Arrowchat Review

ArrowChat Review – A Authentic Cross Platform Chat Tool

ArrowChat Review
  • ArrowChat Review - A Authentic Cross Platform Chat Tool


Arrowchat is the best service to provide chat platform on your website. It has one time charge and no other hidden cost for additional features.

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Arrowchat is a software product which you can install on your website to provide a chat platform for your visitors. This is the most recommended software which has little or no negative feedbacks from its users. We have reviewed Arrowchat website thoroughly to let you know each aspect of it before purchasing. Let’s get a detailed Arrowchat review here below. 🙂

ArrowChat Review – My Personal Experience


Many website owners have already purchased Arrowchat software product and they are happy with it. Arrowchat service is worth of spending your money. After installing Arrowchat software on the website, it is noticed that visitors love to contact with the team. It is a portable product. You can operate it from any PC, laptop or from your smartphone also. This software provides easiest way for a chat platform to be included in your website. It is a digital product which ensures many advantages. Arrowchat owners promise to give complete customer support and technical assistance for their users. Such guarantee develops the trust factor to use Arrowchat product.

Once the credential of user is identified and approve, they can enjoy Arrowchat freely. The product has a function of auto- update. You don’t need to pay extra for such additional features. You can experience new features at no cost. It takes few minutes to install the updates. So updating is not a long task for which you have to wait hours. It is reported that after the installation of Arrowchat you can experience its usefulness up to 75%. The products are free to use with an amazing money back guarantee of 60 days. This money back guarantee proves that Arrowchat is a genuine product. It is not a scam. These services are made up of top quality supplies. Arrowchat is a certified software product dealer. You can show your presence on your website by installing Arrowchat software in it.

-> ArrowChat Features

Arrowchat provides basic feature of one to one chat as it is the most primary need of all the users. With this basic feature, Arrowchat has a bundle of features. They also offer free updating of new features. This updation facility ensures that user will have access to all the new features also. Following is the list of all such additional features which make Arrowchat more interesting.

Arrowchat Review

  • Voice/ video chat

Arrowchat users can experience voice chat or video chat. This is an advanced feature in all competing chat platform services.

  • Smilies

How can we imagine chat without smilies? We all have got habitual to use smilies to express our emotions. Users can send different smilies to each other easily.

  • Send files

User can send and receive files through Arrowchat. They can also share images.

  • Word censoring

Arrowchat provides word censoring feature which block the words automatically which you don’t want users say to each other.

  • Report user

Users can report abusers and spammers found on Arrowchat platform. Users don’t have to worry about such users.

  • Block user

User can block any user at any time if they don’t want to send or receive any type of massage from him.

  • Chat room

You can create chatrooms to avail group conversations. You can also create chatrooms as per your website visitors need. You can create password protected chatrooms to ensure its privacy.

  • Flood control

You can control flow of messages by flood control feature. This will help you to limit number of messages user can send in every ten seconds.

  • Silence/ kick user

You can kick of users with whom you don’t want to chat. Else you can also make them silence to mute their messages. You must ban abusive users with ban feature of Arrowchat.

  • Assign Moderators

You can set admins and moderators for chatrooms. They will have privilege to take various actions.

  • Instant delete

When you will provide chat platform, there will be different kind of visitors who will use the platform. Some messages may be abusive or spam. You can instantly delete such messages with instant delete feature.

  • Welcome Messages

You can display a short welcome message for your visitors. This welcome message will be displayed when the user enter in the chatroom for the first time.

  • Description & Images

You can give a short description about your chatroom when user enters in it.

-> ArrowChat Plans & Prices

Arrowchat Review

Arrowchat is available with variety of plans. You can select any one of them as per your need and requirement. The plans provided by Arrowchat are listed below.

  • Kick Starter

Arrowchat offers this kick starter plan for beginners. It can be referred as starter edition. This edition gives you a small link which points back to Arrowchat website. With this edition license you cannot edit or alter this link. You can receive free updates in this edition for six months. You have to pay $20 for every six months after that. This is an optional factor for users.

  • Premium

This edition can remove those links included in kick starter. As you buy this premium edition, it will automatically remove all the visible references to Arrowchat. The edition also includes all the features of Lite edition. Lite edition provides basic chat features. You have to pay $125 for this edition. The difference between standard edition and that of Lite edition is its ten times faster loading. It is best plan for the website that need basic chat features only. In this edition also you get free updates till 6 months. After that you have to pay 20$ for every six months. You can receive technical support from Arrowchat for 45 days.

  • Business edition

You can get this business edition for $295 only. With this edition you get all the features of Lite edition as mentions above. That is easy to load feature. It also includes premium edition feature which will remove all the links to Arrowchat automatically. With this plan you can get 12 months free service of software updates. Arrowchat team guarantees installation which also includes log in, avatar, friend’s list and also the profile links. You will get the technical support for a complete year that is 365 days. You will also get priority support from Arrowchat.

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Is ArrowChat Worth Using?

Arrowchat is the best service to provide chat platform on your website. Its users are very happy with its services. Arrowchat has one time charge and no other hidden cost for additional features. It gives technical support of minimum 30 days. You can also buy basic plan at the beginning which you can then upgrade to higher plans. You can buy or sell the medication, its themes and application from Arrowchat platform. After making the payments you just have to wait for a short period of time to prevent orders from fraudulent. You can download this software product in less than 5 minutes. Best thing about Arrowchat platform is, its continuous software updates. You can enjoy these updates for free at least for six months. With all such extra ordinary advantages of Arrowchat, it is proved that they are genuine. You must try this service.

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YES! Go For It 😀 😀

With the Arrowchat services you are going to have best chat service for your website. With their excellent technical support you can get their assistance for you. You must install Arrowchat with at least its basic plan which you can update further.


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