Chitika Review – Why It Is One Of The Best Ad Network?

Chitika Review
  • Chitika Review - Why It Is One Of The Best Ad Network?


Chitika provides services similar to that provided by Google Adsense. It is very easy to use and also has the attractive intuitive interface.

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Chitika is now come up as the most effective alternative for Google Adsense. Everyone wants to earn from their blog or website. The best way to earn is Google Adsense. But it is not easy to get the approval of Google Adsense. Many times bloggers and website holders give up on Adsense. With the services like Chitika you can get the alternative for Adsense which monetizes your website or blog. In this post we will discuss about this Chitika online advertising network.

Chitika Review : Best Ad Network

chitika review

Chitika online advertising network is the most popular advertising networks worldwide. It may secure lower rank as compared to Google Adsense but you can’t disregard the popularity of Chitika. Most of the bloggers or website owners use Chitika as a supplement option for Google Adsense. Some of them also use Chitika for displaying their advertisements in place of Google Adsense. Chitika advertising networks offers various types of advertisement units online. You can choose any of them as per your requirement. Most preferred type of advertisements is traditional displays and text ads.

Chitika online advertising network was founded in the year 2003. It’s headquarter is located at Westborough, MA and it also has office at Hyderabad, India. ‘Chitika’ means ‘snap of the fingers’ in Telgu language (a South Indian Language). The word refers to the speed at which Chitika services will display ads on website. Chitika shows the ad according to the time and place specified by you. They have a strong network of more than 350,000 publishers. Chitika has 51- 200 employees. It has the private ownership. You can opt Chitika to monetize your web content to make extra income. They serve four billion ads per month. Chitika also has access to advertising partners like Yahoo,

->>HomeAdvisor and SuperMedia

Chitika helps publishers and advertisers to incorporate advertising into their business plans. Publishers and advertisers relation go hand in hand when it comes to decision of displaying advertisements. Chitika also consider the context into account. So that advertisements can be matched up with the websites who promote similar contents. Chitika provides services similar to that provided by Google Adsense. It can be used as an alternative. It is very easy to use. Chitika provides good customer support. It also has the attractive intuitive interface. You can customize color scheme for Chitika’s interface.

=>Features Of Chitika 

Chitika online advertising network is best alternative for Google Adsense. There are number of features which make Chitika services convenient. You can customize color schemes of Chitika’s interface. It also has good customer support. You can choose Chitika with its below listed additional features.


Chitika has a well organized interface. It is so simple and easy to use. Chitika channels offer better understandings of performance of the ads. You don’t need to do any setups or don’t have to assign any representative for monetization. You can also get a live preview of the ads. These live previews can make you exercise the feel and look of ads. You can finalize your ads on the basis of these live previews. The good thing is loading time of Chitika’s interface is quite low.


Chitika has lower CPM and CPC rates as compared to other ad networks. It suits for traffic from Canada and US. You can make more money if you get traffic from US and Canada. Chitika’s earnings are bit low. To earn more your website must get high traffic. Chitika’s ads are based on the keywords typed in search engine. It cannot be guaranteed that the ads shown on your website will always be relevant to your website content. Chitika uses unique algorithm to find out what user searches for on the search engine.


Chitika offers useful information and list of FAQs. You can also email your queries. You may have to wait for reply on your queries but Chitika service ensures an informative reply for each query. You have to rely on this email service as no representative will be assigned to you. Approval process may take some time. It may be up to 7 days. But the approval is assured.

-> Chitika For Publishers

Publishers can choose any advertisement format from various formats available for them. They can choose via ads generator too which is located at publisher dashboard. The available formats are:

For Displays

  • 300 x 250 Rectangle
  • 160 x 600 wide skyscraper

For mobiles

  • Adhesion banner
  • 320 x 50 mobile hook
  • 300 x 250 mobile hook


  • 320 x 50 mobile banner
  • 300 x 600 half page banner
  • 728 x 80 Leader board
  • 550 x 250 MEGA- unit

Publishers can use different options to create ad channels to get unique ad units. It can track individual ad performance or complete statistics for the website. You can use ad filters to block selected keywords from interacting with your block content. You can create an ad which will be displayed on web and mobile both.

-> Chitika For Advertisers

With Chitika you can display your ads as a banner at the bottom of popular websites and apps of your region. You can place you business logo, your email link and your customized text looped all the time. Your ads will be displayed with following features:

  1. Your business logo
  2. Ad message
  3. Your contact link

Visitors who will see your ads can be your future subscriber. They can also be directed to your website. With the ads you can get email lead or text lead. You can also get the benefit of smartphone advertising feature. As soon as you will launch your mobile ad campaign, your business will be shown up on 1000 apps of different genres. They are sports, weather, news, gaming, social and all other apps. You can choose any option for better campaign results according to your need.

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Chitika Pros and cons


There are numerous pros of Chitika online advertising network. It includes various factors that are easy to use website design, intuitive interface, facility to customize color schemes and placement of ads, low minimum payment, and also best customer support service. Let us discuss in detail.

– Easy To Use

Chitika is designed by keeping non- programmer beginner perspective in mind. When you start using it, you will explore its features and functions automatically. You don’t need to go through any training or learning schedule to use Chitika. Any user ever a beginner can get most of Chitika’s function at the very first time also.

– Pleasing Design

Chitika has an intuitive interface. You will love the design of Chitika with its easy navigation feature. The control panel of Chitika’s website is specially designed to create intuitive interface. This allows you to create quality ads with minimum effort and time. You can find different tools and information which can help and guide you to create ads.

– Customization

Most of the advertising services don’t offer much options and tools for users. To place quality ads users need the help of tools and guidelines. Chitika provides the customization feature by offering facility of changing scheme color. This customization make Chitika stand out in other advertising networks. You can also customize placements of ads on your website.

– Low Minimum Payment

Chitika help you to make more money that too with minimum efforts. The minimum payment amount of Chitika is $10 which is then backed up by regular processing.

– Quality Customer Support

This is the best factor of Chitika which impress its users. They provide excellent customer support. Other companies should also copy their customer support quality. It is too easy to contact their live representatives. You can contact them through email or call.


Each coin has two sides. Likewise Chitika also has some cons with the list of pros. They are listed below.

– Low Earnings

The earning limit of Chitika is very low. You should have high traffic or very high clicks to count big earnings. This seems tough to achieve for beginners.

– Irrelevant Ads

Many users complained that, the ads which Chitika display on your website are not relevant to your website content.

Shall I Go For Chitika?

Chitika is as I told you best alternative for Google Adsense. They have knot with top advertisers like yahoo. Chitika also got awarded with numerous business awards and by press recognition from top companies like Apple, Mobile Marketer, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg TV, CNN Fortune and many more. Before some years in the past, the need of such advertising services has not been recognized as the benefit of such services was limited for elite marketers and advertisers only. But now the technology of RTB is used. This technology is innovative and smart enough to give optimized strategies which opened new routes. This made it possible to use these services for small markets. Now even smaller business can also get the benefit of such services.

If you are new in this web world and want to give a push to your business then get started with Chitika. If you want to start advertising and modeling your business then you must use Chitika. You can freely use these services to boost your business. The ad packages may get heavy on your pockets but you can experience the services worth you pay. Google Adsense has a long list of rules and long waiting period. In such conditions, you can go for Chitika as an easy and quick method for earning good income. If you are a publisher you can get more income with Chitika and if you are an advertiser, you can get a platform to show up your business. It may be quite costly at the beginning but once your business will take of it will be worth to invest with Chitika online advertising platform. It will give you good value for money results. With this content you can be sure enough to rely on quality and services provided by Chitika.


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