Adcash Review

Adcash Review – The Ultimate Destination for Online Advertisment

Adcash Review
  • Adcash Review : The Ultimate Destination for Online Advertisment


Adcash network focus on Advertising strategies and Technology involved helping drive better and profitable results. It also gives a unique opportunity for website owners and webmasters monetize their website traffic and advertising products and offers on their website, directly or indirectly. Let’s study about their services in brief in this Adcash Review.

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Adcash has always been a powerful company ever since its inception in 2007 from a small kitchen based out of Tallinn (Estonia). The company was launched with the idea to grow the Online Advertisement space where companies or individuals did not have the proper guidelines to drive traffic to their websites or reach out to maximum potential audience to help increase their product’s sales.

The company was founded by Christophe Avignon and Thomas Padovani who were also the co-founder and owner of the popular Webinfluence Group AS. Adcash network focus on Advertising strategies and Technology involved helping drive better and profitable results. It also gives a unique opportunity for website owners and webmasters monetize their website traffic and advertising products and offers on their website, directly or indirectly. Let’s study about their services in brief in this Adcash Review.

Adcash Review : Company Overview

We know of the very popular eCommerce giant operating out of China and which is Alibaba.Com. No wonder Alibaba is ‘the’ most popular company with billions of revenue earned each year. The company was focused on the China market and since they stood out with the quality and vast array of products featured, they thought of expanding to countries worldwide. This is where they asked for advice from Adcash who suggested with the most unique and promising methods to grow their wings globally.

A strategic partner for a highly intelligent and technology driven company, Adcash not only exceeded their expectations but we can easily find Alibaba in worldwide markets now, solely because of strategies implemented by Adcash which made Alibaba’s marketing efforts effortless. The giant has moved in to various International markets already and is a strong competitor for Amazon.

Adcash : Plans & Features

Adcash Review

The Products which Adcash typically focus on are:

Online Advertising:  It’s vital to have your Brand advertised online for global presence and leveraging the Brand value. Online advertising is best suited for all sorts of businesses who rely on the internet traffic for sales, branding, lead generation and promotions.

Affiliate Marketing: Blogging and Affiliate network is the most powerful tool for growing business. There are various advertising and digital marketing companies who use advanced tools for Affiliate marketing. We also have Webmasters and Bloggers who operate powerful websites and blogs which can send a lot of useful traffic for similar niche as that of the Advertiser. Affiliate marketing is thus rewarding as it requires special tools and expertise to drive traffic for specific sales and promotions.

Mobile Advertising: We have seen the rise in users across the world who log on to the internet each day and that has crossed well over a few billion already, though that is only about 30% of the world population. Now, that leaves us with the hope that the remaining 70 % will be filled sooner or later. With the advancements in technology and launch of various high-end Smartphone at affordable price, people have become acquainted with mobile apps and their uses. This has led to a huge rise in online traffic or visitors using a handheld device. The Sales, Branding and Lead generation has thus increased tremendously and is on a steady exponential rise.

Display Advertising: This generally refers to all the ads that we can see which are displayed either on the websites or as an in-stream while videos are played on various channels such as you tube etc. The display adverts play a crucial role in generating brand awareness, popularity, helping with potential traffic for lead generation and for overall traffic build up for a website.

The advertising networks usually form a bridge between the advertisers and the publishers. Advertisers are individuals or companies who wish to reach out to a larger audience, build traffic, promote their brand or products, generate potential leads in similar niche and grow their business or sales of their products. While Publishers are those who are webmasters, bloggers, digital marketing companies who deliver traffic to Adcash and in turn to the Advertisers. Adcash places powerful ads on the websites, blogs and other ad spaces for the advertisers with similar product niche and that way potential traffic can be driven by the courtesy of those websites. The websites which delivers traffic are paid handsomely and everybody is in a win-win at the end of the day.

-> Additional Features

Currently Adcash reaches out to 200 million unique users per day, is present in 249 countries and regions, with 5.2 million conversions per day and about 750 thousand APP installs per month. That is truly a remarkable statistics and undoubtedly a network which can vouch for delivering potential traffic suiting the needs of the Advertisers. There are more than 150 thousand websites which are connected with Adcash thereby allowing Advertisers with a massive network in almost all niches from where they can expect quality and volume traffic. The pricing is also very reasonable compared to many affiliate platforms operating.

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-> Adcash Plans 

The methods by which Adcash pays to Publishers for delivering Traffic and charge the Advertisers for putting up Ad Campaigns are determined by the exact requirement or vision for the need to drive traffic. Some of the advertisers want to promote their brand to maximum users while some want to generate potential leads, sales off the traffic and the likes. Thus based on all these factors, there are various methods or terminologies to differentiate each requirement as mentioned below in detail:

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC)

Adcash Cost Per Click

As the name suggests, an Advertiser is charged when a User clicks on their advert which is placed on the thousands of websites which Adcash is connected with or the Publishers of Adcash. This method is greatly used when an Advertiser wants more people to click on their product or brand advertisements and get them directly to their websites through a landing page where they are registered or their products are sold.

2. Cost Per Mile (CPM)

Adcash Cost Per View

This method is about Impressions. What we mean is the number of people that the advertisement is delivered to and those who see add up to the CPM and the Impressions. So maximum people get to view the product, brand or service details and the Impressions are measured and charged per 100, 1000 or 10,000.

3. Cost Per View (CPV)

Adcash Cost Per View

View refers to each recorded instance where a visitor has seen the advertisement and that generally creates a huge interest in their mind to check out the services and products of the Company or Brand. Cost Per View is extremely helpful in terms of getting more people know the Brand or a specific product which has been launching or in the process. Primarily the CPV is when an ad is viewed in-stream while visitors are engaged by a Video, generally a video going viral.

4. Cost Per Action (CPA)

Adcash Pricing Plans

This method works beautifully for Advertisers as they only pay when the traffic either purchases their product or installs the APP etc. The method is extremely useful and beneficial for the Advertisers and the Publishers make decent amount from the deal and in revenue share as well.

5. Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Adcash Cost Per Lead

We all know what lead generation is and how useful leads are for a business. Without potential lead there can’t be a possible way to increase the business. Thus CPL model helps advertisers with potential leads delivered in their niche by genuine and possibly interested applicants or prospects who register for newsletters, subscribe to services or shows interest in receiving a call or further information regarding a product they are interested in. When the user registers and a leads are generated then the advertiser pays. A win-win model for both the Advertisers and Publishers.

Pros & Cons 

Considering the various advertising companies available, Adcash stands out as an experienced, well organized and resourceful company. Adcash is one such company on which you can rely on with your marketing budget and you can’t possibly go wrong.

Customer Support 

These vast arrays of methods help both advertisers and publishers with their respective needs and thus both are happy at the end of the day with the results delivered by the help of Adcash.

Refund policy

One can claim for a refund when:

1. There appears to be an error during payment transaction

2. You have done a prepayment and figure that on the basis of the payment models selected, you realize that the Publisher has done fraudulent activity of increasing the actions, then in order to identify and prove the Publishers’ fraudulent activities, you need to send a detailed weekly report to Adcash stating the sources or websites you consider to be fraudulent. If the Publisher’s fraudulent activities are not identified clearly based on your report then Adcash will ask for additional proof. If the Advertiser fails to submit the report then refund may not be provided. In case of post-payment, Advertiser will carry out the same protocols to bring forward any fraudulent activity by the Publisher and if identified to be correct then Adcash will not raise an invoice for the identified fraudulent actions.

3. If at the end of the contract you decide not to proceed further but ask for the balance prepaid amount in your account to be refunded then you need to send an identity proof to Adcash and your available balance must be 50 EUR or 50 USD depending on the base currency selected.

Should We With Adcash Ad Network?

Adcash Review

With a company like Adcash which is globally recognized for its high quality services and trusted by the big companies venturing worldwide like Alibaba, Easy Voyage, Ubisoft and Innogames to name a few, we can say that Adcash stands out as one of the pioneer companies which understands its Client’s requirement and delivers per their satisfaction.

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