Spyfy is a web based tool suite to spying on social networks on high profitable campaigns. Spyfu is the most comprehensive tool to research. Actually it is the 1st web tool suite to spying on Social Medias. Whenever you search it displays the most current and relevant data trending on social media and then converts the ads which helps you to make sales. It helps you to find the products proven which are in trending on social medias i.e. Facebook ads, Youtube and others. It is the most powerful and infiltrate web search tool which can help anybody to literally earn a lot from social media regardless  of experience .

Spyfu makes the users able to find the best trending on social media, the best selling products or brainstorms posts, whether these items are of  e-Commerce or any merchandise. With Spyfu users can save their searches as their favorite as once they spot on it. Pro version of Spyfy makes the users able to find what types of ads they should actually run to get high profits from the campaign by Spying e bay, Amazon, T-shirts, Shopify and  Facebook ads which updates daily  in real time with a  number of ads. Spyfu never lets’  its users to fail in the campaign, even if you are very new and never did this type of campaign.

About Spyfy

As we have read that Spyfy is a spying tool to get high profitable campaigns. Spyfy was invented on 27th of January in 2016, at 11.00 EDT by Austin Anthony and OJ James, the well known names in online marketing field. They also have launched the most successful digital products like; Xpress Stores, Fanpage Snipers and these are two men behind the mastermind  APC reloaded Courses (Having 10,000 Fans).

As  we know that there is no other trick and idea to be successful in business, than to go on the same lead of a successful person. There is no need to reinvent the same which already had done by another person, what people want and how to sell it to them? There is no point to invest in business until we know that it will succeed, and without thinking about it just  invest in unproven way, is the way to failure.

So Spyfy is that proven market where you can get to know that what people want and what you have to do to literally earn gold from campaigning.

Spyfy : Features & Plans

Sellers usually gives a plenty of time to search to get the best results, what is in great demand, they do it every day, checking, testing, screening and this costs a lot to them, Spyfy is the only way to save a their time and money.

Checkout the features Of Sypyfy,

  1. Spyfy is a reliable tool it never lets down its users in campaign even the user has no experience.
  2. Spyfy displays only the Hot Selling product on social media.
  3. It database updates in real time so it shows you the relevant and current results.
  4. The users are given the proper training before using the tool.
  5. It’s a robust internet app, you can manage it on your mobile phone.
  6. Buzz feed trending view you the data for approximately 6 hours you will set hot products, and your target market will get in an instant
  7. Google is your new friend as trending tool.
  8. Export – it also publish developed viewers to the Facebook advertisement for project.
  9. Can save searches as my favorite to get easily access.
  10. Simply add the URL and Spyfy will give the relevant modifications in positions.
  11. Using brainstorm module develops the new line products.
  12. Creating opportunities for entering into brand new markets.

Spyfy Plans

  1. Monthly Plan: $17/ Month.
  2. Lifetime Plan: Onetime payment of $97.
  3. Spyfy platinum- Spyfy platinum gives access on e-commerce options, one time payment $67. Spyfy Commercial license. Hoe to bank $ 33,356/month using Facebook Fanpage.
  4. Spyfy – 100k blueprint.
  5. Lite version
  6. Pro version.
  7. Spyfy inferno-$197 for lifetime. Or $27 / month.

These plans you can have as per your needs and budget.

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Pros & Cons Of Spyfy


  1. Spyfy helps the users to get the hot trending product on social medias, which makes the users to know about what people want and should be the modification s in campaigning, which results as instant access to customers.
  2. Spyfy never let their customers to fail in their campaigning.
  3. Training before processing is given by the executives.
  4. Spyfy saves the time and money of the users.
  5. The video track facility is best part of it.
  6. Narrow down the choice of the users only to best products.
  7. Make figures what we did right and makes that our favorite do it again and again.
  8. Give the exact position modification of products.
  9. Pro version allow to spy on Shopify, Facebook, Amazon and other social medias.


  1. As spyfy has different features, it also have some Cons., like its new to the users it can be difficult in the very first use.
  2. The plans of the Spyfy can be out of the budget of the small business holders, which they can’t afford.
  3. To use Spyfy you need to take the proper training, which can take your precious time.

Refund Policy

As per refund policy of Spyfy, if you have purchased it and find it not worthy, then you can return it to the seller within 30 days, instant action is done by the company, hassle free process is given, this is best part of it, which makes it different from others refund policies of other products. The refund policy is so simple and effective. In refund policy full amount is given back to you, so you don’t need worry about the refund.


Spyfy is good enough to get more profits by spying on most profitable social medias. You have to choose it as per your needs and budget if both suites you then you can buy it. It can be complicated for some users and can be have  some differences in database updating .

If you are wasting your excess money and time then you should try it once, if it suites you can go on with it. It depends upon the need of the user. Plans of Spyfy can be quite expensive for small business and for the new comers in this and also can be quite difficult to work with it. So before going with it you have for see your actual need.

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