95, in business plan it will cost you $39.95 and the pro plan will charge you $49.95. In starter or business plan, there are limitations on domains and databases.

CoolHandle Pricing & Plans

Shared Hosting plans

Cool handle may sometimes offers reseller accounts along with VPS hosting. The main focus of Cool handle is shared hosting. As it is stated above there are three plans of cool handle hosting, starter, business and pro.

All plans comes with the following basic features that every hosting company offers.

  • Unlimited space for storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Domain name
  • Free setup
  • Control panel
  • DNS Management
  • Instant backup or restore
  • SSH access of shell
  • Reports of statistics
  • Choice of shopping cart
  • Error pages

Along with the above features, cool handle hosting supports the following software.

  • Ruby on rails
  • PHP5
  • Perl
  • Custom PHP
  • CGI Scripts
  • Flash
  • CRON Jobs
  • Fantastico
  • Phython
  • Shockwave

When you choose the starter plan, all of the above features with software are present in it when you will pay $3.95 per month. Along with that you will also get 5 domain, sub parked domains, parked domains, 5 email boxes, FTP accounts and 5 my SQL databases. Remember you will not get PostgreSQL with starter plan of cool handle hosting.

Business Plan

The business plan of cool handle hosting comes with 100 domains, 100 parked domains, sub headings, SQL Databases, FTP accounts and PostgreSQL added. Along with that customer will get 1000 mailboxes at the cost of $10.95 per month.

Pro Plan

Now comes the most expensive pro plan, where you have to pay $12.95 per month, here you will get everything unlimited.

It is important to note that business and pro plan gives your personal and dedicated IP address and SSL. Which you will get free for one year.

To sum up, many customers want business or pro plan from cool handle hosting, it offers everything that a customer wants from a web hosting platform. Management of any site with the help of C panel is mostly preferred so Cool handle have some positive aspects for the usage of this popular system.

Another way out that cool handle offers is VPS plan. Again cool handle provides three different plans for VPS, they are VPS1, VPS2 and VPS3. VPS hosting the main and next step up and VPS 1 Or VPS 2 is most preferred by the customers.

VPS hosting by cool handle gives full root cause for customizing the site and have management access through Cpanel. In VPS 1 and VPS 2, in both you will get free domain and dedicated IPS address, with domain privacy, backup system, manager DNS, and DDos Mitigation. Cool handle gives you guarantee of 99% uptime in all VPS accounts.

In the following levels you will get different amount of space, bandwidth etc,
VPS Memory Bandwidth Storage Price

  • VPS1 512MB 500GB 20GB $29.95 Per month
  • VPS2 1GB 1000GB 30GB $39.95 per month
  • VPS3 2GB 2000GB 60GB $79.95 per month

Features of Cool handle Hosting

Fast and Reliable hosting

The best thing about this web hosting is it is fast and reliable. It uses super fast network links with reliable web servers. The operations of cool handle is hugely overbuilt hardware and the connectivity is redundant. The company give you guarantee of 50% utilization of links, which allows the web host to get rid of traffic of web and robust without even dropping a single packet. Along, the cool handle is responsible for maintaining multiple tier upstream service providers, which gives the access to web hosting for having route on the outages and spikes of traffic.

Get Room for future expansion

As cool handle offers a wide variety of web hosting services, that includes shared VPS, reseller hosting services. The company has a reputable with VPS and most dedicated hosting plans, it surely gives huge web hosting plans for better future.

Dedicated IP, Free Domain Privacy, Cloud fare and Bulk Domain Tool
Cool handle web hosting comes with unique features of dedicated IP, free domain privacy along with lifetime private domain registration, which makes it a great deal at just $12.95 per month deal of hosting.

Furthermore, the bulk domain tool, gives you perfect help to someone who wants to buy and take domain names regularly. Customers usually find and search a lot for domain names in the client area. So the company gives access to registration of 18 different TLDS.

TLDS Registration Amount

  • .com $14.95
  • .net $14.95
  • .org $14.95
  • .net $14.95
  • .biz $14.95
  • .info $14.95
  • .name $14.95
  • .ca $19.95
  • .me $39.95
  • .cc $59.95
  • .eu $39.95
  • $19.98
  • .de $24.95
  • .jp $100.00
  • .mobi $24.95
  • .nl $39.95
  • .us $14.95

These are the prices of domain otherwise, if you don’t get it from cool handle web hosting.

The Verdict

As it is stated, that cool handle comes with fast and reliable network with massive protection of servers and it also sets the apart cool handle servers from similar hosting providers. The price of web hosting services from cool handle are quite reasonable as compared to other web hosting sites.

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