Ahref Review : Best SEO Tool For Bloggers

  • Ahref Review : Best SEO Tool For Bloggers


Ahref is excellent tool to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche. Get Ready to spy your competitors.

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Ahref is excellent tool to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche.  This tool is the best competitor research and SEO tool. It helps you to what you need to do to outrank the competitors ranking. It offers new tools and features that are added every week such as competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink research, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring. You also can get a free 15-day trail.

Ahref Company Overview

Ahref was founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko (CEO) in 2011 and its first version site explorer was introduced in the same year. He is the one-off driving the team and keeping constant motivation running alive through every team member. The headquarter of this product is in Singapore. Every day the product crawl 6 billion web pages every day, 12 trillion known links, 200 million root domains and 3 trillion known URL’s. The product has 30 petabytes storage capacity and 38,000 cpu cores.

Ahref Review: Features & Plans

Features of Ahref

The product has various profitable features that as follows:

  1. Backlink Checker

This feature is helps in analyse backlink profiles and discover link opportunities with backlink checker.

  • Link profile overview: You can start your link audit process with an overview and analyse the performance charts & link growth graphs before you get into detailed reports.
  • Backlink growth: The product graphs clearly display dynamic changes in a site’s backlink profile over the time.
  • Inbound and outbound link: You can get a comprehensive look in any URL’s link profile by analysing its inbound and outbound links.
  • Referring domains: Only unique and referring domains are important for SEO.
  • Broken backlinks: You can easily implement a broken link building strategy.
  • Filter and backlinks: You can search various filters to backlink checking tools with help of product’s capabilities.
  • Best by links: You can discover which content performs best in term of links.
  • Export to PDF and CSV: You can download a report by simply export your data and reports to a PDF or CSV files.
  • Do-follow and no-follow links: The product has more features of do-follow backlinks pointing to your site and it will show you complete picture of do-follow vs no-follow links for nay URL.

2. SERP Checker

This feature helps in search results, compare local SERPs, estimate traffic potential and improve your rankings.

  • Domain rating: It shows you how strong the backlink profile of website is.
  • URL rating: It shows you backlink profile strength of specific URL.
  • Backlink count: It shows you number of inbound links pointing to a URL.
  • Domains count: You can see the number of unique referring domains that point to a URL.

3. Keyword Generator

You can get loads of relevant keyword ideas from industry ‘s biggest keyword data base.

  • Phrase match: You can get keyword ideas that include exact match seed keywords or key phrases.
  • Having same terms: You can generate a list of keywords that contains the terms of your seed keywords in any order.
  • Search suggestions: It will show a list of keyword ideas that show up google autocomplete feature.

4. Broken link checker

It will help you build stronger backlink profile just by fixing the web. It is quickly find the broken inbound and outbound links on relevant websites.

5. Keyword difficulty

The tool measures the keyword difficulty on a scale from 0-100.

=> Additional Features of Ahref

The product helps in find the successful campaigns very fast or easy, filter by keyword, advertiser, publisher and affiliate network.

  • keyword explorer
  • Site explorer
  • Content explorer
  • Rank tracker

Plans Of Ahref

 Ahref Plans

Features Lite








Trail 7 days trail for $7 7 days trail for $7 Subscribe Subscribe
Users 1 user 1 user 1 user 1 user
Campaigns 5 10 25 100
Ranked tracker
Tracked keywords 300 1000 4000 10000
Update frequency Every week Every 3 days Every day Every day
Mobile ranking location per website 1 2 5 Unlimited
Site Audits
Projects 1 10 25 100
Crawl limit 10000 500000 1.25 million 2.5 million
Data retention 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months
Site Explorer
Domains per day 25 100 250 1000
URLs per day 100 500 2000 5000
Rows per report 10000 30000 50000 100000
Rows per month 3 million 6 million 12 million 25 million
Backlink index
Export, rows per report 100000 1 million 5 million 10 million
Export rows per month 5 million 25 million 100 million 500 million
Ranking Index
Keyword positions Top 20 Top 50 Top 100 Top 100
Export, rows per report 10000 30000 50000 100000
Export rows per month 500000 2.5 million 10 million 50 million
Competing domains/ pages Top 10 Top 50 Top 50 Top 50
Content gap, rows per report 10 50
Content explorer
Reports per day 3 100 500 2500
Rows per report 1000 5000 10000 25000
Export rows per month 50000 250000 1 million 5 million
Keywords Explorer
Batch analysis keywords 100 250 500 1000
Keywords list 3 10 50 100
Credit for advanced metrics 500 5000 15000 40000
Rows per report 1000 5000 10000 30000
Rows per month 100000 200000 2 million 5 million
Export rows per month 10000 50000 500000 2 million
New lost backlinks 5 15 40 100
Web mentions 5 15 40 100
New keywords 5 15 40 100
Extra tools
Batch analysis 25000 100000 400000 1 million
Integration rows 50000 300000 1 million 5 million
7-day trail for $7 7-day trail for $7 Subscribe Subscribe

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Pros & cons of Ahref


  • You can share comprehensive information from social sites such as facebook, twitter, linkdin, and google+.
  • The product has complete SERP analysis including SERP features.
  • It has detailed and novel metrics.
  • This tools converts the data into PDF or SRV files.
  • It has advanced filtering options through out the tool.
  • The product collects the largest amount of data.
  • The tool provides a full insight on what is working for your competitors.


  • The product has no integration with google analytics.
  • The plans of this product have low limits and many restrictions.
  • The biggest con of this product is much expensive as compared to other similar tools.
  • It has limited features as compared to similar competitive products such as serpstat.

Customer Support

Ahref provides a free charge of services to its customers in 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year except weekend days.

If any query or troubleshoot in this platform, then customer support team provides the service to its customers. It provides the global support in the world. Connection charges can be levy when calling from outside the area. Customers can call for support on toll free number and via email.

Refund Policy

Ahref provides the services for cancellation of services and provides a refund. If you are not satisfied with its services or features, you can cancel your services with in 7 days from the date of purchase. you can raise the refund request to its support team.

Money back guarantee refunds shall be due subject to its terms and conditions. Money back refunds shall not be paid, if you do not provide the refund request within money back period. Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund.


Ahref is an excellent research keyword tool with innovative and modern features. It is an excellent tool to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche. It offers new tools and features that are added every week, such as competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink research, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring. You also can get a free 15-day trail.

In despite pros of this product there are some cons of product also such product has no integration with google analytics. plans of this product have low limits and many restrictions.

In end of our product review, as per my opinion ahref tool is an excellent tool for online marketers who are already making a decent income. This product can benefit to newcomers of small businessman and other similar tasks. As per our recommendations you can have opted this product but keeping in mind, cons of this product also. It is expensive for purchase of small business, large business entrepreneur to operate this. You must choose this tool according to your business needs and products. I suggest that once you better understand the use of notification bars and features, Invest the money in paid plans that work best for you.

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