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Brain storm is primary key for new project

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Weebly Review {GET DISCOUNT OFFER} Website Builder Pros & Cons My Real Experience

Weebly Review : Brief Intro about This Website BuilderAre you confused regarding choosing a website builder for your website? You want the best option for your website? If yes! than say goodbye to your worry and confusion. Without any doubt we say that Weebly is the best website builder available for bloggers. Ahh..i guess you have a question mark on your mind?

I assure you after ten minutes this question make will disappear instantly. I am sure this detailed weebly review will clear all your doubts. Just as a starter to your main course today, let me tell you some awesome features of Weebly that truly makes this website builder awesome.

Read these features carefully,

Weebly is free to use. You just need to enter your email address to sign up in this software.

One of its feature includes, a drag-and-drop editor which makes Weebly one of its kind.

We agree that Weebly don’t have as much features as other website builders but its built in feature are no less to make an awesome and user friendly website. This makes Weebly one of its kind.

Hey!! Who Founded Weebly ?


Weebly was founded in year 2006 by a trio of college students. The company is located in San Francisco. It is serving around 25 million unique sites across internet. Weebly is one of the most popular website builders in the internet world.

If you see the reviews of Weebly on internet than you will find most of the reviews positive and on its favor. This website builder is definitely one of its type, affordable, easy to use, and with robust feature set.
If you still not trust me than you will be definitely trust this fact that Time magazine has listed weebly.com among the 50 Best Websites in year 2007. Also, Weebly has also made place on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine, and Newsweek.

Tell Me -> Is Weebly Suitable For You?

Without any second thought to the fact that Weebly is great tool for individuals and small-business owners especially the one who have never designed a website before, or who are just looking for an easier builder to manage their online business.

I must say Weebly is the best option ever for advanced users as well. It is a platform that provides ample of features that are useful to understand the most modern aspects of the Internet. All i can say is that these features of Weebly make it one of its kind especially for amateurs and experts.

Weebly Templates :- Website Builder

I will recommend you to avoid thinking much and immediately make an account on Weebly. The point behind making an account is that you get an access to choose what kind of template, also called a theme, you want on your site to have. Well, it is what i did exactly. See, a theme is a pillar of a website that makes a website look good and also works towards building a trust of a user on your web site. It is a serves as a starting point where you have to add your content.

OH OHOO ..This must be a paid service and i am not even having some cents in my pocket to invest? Is it exactly what you are thinking?

Hey Calm Down! Weebly themes are free of cost. You can find hundreds of different styles categorized into sections such as Bold, Corporate, Fun, Sleek, Minimalist, and so on. Also, you can come across new themes from time to time. You can sort the best theme either by sorting best by popularity or by how recently the Weebly team released them.

If you found some theme good than you can simply see them by clicking on the “Preview” to view one of Weebly’s examples of the template in action. There are ample number of Weebly templates among whom you can choose a color scheme that matches your header image or site logo. Also, if you find your choice not so good than you can go for another option as well.

Website Editor : How Complicated or “Damn Easy

The easiest way to create a website. Create your site at Weebly.com!
The Weebly editor is very easy to use. It has very simple and most effective tools. I was actually planning to create a professional-looking pages for my website and with the help of this amazing website builder it actually took a few moments for me to get the hang of the awesome Weebly drag-and-drop builder. This has added a lot of grace to my website.

Hey if you are designing a website than Weebly can help a lot to complete your dream project. You design your website by dropping text, images and other elements into your pages. You can drag the images and re-arrange them in columns and rows.

In Weebly editor the things appear very smooth and intuitive. The Weebly editor is very smooth and responsive. There are no hiccups and no bugs.

You can add as many elements of a kind on a page using this Weebly editor. You will see that every element of this website builder is thoughtfully designed and fully featured. I can make you count on my fingers that Weebly is one of a kind and stands out from many website builders that include elements that are half-baked or lacking important features.

The contact form element includes several options for fields you can add like, file uploads, drop-down selects, phone number fields and even custom confirmation URLs. Very polished:

The slideshow element packs everything you’ll need, in a clear interface:

The Weebly builder is so simple and easy, that it’s almost impossible to mess anything up. Also, depending on how well you know what you have to create, you can create your Web pages in less than 10 minutes per page.

Great advantage to the user is that the Weebly software doesn’t require any coding knowledge or experience. It provides you with tons of great options in ways that are easy to understand. So, most amazing part is that those who have no idea about graphic designing and you has zero skills can create gorgeous websites in under an hour.

Don’t believe me? Just try it yourself and see the effect. You can try a Weebly demo yourself, for that you need to simply head over to the site and sign up for a free account. Fir signing up all that you need is an email address, and you’ll be on your way.
The Easiest Way to Create a Website. Weebly.com

Weebly Carbon – “Wonderful Surprise

One of the most wonderful surprise Weebly could have given to its user is – Carbon. With the launch of Weebly Carbon on October 2015 was  thing of joy for its users. It is a completely revamped version of their interface. This latest update of Weebly has added up more followers to its list making the Weebly experience even better.

Here’s a quick look at some of the features that debuted with the launch of Carbon.

The brand new real-time dashboard provides a complete detailed look at your site’s stats. It includes, everything you need to know about traffic and e-commerce activity.

The release of 21 new responsive themes has made it even easier to change the look of your site, while keeping this in mind that it looks great on smaller screens.

The revamped editor consist of nine new elements that allow you to expand more and further improve the functionality of your site.

Weebly’s completely renovated the state of the art mobile app. It provides you the power to edit your site on the go, or even create a brand new site from scratch.

There is also an add-on of an App Center. This app center introduces an entirely new ecosystem into the Weebly environment that allows for integration with many third-party services, which is perfect for business owners.

For example, the Simple Table app adds a new table element to Weebly:

Trust me Carbon consist of far more features that the webmasters, developers, and your site’s visitors are sure to love.

Weebly Price- Is It Worth Buying ?

Several of Weebly’s users don’t pay even a cent to use the service provided by Weebly, ofcourse free service has several limitations. You can surely create an unlimited number of Web pages, but all of them will be having Weebly branding. So, if you having issue with the branding and you want to get rid of it than we suggest you to go for Weebly‘s premium plan.

Weebly starter plan very reasonable as it starts from less than $5 per month. Apart from removing the builder’s branded ads, it also gives users the ability to link their site to a custom domain name. The services given under Weebly premium plan includes, expanded stats, premium support, customized footers, and the ability to sell up to 10 e-commerce products.

Weebly has a Pro package that costs under $10 per month. This pro plan includes everything from the Starter package, plus the option to add header slideshows, and high-definition audio and video clips.

In addition to this, the Pro level plan also features, password-protected pages, the option to register up to 100 users for your site, and the freedom to sell up to 25 products.

Third plan is the Business plan which is perfect for e-commerce operations. This plan allows the users to manage inventory, sell digital goods, and access other bells and whistles like coupon codes and a shipping-and-tax calculator. This plan also allow the users to sell unlimited products and also allow to register an unlimited number of members.

The easiest way to create a website for your great idea. Create your site at Weebly.com!
CLICK HERE TO –> Compare Weebly Plans

What About -> Weebly Mobile Responsiveness

Weebly has best mobile responsiveness. The user who want a website-builder always look forward to main feature that is “responsive design,”. This means that websites that automatically adjust themselves to look great on whatever size screen your visitors are using. But of-course these websites have always been optimized for smaller screens. But with the launch of Weebly responsive scheme in 2014 things went up to a new level.
Weebly responsive themes are available in various names like Squared, Superset, Saucy, and Redux. Weebly mobile sites has great visualization and also look great on smartphones and tablets. In addition to it, Weebly mobile app is also very responsive that allows you manage your website right in the palm of your hand.

Chill But -> Weebly E-Commerce Services

Weebly online stores are extremely easy to create and use. Weebly website builder provides its users a full slate of e-commerce options that will suit the needs of all small businesses. You can find Weebly e-commerce tools on the left side of the screen, making it easier for you to add products anywhere you’d like.

Weebly e-commerce services comes in three plans- basic plan, premium plan and business plan. But good thing is that you get the shopping cart set up under all plans. The only difference between premium plans is that it let you sell more products while also giving you additional tools to streamline your selling.

Weebly Top Pros and Cons “From My Real Experience

Every thing that exists in this world has positive and negative side. So, there are many pros and cons of Weebly which helps you to compare it with other website builder.
You know everything in this world is not perfect. So same is with Weebly, but though it has flaws but it’s one of the best builders by far.

Here’s an overview of the most notable pros and cons:


  • It has easy usability.
  • It is totally free of cost for starters.
  • It offers a robust set of features.
  • It has large and useful set of e-commerce capabilities makes it simple to sell goods online.
  • Weebly app has an mobile app as well that makes it easy to update websites while on the move.


  • Weebly has no built-in option to undo changes made to your websites.
  • Weebly has a photo editing options pale in comparison to some other top builders.
  • Weebly offers email services from Google rather than providing from its Weebly accounts.

Final Conclusion For Your Benefits

Well after reading all this you might have certain questions in your mind, but we assure you after reading this conclusion you will come to the exact solution.

Since many years, we’ve been following Weebly’s progress. In the initial phase, it was no different than being just another website builder. But as of now, this has completely changed.

YES! You heard that right. Let me tell you HOW?

Now, Weebly has emerged out into an outstanding tool that we currently see far ahead of its competition.

Weebly is very simple, uncluttered and easy to use. This is the nerve point of users as it is just what a want. It is designed especially for those people who have limited technical skills and need technical help when it comes to creating their own internet presence.

Weebly have awesome designs for what it has an add on advantage. Weebly designs look just too good on every device, and they can be adapted to match your own personal needs, using the templates as a base.

Another highlight is the app store: Weebly has an incredible app store. This is something that has actually impressed me alot. In this app store, you can find plenty of additional features (e.g. a forum or a live chat) that you can add to your website with just a few clicks.

You can easily edit your website using the mobile app. If you are having an iPad or Android app, you can easily edit your entire website on the go.

At last, the only thing they could improve is to improve the way to get business email accounts and make it even better.

So, at the end the conclusion comes out that Weebly is definitely Worth Buying.

Hey! If you are impressed with Weebly features and you have made your mind to buy this product then I can give you some Weebly coupon codes so that you can save your hard earned money. 🙂

Just click on the banner below to get Weebly coupon links and Weebly discount codes to avail maximum benefit. I know getting a discount or coupon is always a happy moment for we buyers so I decided to give you a surprise at the end. I hope you enjoy Weebly coupon and save money for your Starbucks coffee. 🙂

So, if you are cleared with all your doubts and immediately go get this amazing website builder tool for yourself.

The easiest way to create a website. Create your site at Weebly.com!

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OptinMonster Review: My Research Revealed All “Truth”{GET DISCOUNT}

With the release of the OptinMonster email signup for plugins the bloggers are looking up to see the reviews so far and grab this awesome wordpress plugin. Even i was doing research on this plugin and trust me guys i have a lot to tell you about this super awesome wordpress pluginOptinMonster“.

OptinMonster Review 2016 : New Features, Themes and Forms “Build Email Subscribers Rapidly”

TRUST ME! In next ten minutes all your doubts and thoughts regarding OptinMonster will vanish.

Well, the initial release of the OptinMonster email signup form plugin has created a buzz in the internet world. This is something that most developers could only dream of so far. Its not just me but it has become a top headline for every WordPress news and review blog. I have collected the information about this premium popup lead-generation toolOptinMonster“.

As of now, OptinMonster’s is available so it’s worth taking another look at it to see if it really is the best WordPress email option form plugin available in the market. Just to get this purpose done i have gathered all necessary information for you so that you can see if it’s been able to live up to all the initial hype.

If you have used it before than now you should revisit to OptinMonster again as there have recently been some big changes in the way it works. It has amazing features added to it recently along with some add-ons for the service all of which are aimed at making OptinMonster an even more versatile tool for bloggers who are looking forward to increase the number of subscribers to their mailing list.

So, I can say with the research that OptinMonster is no longer simply a WordPress plugin. To know about the changes and further add on features you need to patiently listen to me and i promise to deliver you best and worthy information so far.

Lets Begin with the “OptinMonster” Review

OptinMonster: A Quick Overview


OptinMonster is an premium email optin form plugin market launched in year 2013.

Optin Monster has managed to make a separate identity from its competitors by offering a highly user-friendly interface, a selection of clean and attractive designs for its optin forms, and a new feature which has something dubbed ‘exit intent’, which, when enabled, cleverly made the popup forms it generates only be triggered when the visitor was about to leave the site.

Guys, OptinMonster started off as a WordPress plugin, but as of now it is much more than that. It has a full-on list building platform which you can use to create, deploy and test opt-in forms.


You can either choose to deploy opt-in forms with their WordPress plugin or you can take a snippet of code that can be used with any other website that supports HTML.

By this all your opt-in forms can be monitored from a central location, in as many sites you want.

Features Of OptinMonster


OptinMonster has several features induced in it. It has features varying according to three different pricing plans. Here’s a quick overview of the features of OptinMonster :

  • Create unlimited forms for using on different parts of your site.
  • It has a built-in analytics and reporting which help you to see which type of form is converting best.
  • A feature called “A/B testing” helps in testing different forms against each other in order to see which styles work best on your site.
  • It has page level targeting which enables to show certain forms on specific pages
  • It has various range of designs options available depending on price plan.

Apart from these features here are some other features of OptinMonster :

  • Lightbox, Footer Bar, and Slide-In forms
  • Add custom HTML and CSS to forms
  • Exit intent to only show popups as visitors are about to leave
  • Multiple form design templates
  • Integration with all major email marketing services
  • Impression and conversion stats for each form
  • User-friendly native WordPress user interface

After watching all these features i can say that the developers of OptinMonster went to great lengths to try and include just about everything you could ever need in order to start creating powerful optin signup forms for your email list.

Now, Just hold your breath as what i will be telling you will make to press the BUY NOW button and grab this super awesome plugin.

Trust me I Guarantee you will fall in love with this plugin ^.^ .

OptinMonster Review : Target Theme

OptinMonster: The New Features

The biggest feature induced in OptinMonster proves a fact that it is no longer just a WordPress plugin.

OptinMonster is now a hosted service that any website owner who’s using WordPress or otherwise make use of in order to add a range of email signup forms to their site.

OptinMionster has now become a hosted service with all of the form creation and management tasks which you can manage through your account dashboard on the OptinMonster website.

It has large number of benefits, including the introduction of a clutter-free, purpose-built user interface, the ability to manage all of your forms through one central location, and one less (large) plugin to manage on your website.

OptinMonster is still linked to wordpress website via a plugin, but now the current plugin is much smaller and more lightweight than its previous incarnation.

FOLKS! If if you are still using OptinMonster plugin than you can now either continue using the legacy plugin version, or simply migrate all of your self-hosted data to the hosted service in just a few clicks.

However OptinMonster team members have created rewards for early user of OptinMonster and keep the plugin competitive. The OptinMonster developers have been hard at work adding some other great new features such as:

  • It has more types of form (blank, sidebar, and in-content/after post, full-screen entrance and exit gateways).
  • It has Purpose built mobile forms.
  • It has an ability to insert forms using shortcodes.
  • It has various form appearance themes.
  • A canvas tool for creating 100% custom popups.
  • A manual optin trigger (i.e. to launch forms on mouse clicks).
  • Newly optimized code for faster loading times.
  • It has ability to add animation effects to forms as they load.
  • A testing mode for previewing forms.

Guys, as per this list of features OptinMonster initially launched with three types of optin forms.

However, since 2013 its developers have worked on its features and have continued adding more options to the list of popup form types, which currently stands at as many as eight signup form types each with their own various templates.

OptinMonster Review : New Form Types

OptinMonster has new form types that includes the following selection of email optin forms:

  • Lightbox Popup
  • Fullscreen
  • Floating Bar (new)
  • Slide-In
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Canvas Popup with Custom Content (new)
  • Footer Bar
  • After Post / In Content (new)
  • Sidebar Widget (new)

All these new features are certainly welcome additions of OptinMonster.

One interesting feature is the in-content form, which is a form type that was notably absent from the early selection of forms is a attraction to the list.

Another interesting addition is the full screen option that allows you to cover the whole screen with your form thereby. This feature forces the visitors to either sign up or hit the back/close button.

The main use of these types of full screen form is to display them as a kind of welcome or gateway message to your visitors as they arrive at your site or the time they are about to leave your website.

OptinMonster Review : Form Themes

OptinMonster has a new selection of forms which has been created specifically for mobile visitors.

This is not only new ways of displaying the forms that have been added though, however OptinMonster also now includes more themes for customizing the appearance of its signup forms.

OptinMonster Review Form Themes Original

Just select from the new CSS3 animation effects that can be applied to the form as it is displayed with a motive to help catch the attention of your visitors.

OptinMonster has made form creation and management even easier ever. Though, with certain additions OptinMonster has the previous clean interface and well-labelled options-and-settings pages in more user friendly surroundings.

The new Custom Content Canvas Form

OptinMonster has come up with an impressive selection of different themes of styling and basing your form designs on. It is the new Canvas add on form type that gives you the option of starting from a completely blank canvas.

When you choose this option you can set the width and height of the light box, and then enter your own custom content by providing the necessary HTML and CSS.

OptinMonster Review Custom Canvas Design Facebook

OptinMonster new add on, Canvas design Facebook has expanded the functions of OptinMonster. You can create and display various sign up forms with OptinMonster.

With this you can also add various other kinds of content into the popup window, such as your social media buttons, links to other content on your site, products from your store, or anything else you think might be of interest to readers!

In addition to this, apart from adding any custom optin popup forms created using the Canvas add-on, you can also choose to apply one of numerous different animation effects, such as bounce, flash, wobble, flip, rotate, and slide effects in order to make sure your forms get noticed as they come into view.

Important Note: These effects can also be applied to the other lightbox forms including, the Canvas forms.

OptinMonster as a Hosted Service

Before, we used to manage all of the form creation and management tasks using OptinMonster plugin from within your WordPress dashboard.

But now the service has gone fully hosted. Now, all their forms are build and managed through your account area on the official OptinMonster website.

I know whats your reaction now…Well when i heard it for the first time I was actually a little doubtful.

I like one thing about wordpress, that all the things can be manged using one central location: your WP dashboard and admin area. It includes designing your site, configuring the way it works, and publishing content. It becomes like great when we add some extra plugin to it.

To Create a Hosted Email Signup Form with OptinMonster

If you have chosen OptinMonster hosted service and has purchased the Plus or Pro Licenses and also if you are using OptinMonster on multiple sites (perhaps client sites), you can now just log into one central dashboard and create forms. Additionally, you can also tweak your existing optin boxes, and view your conversion rate stats, all in one place. I think this is really beneficial for those who has chosen the hosted service.

With launch of this service the process for building and deploying the email optin forms has also changed quite a bit since previous versions.

Well, most interesting and amazing part is that all the action takes place through a purpose-built user interface (rather than being shoehorned into the WordPress admin area).
You can also add a wide range of optin/popup forms to any of the websites you manage.

How to Create an Email Optin Form With the New OptinMonster

It is very simple to create an email option form with the new OptinMonster.

Firstly, add the details of your website to your account area within the OptinMonster site. It is a as easy as entering the site address or URL.

The new OptinMonster also has an option of creating and then adding the same form to multiple websites by simply entering the individual URLs in the website field on the form settings page.

When you enter your website address on the Create New Optin screen, you’ll then need to give your campaign a title, before creating a form to be displayed to your visitors.

OptinMonster Review : Create New Optin

If you want to create a new optin what you need to do is simply select a form type, such as lightbox popup or full screen form from optin.

When you have completed with your selection, the form designs available for that particular form type will then be displayed. Some forms types have more templates than others.

For example, Lightbox form has 14 templates available with it whereas the slide-in form has only 5 pre-built designs to choose from.

OptinMonster Review : Select Your Design

Great part in this new OptinMonster Review is that each template is fully customizable, thereby giving you a little extra freedom to select your own design.

Customizing the Form Design

Once you’ve chosen the form type and template you will visualize an editing screen that pops up in front of you, from which you can customize the form template or theme you’ve chosen — or even switch to another theme if you’re unhappy with your original selection.

OptinMonster Review : Edit Interface Small

Well guys, you will be excited to see new user interface of OptinMonster where you can customize the design of your email signup form.

It’s really very simple to use, just select an option from the left-hand sidebar area, such as a form theme and than, move in the main panel and click on a form element to edit the text or change an image.

OptinMonster Review : Custom Fields

You can build a very personalized form for your website by using the custom fields of OptinMonster.

This new feature allows you to customize the colors, button text, fonts and more.

If you don’t want to use this feature than you can take a safer side and use the pre-built designs and simply add your own text.

Configuring How the Form Works

As you are done with your designing than step forward to configure how your site work’s.

You can do this by clicking on a button available on the same screen via a different tab located within the left-hand sidebar area.

OptinMonster Review : Configuration

You have various options available with you depending on the type of form you’re working with. Every option looks up to how things will work on your site.

For example, If you are creating a lightbox popup form, you can set the length of time to wait before it’s displayed. In addition to it, you can also make use of the scroll percentage trigger or enable the rather brilliant exit-intent trigger.

If your form needs more alterations than you can also add a CSS3 animation effect to be used when the form gets displayed.

OptinMonster Review : Effect

Well, after knowing about the various features you should know various configuration options that include setting a success message or redirecting users to a custom URL of your choice after the form has been completed.

If you don’t want that form should be displayed too often than you can also set the cookie duration to avoid the display and also decide whether or not to show a ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link.

OptinMonster Review : Page Targeting

You can also decide where you want the form to be displayed on the site. You can add the form only on certain pages no to load at all on others.

However, if you are a WordPress users than you can further configure exactly where the forms will be displayed through their own WordPress admin dashboards.

OptinMonster Review : Page Targeting WordPress

Email Marketing Service Integration

OptinMonster works with an large number of email newsletter service providers, including AWeber, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and InfusionSoft, and many others. In addition to this, every update to the service seems to adds even more still.

OptinMonster Review : Email Integration

You can further integrate your new form with your email list service of choice.

Don’t worry, this is as simple as selecting the option from a drop-down list and then authorizing your account.

Well, every service works differently in this regard and to make it easy for you to figure out things, a handy link to the relevant piece of online documentation is displayed on the screen.

After your form is set up and saved, it’s time to deploy it to your website.

OptinMonster Review : Embed Button

If you are a WordPress users than go on and download the free OptinMonster plugin for FREE. You need to upload it to their site, and then enter their account details.

This will link up your account with your website and after than you will be provided access to start displaying the various optin forms you’ve created.

When you enter your API username and key, you’ll then have the option of further configuring how the plugin will work on your site.

Various options includes displaying your form globally, or defining which pages, posts, categories, and other areas of your website your form will be displayed on.

OptinMonster Output Settings

If you are thinking to further customize your form or creating a new form than you’ll be taken back to the relevant section of the OptinMonster website.

If you have been using OptinMonster plugin before than you can easily migrate all of your existing data, such as the forms, their settings, and analytics, over to your account on the new hosted platform.


OptinMonster Review : Migration Process

If you want to migrate the form on a Non-WordPress website, you can copy the relevant code and paste it on the other website.

If you have completed the procedure successfully than you will see a new optin forms start displaying in accordance with your chosen settings.

OptinMonster Final Conclusion

Now, I am sure after reading all these you must be thinking what should I do know. Should i buy it or not.

Alright! so here i give you a final picture so that it will be more clear. You can judge from the above details that OptinMonster hosted service hasn’t drastically changed the way you create and manage your forms. All additions ad changes in OptinMonster plugin are awesome and new features can only be welcomed.

The creators has taken it seriously when it comes to additions and improvement in the OptinMonster. Those who opts for the hosted service in the WordPress enjoys every feature of the plugin.

If you are only looking for a lightbox option for capturing email addresses then OptinMonster plugin is a good choice. This function helps in detecting when a user is about to leave your page.

I must say guys, it is a feature that I haven’t seen with any other WordPress plugins. This feature clearly makes OptinMonster stand out in a crowded marketplace.

But, when it comes to in-content forms, its shortage was a bit of a disappointment as not everyone wants to use popups for their email capture. But, if it is seen from development standpoint than I understand less in-content form are added due to huge number of variables and potential issues created by themes.

The most good thing about this plugin is that this powerful tool is now available for use on your non-WordPress websites we well. In addition to it, the improved version with large number of features is a real bonus.

OptinMonster is now even more useful than before also adding highlight to its features is the new optional blank-canvas-form.

With the help of this canvas form you can not just email optin forms but also you can now display about any content you like in the popup window!

Also, the newly added forms themes are amazing add-ons along with the wealth of customization options open up a world of new possibilities. In addition to it, the ability to launch the optin form from a button or link on a page provides more flexibility in how you attempt to persuade visitors to interact with your content.

Well, OptinMonster also lacks mobile support. It’s popup boxes won’t even show if a mobile device is detected. We just hope that its developers works on a mobile solution or feature add-on because it is a creative way to implement popups on mobile devices.

Trust Me if this add up is installed OptinMonster plugin will go ahead of the competition.

Overall, if you are someone’s who value quality, innovative technology like exit intent, and a user experience then OptinMonster is an investment worth making.

It is something you won’t get anywhere in the market especially building your email list is ultimately an investment in your business.


If you are impressed by this amazing product and you look forward to buy it then you need not to go anywhere as I have bought some amazing deals for you. 😀

YES! You heard that right. 🙂

You can get this product at discounted price much lower then the cost price just by clicking the banner below. You will get optinmonster discount coupon, optinmonster coupon codes. You can need to enter the optinmonster coupon at the time of paying for the product and can avail heavy discount. If you want a lead generation tool for your blog then I suggest you to click the banner below to avail discount on this product. 🙂



WPEngine Review{Get Heavy DISCOUNT} Real Experience | Pros & Cons | Is It Worthy?

You are always worried about the web hosting company you’re working with, right?  Well, I can understand mentality of a blogger like how worried one is while purchasing the web hosting. You must be thinking like, God!! this writer tells me stuff which is worth reading and beneficial for me?

So if you are thinking same way than don’t worry ill take your next ten to fifteen minutes in which i will clear all your doubts regarding WP Engine and tell you why it is worth buying.

After some really amazing experiences with web hosting providers I finally decided to tell my viewers about some of the best wordpress hosting and normal web hosting companies so that you can get best hosting for your blog, like its always said all what begins well ends well, but here we just need best beginning as blogging does not have any end.

Okay, lets come back to to the topic, so we are taking about best web hosting providers. So, beginning with the giant and one of the best web hosting which has actually impressed several, well…i am taking about WP Engine.

If you don’t know much about it don’t worry i am going to explain every corner of this web hosting. Lets start with the explanation about the web hosting, Checkout complete WPEngine Review.

WPEngine Review : Web Hosting Company Overview


Well, guys as you know WordPress is the backbone that supports millions of websites which has led to emergence of dozens of Web service providers.

The mainly focus on hosting one of the world’s most popular content management systems. One such web provider is the crew but is unique from others, well i am taking about WP Engine.

WP Engine is one of the web hosting providers I always wanted to write a review on as it is a new player in the web hosting industry. But has some attractive features.

Well, WP Engine is not a dude of managed WordPress Web hosting excellence.

WP Engine offers attractive basic features like unlimited monthly data transfers, automatic daily backups, automatic plug-in updates, and malware scanning. But, it is simply outclassed by some more awesome web hosting provider like, In-Motion Hosting, the PCMag Editors’ Choice for managed WordPress hosting.

WP Engine is among those web hostings that caters only managed WordPress hosting, but with a promise of fast, scalable and secured hosting service.

When it comes to pricing i must say at $29/mo, it is worth buying.
No no !!! we will not come to the outcome so early. Lets discuss more deeply about this web hosting provider.

Let me take you in a deep explanation mode to explain more briefly about the arising questions in your mind.

More About WP Engine as a Company

WP Engine company was launched in year 2010. This company is based in Texas and was co-founded by Jason Cohen and Ben Metcalfe. It’s co-founder Jason Cohen started to the company with aim to provide best web hosting to the clients.

The company grew drastically with every passing year. I found that several well known bloggers and businesses (including HTC, FourSquare, Balsamiq, Sound Cloud) switched over to WP Engine.

WP Engine mainly aimed at providing is undeniably managed WordPress hosting. WP Engine made a serious effort to support and assist customers with all issues regarding WordPress. We have seen that WP Engine team offers most of the maintenance and upkeep services.

The company in its initial year has achieved $ 1m revenue inside the first 12 months of operation and created a huge an base of itself.

WP Engine Hosting Plans $ Pricing

When it comes to buy a web hosting all what one expects is ..@@ cheap and best .. for their blog. Well! i don’t know weather you find it cheap but i am sure it is the best web hosting for you.

WP Engine offers four WordPress hosting plans to their clients. The company does not exactly shows off what a Premium plan is but it comes out as more of a custom plan that can be tailored on demand.

WP Engines offers 3 managed WordPress plans with unlimited bandwidth, but a limited storage. They offer a pre-set amount of storage with a monthly limit of visitors, i can how you what exactly they offer :

Personal – $29.00/mo
It is the basic plan that includes a single instance of WordPress installation with monthly capping of visit at 25,000 per month in addition to 10GB storage capacity.

Professional – $99.00/mo
It is a Professional plan that includes up to 10 installs and has a capping of 100,000 monthly visits in addition to 20GB storage capacity.

The Business plan includes 25 installs of WordPress and monthly capping of 400,000 visits along with 30GB storage.

It seems like WP Engine has its own formulation of counting visits. They works differently from the other systems. Also, you will see the company have placed categorically that certain statistics packages (like Google Analytics) may not agree with the visitor counting as done by WPE.

In the world of internet, number of visit is classified as a unique IP address inside one 24-hour cycle.We would suggest you to be alert from bots and crawlers as they are definitely going to work against you as far as visitor counts go.

The company includes a speed-enhancing content delivery network (CDN) with the Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans, but not with the basic Personal plan.

If you wish to add a CDN to the Personal package, than you need to pay an additional $19.95. One of the best thing for buyer is that WP Engine offers a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.

Experience with the WP Engine

Just like Pressable, WP Engine provides a managed hosting environment specifically designed for WordPress installations and plug-ins. You need not to install WordPress like you do with most other Web hosts.

WP Engines has a pre-installed content management system. WP sends a start up email to the user so that user can view his/her log-in credentials, and then get started without any additional setup.

What About Uptime?

Like any other company some things comes very obvious especially in the terms of service, but still they actually provide 100% uptime guarantee. The customers experiences assured credit of 5% with every downtime hour.

But before you claim credits you need to look up at service level agreement (SLA) document in greater details, after that you can say weather you claim credit or not. We also found accessing the system status blog and RSS feed on the website very easy.

Content Creation at WPEngine

When it comes to creating a content, WP Engine functions same like any other self-hosted WordPress installation. It is very easy to create posts, pages, and galleries.

WP Engine seems compatible with a wide range of plugins. The company also has a small list of plugins that it doesn’t support, due to their negative performance impact or duplication of built-in WP Engine features.

Guys, you will find one additional feature in WP Engine that it doesn’t offer traditional Web hosting, which makes it impossible to upload your Linux or Windows based non-WordPress site and related apps.

But, apart from these features WP Engine automates many functions, including daily site backups and plugin updates. They also features proprietary Evercache technology, which helps in combining caching and proxy servers to load the pages in no-time.

Though, WP Engine is a perfect web hosting company but like other companies WP Engine also have some drawbacks. Like others, this company doesn’t sell domains (your URL is in the format of http://name.wpengine.com) or come with email accounts. So, you have to sign up with a third-party company like GoDaddy for those features.

Security with WPEngine

From security point of view, i would rate WP Engine the best web hosting company. They protect your site with daily malware scans and a firewall that’s updated daily to block the latest threats.

WP Engine also claims that if your site gets hacked, they will repair the damage free of charge.

WP Engine provides automatic scans on servers to protect your servers from potential viruses and hacks. The company also employs 2 security firms for regular auditing, in order to assess risks.

They also perform backup via the control panel (through the creation of ‘Restore Points’).

Moreover, they also offer facility to create complete clones, that is a useful feature for users to conduct backstage testing and to download their entire database whenever they desire.

The system includes a automation facility where daily backups are done automatically and the copy is retained for 60 days.

WP Engine keeps the installation of every WordPress separate so that different database systems are marked with different security credentials. This reduces the risk of being hacked significantly.

WPEngine Customer Service

This one is from my personal experience,I called WP Engine customer service several times during testing—early morning, midday, and at night—to get an idea of its support team’s effectiveness.

I called to find out, how to install new themes and then used the Web chat to contact a representative who would explain CDNs.

You won’t believe, such an effective support team WP Engine has at its back. My both questions along with some miscellaneous others, were answered accurately and quickly. I experienced almost negligible waiting time.

Unfortunately, WP Engine has toll-free telephone support service during limited hours, from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST. But, WP Engine compensates this with 24/7 email and ticketing support. So, you are assisted properly if you can’t call within those hours.

Personally, I find i need to mark their customer support service between very good to poor. I would rate their support system as good and decent as they offer email support service even in non working hours as well.

Control Panel of WP Engine

WP Engine is definitely not a normal hosting company, so an ordinary control panel like cPanel or Plesk does not work here.
Well, being used to working on WordPress you will find most site admin is done via the WordPress dashboard.

The company offers a secondary custom control panel, named as the User Portal. This panel functions in facilitating most account-related tasks; e.g. creating backups, adding new WordPress installs, creating re-directions and the list goes on.

I would advise you to gather knowledge about this new system from the Support Garage knowledge base.

What’s Extra in WP Engine?

WP Engine keeps on offering gimmicks and marketing vouchers to the users at certain occasions. These acts as a nice bonuses that advanced WordPress users would love.

WP Engine has lot of extra’s in their web hosting package, right from the professional plan up, a content delivery network (CDN) service, etc..

It is aimed at spending up page loading times without calling on the WordPress cache plugins. But you need to pay for it, if you are using Personal plan.

You are also provided with an option to ass a dedicated IP address in the business plan(Only). But if your account falls within the Professional plan, than you need to pay extra. So, the company now decides to exclude this option from those on the Personal plan.

Cancellation Policy

WP Engine provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. There is no extra string attached or cancellation fee included in this process.

Customer Reviews about WP Engine Hosting

After reading a lot of web hosting reviews left by other users, i have gathered some opinions about WP Engine. You will be happy to see that the scale is pointing more towards positive reviews.

Guys, being honest i tried to fetch as much opinion as I could, but including every single one of them here would require a whole dedicated website. So, I got the most important and common opinions made about WP Engine by the users of both sides (liker and dis-liker).


I think it is fair enough to say that WP Engine has achieved much support considering the fact that it is a new company that started in year 2010.

What are the things they made right to reach millions in span of 5 years?

Here we have listed some advantages as follows:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Ability to manage on single WordPress solution worked for WP Engine.

20% Off WP EngineThe product offered by them since past 5 years has created a goodwill in the market that forced people to look at the company in a more professional way than its competition.

WP Engine provides 100% compatible hosting with WordPress. WP Engine can handle the latest PHP 5 and MySQL 5 with ease.

  • Fast Speed

WP Engine has its data centers at various locations, like Newark, London and Tokyo which gives an advantage to the customers to make choices based on their locations, so as to leverage closer proximity.

WP Engine offers a multi-server clusters, wicked-fast hardware with in-RAM caching, and a content delivery network. This helps in loading of the page at the soonest possible time.

  • Strong Reliability & Security

The company provides custom build servers to their customers and parallely, tune them individually in order to achieve robust reliability and security.

The company has reduced the chance of conflicts among plugins by putting a cap on some plugins. This helps in insuring against accidental sites crashes.

Apart from the web hosting plan, the company provide daily backups and 1-click restore points. They have mitigated the risk of hosted sites going down.


The biggest advantages of WP Engine web hosting is that it provides a quality and professional WordPress hosting provider. But impurities comes along with good things. So, despite of advantages WP Engine has several disadvantages that can not be overlooked, in the context of the competitive WordPress hosting industry.

Some of these disadvantages are listed below:

  • Comparatively Expensive

WP Engine offers 3 level plans : Personal for $29/mo, Professional for $99/mo and Business for $249/mo.

These three plans can be categorized into 3 customer segments respectively:

  1. For the customers who are starters.
  2. For those who own multiple sites, and
  3. For those who are having professional blogs & large businesses.

As compared to most WordPress hosting services that start from a basic plan of $10, WPEngine is a little costly.

If you calculate and compare, you will realize the company charge 634% more than BlueHost professional shared web hosting service at $3.95/mo, and also higher than a decent BlueHost managed VPS plan that is cheaper with a basic start up plan of $14.99/mo.

  • Limited Local Storage

All WP Engine hosting plans support limited domains & storage. You can find their Personal Plan that is just 1 site and 10 GB space, for Professional – 10 sites and 20 GB space, and finally for Business – 25 sites and 30 GB space.

So, if customers increases these limits on number of websites or amount of storage space, they will be charged extra, or need to go for customization, which costs even more.

  • No Email

WP Engine does not cover Email in any of its hosting package that is a drawback for the customer. For email service, customers need to go to the other providers if they want to access email services.

I know you must be thinking that you can always go with Gmail as Google provides free email hosting services (as recommended by WPEngine). But, its not necessary that all website owners want their data to be hosted with the gmail.

  • Limited Support

Well guys, WP Engine have self styled WordPress “experts” in their support team. This is a big drawback as your problems, concerns and queries can not be taped on their mind.


Conclusion: Is WP Engine A Go?

After discussing all the pros and cons of WP Engine, its time for decision making. See, when we make comparison between generic shared web hosting businesses than surely WP Engine is costly. But we should not forget that its unique proposition is that it offers packages revolving around people who rely on WordPress.
WP Engine
People thinking matter’s in every case as some may believe that the extra investment is necessary, in order to have a peace of mind so that their WordPress installation can be secure, speedy and well-supported.

On the other hand, the lack of 24/7 support and the capping on the ‘visits per month’ would not make WP Engine the most popular choice.

But if you get a host who is capable of helping you make the most of WordPress, than without any doubt WP Engine is not really that bad of a choice!

WP Engine is definitely a must-see if you fit one of the following bills :

  1. If you are running a single WordPress site with medium to high level traffic,
  2. If you think that there are chances of your site to go viral and hit Reddit front page,
  3. If your WordPress site is your main income source,
  4. If you are worried about site hacking and malwares,
  5. If you don’t want to handle the maintenance of your WordPress – such as site back up and file cache tuning.

So, i suggest you to go for it as I did and stop worrying about your site being hacked or down due to traffic surge. I thinks its complete worthy package to go for.

WP Engine hosting

LeadPages Review| How To Make 100$+ a Day With It

Hello Guys !! Finally you have landed on perfect place to get information about LeadPages. I know what you are going through in your mind, that Is this the one article which will make me understand about LeadPages concept.

Mainly you must be wondering or thinking that Hey writer !! I know little about it but want to know LeadPages reviews, or give me explanation that can clarify my doubts and tell me that Is LeadPages worth it ?

Don’t worry I promise, you will fetch all about LeadPages here.

Mind It !! Its My Promise!!

So, As per My promise Let’s start up with step by step explanation about LeadPages

LeadPages Review: What is It & How It Works ?

OMG!! Don’t feel embarrased if you didn’t know completely about it. Even many things in the world are still new or unknown for me. Sticking to our Hot topic Read below with your beautiful eyes and grab it with your sharp mind.


LeadPages is company who provides users the move and customize or in simple way i must say drag and drop software tools which helps in creating following :

  1.  You can easily create landing pages for your own courses, books, webinars and various other products.
  2. With the help of tool users can make Email SIGN-UP forms which is currently biggest ways to grow your target audience lists rapidly to utilize it for your goal conversion purpose.
  3. It helps in converting new visitors who visit your website into customers or leads directly by the method of Delivering ethical bribes.

My friend !! Being a blogger does not always means that person should be good at every bit of coding which exists in this online internet world. Personally i m very bad in doing coding manually. If somebody asks me to manually build landing pages with the features same as LeadPages it would be biggest nightmare for me.

But LeadPages focus on user friendly methods as i said above they have drag and drop software tools. If you are bad in coding and you use LeadPages to create landing pages for your website it would hardly take 5-7 minutes.

Yes, you read it write. Because person like me who is illiterate ( in terms of coding ) also took only 5-7 minutes.

LeadPages is very easy to use. You can easily just use point and click software to make webinar registration pages, sales pages, great high quality landing pages and use it for other pages conversion creation for your purpose.

Cool !! I must say. You can Say BYE !! BYE,, to those old tradition methods of coding. Seriously, if I choose those old custom method to build it, would take normally 7-8 hours to complete the task.

The basic unique selling point of LeadPages is to provide super convenience for its users. Like

  • It is very easy to change and customize your landing pages on the go from most famous layouts o templates that others will also appreciate especially marketers and writers.
  • It is very easy to connect your project with your website or WordPress based website as it provides HTML formatted coding that you can attach or paste in you website back end coding.
  • If you are unaware of HTML coding then no need to panic after reading the above 2nd point. WordPress has plugin which can be used to inter-connect.
  • You can incorporate LeadPages with email administration suppliers like AWeber, MailChimp and Infusionsoft. These email service providers are strongly recommended and very famous among internet and affiliate marketers.

One Minute  !! Let me Say Cheers to You. Because you are getting your doubts and points clarified step by step.

Well I don’t mind You can say Thanks to my research and Personal Experiences related to this LeadPages. But we have not reached to ever bit of explanation. You want to know more about it. LIKE..

How Much I have To Pay For It?  How Much Does LeadPages Cost?

Well, Price can be major factor sometimes to make your mind. Because sometimes it can change the mind in both ways i.e to Buy or to leave.

But frankly telling you by knowing the “Is LeadPages worth it ?” question’s answer we should not be double minded. Despite of strong support from many pro bloggers, i can also personally say that this is worthy product.

Coming back to point…

If you want to be among the users of LeadPages then you need to spend USD 37 to get the monthly subscription. This is starter plan for user.

In the beginning i was little bit hesitated about services and products (Not my mistake its human nature) just to get my trust and build relation with it. But after using for 1 month, it was damn clarified that why pro people strongly recommend Leadpages.

Now, I have taken the annual subscription of this product at the cost of USD 297.

Reasons Beacuse……

  • First of course, if i go and pay for monthly subscription ie. 37 USD, means it will cost me 37 * 12 = 444 USD for 12 months of usage. But by doing activation of annual subscription plan i saved 147 USD. So, being greedy i latched on discount.
  • Generally i always plan safe side, i saw there 30 days Money Back Guarantee Policy, it hit my mind and i took this awesome used and recommended product.

Let me go again in deep explanation mode to explain more arising questions in your mind.

How to Create a Landing Page With LeadPages ?

Friends, as i told that its very easy to design high quality landing pages or sales pages for converting new visitors traffic into lead customers.

LeadPages avails the facility of giving many layouts or templates which is easy to select according to conversion rate for you. According to specified industry done by LeadPages you can choose it according to your business taste and need preference.

Friend !! It took me only 5-7 minutes as i have told earlier also. Yes !!

Again am telling you What i did is that just picked awesome template (according to me) for authors and converted that layout into different looking template by normal updating and doing customization of colors and fonts.

When after template started giving me feeling of my owned customized template then i attached my official Leadpages to my WordPress powered website via using plugin.

After all the procedure is completed i just published the pages.

Friends !! As Simple As That !!!

Honestly telling!! I still remember during when i took this product for first the time in my blogging career on monthly subscription. One minor issue happened ( that time it was big issue because product was for new for me) with me.

Issue was that i was facing trouble in updating the fonts and colors of some template. But after updating the working of template became slow. I found many tutorial on the official Youtube channel of LeadPages but i didn’t dared to fix it by my own.

Then i contacted withe LeadPages support staff to fix the trouble which i was facing.

And Friends Guess What  !!!

Problem was fixed in just 1 or 2 hours of after registration of my complaint. Now You can add yourself this another point which i forget to mention above the reasons why i took annual subscription of this product after just using LeadPages for just 1 month annual subscription.

Got It… I am not Only Greedy but i also see the Products and Services also.

Now, You must be thinking ” OK ” You told about creating Landing pages what about this..

How I Can Use LeadPages to Grow My Email List Fast

Friend !! Have you heard about “Lead Magnets”. This is one term introduced by LeadPages. Means you can do Ethical Bribe to increase the email list because you are allowed to upload audio recordings, video clips and text documents on your lead pages.

You can convince your every reader into precious leads or customers by doing Ethical Bribe.

Let me reveal my working style how my doing to this using LeadPages

Step 1

I use Google Analytics to put the most successful running blog post of my website.

Step 2

Then i introduce some small little give away for my best performing blog posts like :

  • Short audio recording
  • List of resources

Step 3

Then I just upload it by using tools and editor on my LeadPages.

Stet 4

Then i make LeadBox in LeadPages. By using editor, I prefer styling the the LeadBoxes according to my website look to make sure that it matches and gives resemblence to my blogs website.

After that, for each LeadBox i use relevant and significant Lead Magnets.

Step 5

I pasted the code for these LeadBoxes into my top five blog posts. Now, when new visitors land on my high-ranking blog posts and click on a link for these LeadBoxes, they are offered an ethical bribe or Lead Magnet.

Now its high time for me to use ethical bribe.

I paste the code of created LeadBoxes on blog posts of my websites.

Because by doing this, now when ever any visitors visits or lands on my most performing posts and performs any clicking on the link of my created LeadBoxes.

Then automatically they are advertised and invited by Lead Magnet or you can say they are offered an ethical bribe.

After then, when the visitors opt-in they recieve the relevant resources guide, audio recording or PDF files automatically.

Who does that ofcourse LeadPages. Its sends automatically the most relevant and suitable  MP3 and PDF promptly to the visitor who opted-in.

Finally, when visitors confirm their subscription then LeadPages does its work to add all the details to Aweber ( email service provider which i use).

The trick is that when i created Lead Magnets links for my top performing blog posts, it helped me in just doubling my visitors opt-in rates and guess what it lowered my bounce rates too.

Here are some Ideas which i don’t mind sharing with you for your Lead Magnets

Its your wish to do same as i am telling :

  • Video transcripts
  • Templates
  • Podcast transcripts
  • Audio recordings of your blog posts
  • Worksheets
  • Video recordings

Additional Information :

For each landing pages, Lead Magnets and pop ups which is created by us, LeadPages gives simple to clarify analytics. In simple manner i can say that like we people love Google analytics same LeadPages also loves too.

This will help you developing new ideas for writing you next top piece of content and also will help you in growing you current call-to-actions.

Friends !! One more important feature of LeadPages is there which is compelling me to explain you.

You can promote book or written by you book using LeadPages.

Great Yeah !!

But Confused !! How.. Need More explanation on this feature..Don’t Worry i have promise you to give full LeadPages reviews.. So Let me explain as per my promise.

How to Promote Your Book Using LeadPages

My Personal Observations and Tricks are :

Analyse Your Readers :

I will recommend you to always focus on creating email lists of your excellent readers. Focus on who will read your book? Is his/her liking is fiction or non-fiction? Reader is male or female? what is the age of reader? What they are hunting passionately for?  what conclusions they get after reading your book?

Leadpages are worthful for promoting several Money making Ebooks, lets find out how?

Build Trustworthy Relationships :

After doing all analysis of your visitor or users you may offer accordingly there taste and likings covered chapters of the book during the exchanging process of entering there mailing address. This is the best method to communicate with your readers and build healthy trustworthy relation with them.

This tips are evergreen tips and has always worked for me and many my colleague bloggers.

But Not to forget there is old saying that ” There are two Sides of every Coin” SO , we should seriously see the both sides of advantages and disadvantages of products.

Nothing is perfect. There could be many flaws in LeadPages which i should tell you. After all it is my responsibility to give LeadPages reviews that too honestly.


Now below i am going to explain the both sides of coin means PROS and CONS

LeadPages Pros :

  • Impressive and super easy and convenient software tool to use.
  • Landing Pages creation task takes time in minutes.
  • Analytics is noteworthy
  • You can choose templates or layouts according to conversion rate

LeadPages Cons

  • Monthly subscription can be little costly as compared to annual subscription.
  • It can not be attached with every email service providers.
  • Customized templates which you want to upload can be again little bit costly (but very much affordable).

So, Straight Forward Honest Answer to Your Question

Is LeadPages Worth It For Me?

Bloggers always face difficulties in converting the visitors traffic into there goals conversion. It is seriously big head ache for every blogger to create accurate email lists and convert them into leads or customers.

Even i have faced and gone through this face of my blogging career. I used to hit head on my computer screen after watching the BIG ZERO conversion rates of my visitors. I use to generally fail in this task of generating customers or leads.

But thanks to LeadPages they have created super awesome easy to use software tools which really acted like pain killer during my headaches of converting visitors into customers.

Like me every blogger has priority to create email lists. Frankly telling LeadPages not only creates bulk lists but it creates accurate email lists via its super awesome easy to use software tools.

Now, i work on creativity and innovative ideas more rather then focusing on creating manual landing pages ( earlier it was hell all my time was more wasted on this landing pages creation).

From the day one i have started my LeadPages monthly subscription ( now updated plan to annual subscription) its has helped me lot in building bulk and accurate email lists.

Fortunately it has also helped me in increasing my blog subscribers and moreover it has helped in serving my main motto that is to build healthy and trustworthy relationships with my readers.

Till now everything is going super cool and butter smooth rarely few times ( normal for minor issues ) i got need to talk to very supportive customer service team of Leadpages to fix my issue.

This tool automatically does back-end of WordPress which ultimately saves my team which leads to increase my blogging efficiency.

So  !!!!  I do Thumbs Up for this


Say YES, to LeadPages.

It is actually worth it.

Many Pro Bloggers recommend this magical easy to use software so, as i do..

You can try once LeadPages as I did. There team offers 30 day money back guarantee.

Then You will realize why i loved it and converted my LeadPages Monthly subscription to annually subscription plan. You will definitely get me then why i and other pro bloggers strongly recommend this tool to other bloggers.

If you have still have any question regarding this article LeadPages review in your mind which is arising now or may arise later then don’t hesitate to  share it below. I will definitely come back and help my Friend.