Seekahost Review – A Web Hosting Company Review

Are you looking for some budget friendly and best web hosting service that can support multiple domains hosting along with 24*7 customer support, easy backup of website data in addition to SSL? Are you concerned about the fact that whether the website hosted on a particular server will be smooth and should load fast, most importantly how server will work when traffic is in peak?

You get more tensed when you listen your co-blogges talking about the concern regarding hacking and infected by virus or any other malware? As if it happens than whether the hosting company will take action immediately or not?

Well, finding solution to all your concerns we have brought up a newly launched web hosting company, SeekaHost. It is a newly launched web hosting company and I came around this company while surfing for some best hosting plans that can suit my pocket. That time I just came across this company and TRUST ME! I was overwhelmed by its web hosting plans.

I know you are curious to know more about this company, so let’s move forward without wasting much time. Checkout, This complete Seekahost Review.

SeekaHost Review : Secure Hosting

seekahost review

Seekahost claims to provide secure and reliable web hosting company. If you buy a web hosting package from SeekaHost than they make sure your website is safe and protected from malwares and hackers. So, just relax and take a deep breath as your a major concern is now taken care by the company.

Let me show you the pocket friendly hosting packages. Well, SeekaHost provides three hosting packages to its customers. Have a look below,

  • Personal Web Hosting Package
  • Business Web Hosting Package
  • Cheap Hosting Package (Less Resources, suitable for Network Sites)

So, you can get hosting as per your need. I personally bought Standard Business web hosting package from SeekaHost in which they gave me 10 domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts along with free domain. As I was having big requirement so this one suited me and SERIOUSLY! Its far better than what I expected from a new company.

(*If you want to check further details, than VISIT HERE : )

Seekahost Features

Anti Virus software

Seekahost web hosting package has pre installed antivirus software which helps in protecting your website from harmful virus infections.

You guys must be aware of the fact that anti-virus software is very important to protect your websites from attack of harmful virus which are used by hackers to rob all the essential details from your website. So, you should never compromise with such things that you need to pay for in long run.

Guaranteed 100% up-time

While purchasing a web hosting, I specially care of the up time and SERIOUSLY I ask the customer care executives 10 times before swapping my credit card.

Generally, I have seen web hosting companies guarantee up-time but later they start giving vague reasons if website is not working or server goes down. Damn, It’s so annoying seriously.

But, Seekahost gives 100% up-time guarantee. Ohh yeah, I know you must be think every web hosting company says that. But TRUST ME! After using their hosting from past few months, I found them best in delivering their service. I think it’s one of the biggest factor while buying  a web hosting and, Seekahost lays justice with 100% up-time.

Provides SSL

Managing a website without SSL is like leaving your home without lock. If you are running a website especially a e-coomerce portal than SSL is need of an hour as you need to protect sensitive information that is available on your websites, like credit card numbers or personal information, etc. All these information and data are secured with 256 bit encryption with the help of SSL.

Seekahost provides most professional and detailed SSL to their clients as per client need. You can ask for domain validation, business validation, extended validation, UCC/SAN SSL certificates within few days after contact sales managers. If in case you are not satisfied with the SSL certificate that you have purchased than you will get 100% money back.

Use Latest Technology

When a company works smartly by upgrading the technology used in its products than it manage to sustain in long run.

I found Seekahost maintaining this trend in their services. I was glad to see the advanced anti software, called Spam-assasin used by Seekahost which is used by very rare web hosting companies. This software acts as a protector from malwares.

In addition to this, they keep a close watch on suspicious activity going on the back-end of the servers. You THINKING! How I know that? Haha …well, I got alert from the team when they find any suspicious element on the servers. So, for me its a big relief as all the burden is handled by the brilliant team of technicians.

SeekaHost Personal Web Hosting : Plans & Features

Seekahost Hosting

Seekahost Business Hosting : Plans & Features

Seekahost Hosting

Seekahost Cheap Web Hosting : Plans & Features

Seekahost Hosting

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Final Verdict

I know you are still THINKING! What to do? Shall I purchase it or not? Will it work in a manner it’s being portrayed?

HEY! Don’t TRUST ME! rather just go with the above features and compare that are you really finding these hand to mouth service anywhere else. GO FIND OUT, and than decide whether you should go for it or not.

BUT, just because I have used this server and I am flabbergasted by the service provided to me by Seekahost team, so UNDOUBTEDLY its a THUMBS UP from my side. For, those who are new in field and can’t afford expensive web hosting than Seekahost is best web hosting company. They have best web hosting packages based on needs of a person.


Grammarly Review {DISCOUNT & COUPON CODE} Why Writers Loves This Tool?

Grammarly Review : Hello,, Folks!! Today we are about to solve the biggest headache issue of content writers that is called “Grammatical Errors“.

Damn !!!

You must be thinking “Whether this problem can really be solved!”.

Do you people REALLY think so?

Grammatical Errors and punctuation errors are one of the most common issue faced by content writers. I can bet on it that every content writer or author have never done digging in deep of the every prospect of English language to produce grammar errors free content every time they write articles. We look for various online grammer checker tools, softwares, plugins as well to produce a grammatical error free content.

Producing grammar mistakes and punctuation errors free content is very tough and challenging. If authors fail to do so then, he will have to face criticism and embarrassment.

And for those content writers who don’t take this topic or issue seriously for them let me tell you guys you are playing with one of the Google Ranking factors and SEO.

Writing an article with grammar errors will not only lead to embarrassment but also result in bad SEO of your blog.

So, I hope you must have got my point, what is the importance of writing an article which has no grammatical mistakes!

Now, you must be wondering OK we agree. FINE, this is an issue and challenge but what is the solution then.

Or, you must be thinking, I know that Dude that’s why I was hanging on google and finally landed here (Thanks for that).

Ohkk!! Ohkk!! Let’s get back to the solution.

I asked my fellow team members to carry hard research, on this issue to help out the bloggers and authors. After a month of research we together found that there is a magic software in the market who has already helped millions of authors and content writers to deal with their biggest Nightmares while writing.

Yes, the name of the magic software is Grammarly.

Please don’t get to the final conclusion just because we said that this is magic software to deal with grammar errors and punctuation mistakes. I personally believe you should first ask us few questions like “How the hell it is Magic tool to do grammar check?”, “How can your team can claim that so confidently?”

Well, thanks for putting logical questions. Now, it’s our responsibility to answer your questions and give the complete review of Grammarly which will help you also in dealing with the issues. Also, we have some surprise discount, coupons of Grammarly for you readers. So, If you want Grammarly discount, coupon, then stay tuned with is as we have Grammarly coupon for you all who are looking forward to purchase this magical grammar checker tool.

Let’s have a look at this detailed Grammarly Review.

Let’s Begin With It !!

Grammarly Review : Explain Me Every S**t Out of It ?

Instant Grammar Check
Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker

Grammarly was founded IN 2008 by Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko. Later in 2011, Brad Hoover joined the company as CEO who was also listed in San Francisco Business Times’ 40 Under 40.

The Company is headquartered in San Fransisco.  The Company has worked with Microsoft company and has launched Grammarly for Microsoft® Office which they claim that Grammarly works best with Outlook and Office.


  • In 2013, Grammarly was declared winner 2013 Red Herring Top 100 North America award and in the same year, it was named to the 2013 Inc. 500 list.
  • In 2014, they won runner-up tag in Best Bootstrapped Startup on the eve of 7th Annual Crunchies Awards and in the same year again they were listed among fastest growing companies in North America.
  • In 2015, they got selected as the finalist in Eighth Annual Crunchies Awards.
Forbes have quoted thatGrammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better.”

So, these were the overview of company history and achievements which was very much needed to tell you.

Now, Let’s talk about its functionality that how it serves the purpose of content writers and authors to produce a super awesome article that too without any spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

How It Makes An Author Perfect Writer?

Click Here –> Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker

Grammarly is online software tool which helps writers to find grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and helps in correcting it by giving the genuine reasons for that mistakes.

Basically, it acts as an Automated Proofreader. It helps in dealing with punctuation errors and also enhances vocabulary usage of the writers. The most loving part of this software is that not only it helps in removing wild errors from the article but it also suggests citations to the user.

Grammarly software claims to detect 250 types of  punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes, and spelling errors.

Is It Easy To Use & How it Actually Works?

As I told you earlier that Grammarly is an online tool which detects all types of possible mistakes which can ruin the quality of an article and as well as an image of an author.

Grammarly is very easy to use online tool. Let me Explain “How”:

  • Grammarly is great in terms of its algorithm flag. It detects all types of errors and correct those mistakes in content automatically and suggests the citation and vocabulary.
  • This tool provides and online text editor dashboard where you can put your content via using Copy and Paste method to check the mistakes and get suggestion to fix the issues easily.
  • You can also install the free Grammarly tool in your Safari or Chrome browser add-on or extension to get the spelling errors alert and a suggestions to fix it.

WOW!! It’s Damn easy to use this premium grammar checker online tool.

Personally telling you I get flattered there and then only which tools provide the convenience of Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste option to solve the issue.

Nobody can serve the purpose that easy where you have to Just Copy & Paste article in an editor, then sit and relax and get your grammatical mistakes corrected automatically.

For Whom Grammarly Will Suit Best For ?

Grammarly is widely used by many categories of people. Millions of people have trusted the effective solution of getting rid of any type of error from the article to produce the super like content for their readers.

Grammarly is the favorite online tool used in different field by English Writers like:

  • Blogging
  • Students (especially English learners)
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Academia

Professional of various fields who deal in the English language highly recommend this tool to avoid all kind of writing mess and deal with grammatical errors.

Expertness of this tool provides perfect expert support and helps in massive SEO ranking boost because you have listened many times before from experts that “CONTENT IS KING“.

Obviously, if you have error free content for readers, then Google bots will definitely fall in love with the well-written content of yours. Hence resulting in boosting the SEO rankings of your blog.

People who want to get the mastery and expert command over the English language they also will get definitely advantage from this magic tool. You can learn and enhance your reading and writing skills which will help you in getting perfect in the English language.

Grammarly Review : Features & Plans

If you are among those people who like options from where you like to choose from then Grammarly will not disappoint you at all. Grammarly has a various different range of products and  service which they offer to their customers.

Wait !!! What if I say they have some free services and products which they offer to people.

Definitely, you will then want me to reveal those as soon as possible.

Grammarly Review

Ohkkk !! Ohkkk !! Let Me Tell You There Freebies First :

1. Free Grammarly Browser Extension – The First freebie is one of the gems from all of them. They give free browser extension which you can use in your safari and chrome browser. This will help you in correcting all your mistakes while writing the content with just one single click. The best thing is that you don’t need to put your content in their editor to alter the mistakes, content mistakes can be edited there and then wherever you are writing online, whether you are writing on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc (thanks to the powerful algorithm of Grammarly).

2. Grammarly Words – This is an online dictionary service introduce by Grammarly to help the people around the web.

3. Grammarly Handbook – This is the perfect guide for the people who want to learn grammar and style to get mastery in the English language.

4. Grammarly Blog – You can get the latest updates, tips, and other insights which will help you to get in touch with the latest happenings of the Grammarly world.

5. Social Media Interaction – You are provided with access to their Facebook community and twitter account to interact and enter into the discussion with the people to get grammar tips.

6. Grammarly Answers – This is an online help to the people via community run by Grammarly team to help the people and writers by giving them answers to the questions.

Well !! You must be wondering these freebies don’t impress me a lot.

This could happen may be because you expected more from this online tool. Don’t worry I never told that this is it. I just told above that these are Freebies which are offered to the newbies.

There are many more features and services of the Grammarly online tool. But let me clearly tell you that Premium services are listed under the Grammarly Premium plan and pricing category.

You will need to get paid subscription to witness the magic of this wonderful tool. I know that you are Mr. Perfectionist and don’t generally love compromising with the quality of anything.

Same here you must be saying to me that I don’t mind to go for Grammarly Premium subscriptions if it will serve my purpose according to my nature of being perfect and making my content perfectly PERFECT.

No issues if you have that kind of attitude and mindset to be Mr. Perfectionist and passionate for writing the great content ( grammar error free content), then I will not let you down and tell you about the further features of Premium Grammarly.

Grammarly Premium Review: Plan & Pricing

Caution : Before telling you about its premium plan I must clear you one thing that If you are not among those people who want to provide super like content to their readers or are always in a mood to serve your readers anything crap and scrap content may not read this below paragraph. You can easily use the freebies offered by the Grammarly and Stay happy with your content.

Now! You if you are reading this line or going to read below paragraphs then, that is understood by us that you are seriously Mr. Perfectionist and want to produce super like content for your readers.

So, Here are 3 Types Of Plans and Pricing of Grammarly Premium :

grammarly review

  • Monthly Plan : 29.95 $ per month
  • Quarterly Plan : 19.98 $ per month (Billed as one payment of $59.95 USD )
  • Annual Plan : 11.66 $ oer month ( Billed as 1 payment of 139.95 $ USD )

You must be wondering that it is worth it to spend dollars just sake of content.

If you still thinking in that way then let me tell you are not still aware of the fact that not Content is King but “Quality Content Is King”. There is a universal rule that if you can’t Express well then you can’t Impress Well.

Just look below this magic tools Premium features that how it does wonder for people who are hungry for success in the field of Digital world.

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Check Below “Premium” Features Of Grammarly Premium

1. It gives writer suggestions for Vocabulary enhancement.
2. It checks the Genre-specific writing style.
3. The tool is capable of finding and checking 100+ additional advanced spelling and grammatical errors.
4. The tool can easily detect Plagiarism by going through more than 2 billion plus web pages through its Plagiarism detector.
5. Last but not the least its main feature is to check critical 150 spelling and grammar checks.

Click Here –> Grammarly’s Free Plagiarism Checker: Check Your Papers For Plagiarism And Correct Grammar Errors Now!

Wait there are more great features which I forgot to tell you above :
  • You can easily access your personal editor using
  • Via email you can get stats on your performance
  • You can watch the explanation of grammar rules
  • You can access your documents on other various devices
  • It will also help you in checking your written work over the web
  • Ease of use of desktop applications (OS X and Windows)
  • Helps in detecting contextual grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Integration of tool with Microsoft® Office Windows can be done
  • You can get synonyms and definitions by double click
  • User can add their words to their personal dictionary

Hang On !!! If above features you were not able to digest or understand fully then don’t worry.

I will give you some screenshots to make you understand in a very simple way what Grammarly actually does.

Premium Feature Of Grammarly : Grammatical Error Checks

grammarly review

Another Premium Feature : Punctuation Error Checks

grammarly review

Premium Feature : Sentence Structure Checking

grammarlyPremium Feature (Grammarly) : Style Checks


People who want to become PRO in future for them these above features of Grammarly tool would have already given goosebumps to them (hope you also among those who want to become a brand in future).

Support & Refund Policy

They have very good support staff and you can get there assistance 24/7. If you are a subscriber of the software you can contact their helpdesk and surely your matter will be solved soon surely.

Talking about their refund policy, earlier they used to give 7 days free trial to their new customers but no they have converted this policy into 7-day money back guarantee return policy.

Means if you are not among the satisfied users then you can ask for your money back within the time span of their 7-day money back guarantee return policy scheme.

Cool !!! 🙂 That’s really great..Hang On !!

But I always prefer people also telling Pros and Cons of product and services in reviews (why should I unnecessarily speak about it in its favor after all it’s not My DAD’S company… Lolzz).

Pros & Cons of Grammarly Software

Pros :

  • It helps students in improving their writing grades.
  • Users of this tool have built their stronghold on the English language.
  • The tool is damn easy to use and gives awesome user interface experience.
  • Kick-Ass features of this tool help in producing error free content which gives PRO feeling.
  • Free tools are also very effective.
  • Pocket-friendly plans and pricing.
  • This tool is perfect for bloggers because it helps in producing error free content which is loved by search engine bots hence increasing SEO performance of their blogs by 100 times more.

Cons :

  • The tool can not be downloaded it can be used via only online subscription.
  • On the Apple platform, Grammarly’s Microsoft Office integration is not available

Unfortunately, I can not find more cons (just my opinion). 🙂

So, Finally, we should give you my Final Words on the behalf of my team who did hard research on the Grammarly software.

FINAL WORDS : What Should You Decide ?

I already told many times above that this tool is for those who want to be PRO writer or want to kill the market by providing their users Killer error free article.

It’s just not for this is an article I am passing the above statement. Even for SEO and ranking the blog also, you need error free content which is also user-friendly.

Means it’s not always easy for a human being to detect the errors manually every time (becomes more worst if you are not a professor of English).

Moreover, if you are busy in finding small or tiny mistakes in the article then you will feel exhausted which will result in reducing work efficiency and killing creativity.

So, if you want to learn English well as a student or as a blogger you want that your content article should create a buzz in the market and produce an awestruck article on which Google Bots falls love in with then Go for this PRO Grammarly tool.

Our team has proudly recommended this tool to many people who have now already become PRO writer or almost on the edge of becoming PRO writer a Happy Grammarly’s Customer. 😀

So, If you want this Grammarly Tool to rock your Writing Skills then grammarly JUST GO FOR IT !!!

How to Build a Strong Brand Image for Your Blog

For every ‘DREAMERS‘ who dreams to make his/her ‘BLOG‘ a ‘BRAND‘ one day, just peep inside this post and get the way to your dreams. Today, I will REVEAL all the secrets behind, ‘How To Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog‘. After having detailed research and after several discussions with some PRO bloggers who have achieved success in their field and are making $$$$$, I (Preet Sandhu) is going to REVEAL some INSIDE SECRETS from those achievers which will makes your JOURNEY from a ‘BLOG’ to BIG BRAND’ a way more smoother.

1. Make Your Own Writing Style
2. Post On Blog With Style (Posting Style)
3. Unique Design Of Blog
4. Unique Logo
5. Who’s The Person Behind The Blog!
6. Set A Trendy Hue
7. Video Explanation
8. Connect with other strong brands

I GUARANTEE YOU if you follow these steps while setting your blog/website you will surely turn the wheels towards its BRANDING.

How To Write A Basic Seo Content “Perfect Explanation”

How To Write A Basic Seo ContentHey Guyzz! I am here with my first video of basic content writing. Just tried to give away basic information to the one’s who are struggling to create a piece of quality content.:) :)Will look up for your feedback on this video.:) :-DKeep Hustling#Blogger’s Lifestyle#Millionare Mindset

Posted by Preet Sandhu on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ClickDo Review – Digital Marketing Agency In London, UK

 Do you know! Digital marketing has become a powerhouse of businesses nowadays, especially for those who keep their presence “On” at online world. Digital marketing works like a charm giving a completely new life line to businesses who unfortunately were not able to embark their presence on the head of digital era. When people claim, digital marketing as a key part of online business than you are smart enough to find out, HOW CRUCIAL IT IS!!

ARE YOU AWARE OF A FACT!! If digital marketing is missing in your online business routine, than you seriously had to pay hard by letting your customer flow to your competitors. Hence, losing your existing customers.

Worried Now! Yes you need to be as you might have lost a large customer base till now. So, GET UP and find out best SEO company for you to save your existence in this online world.

Actually STAY CALM! I have done home work for you. For those who are in search of top seo company’s we have brought the best from the Industry for you guys.

ClickDo, a London based SEO Agency and local consultancy firm, is an emerging player in the market.


If you are struggling hard enough to get fitted in the frame of big brands, or you are finding a place on the top position in google to get some extremely profitable hits than TRUST ME! you won’t find a better option than ClickDo anywhere in west.


Well!! Our team has done alot of research on the products and services offered by ClickDo and has brought out the best opinion via this review. The services offered by them and hence proved results have made them stand out from the crowd in a very short period.

Let’s, find out what makes ClickDo stand out among its competitors in online market, (Visit :

1. Build Business Layout

ClickDo SEO Agency UK

The team of experts plan out best business model for your product/brand. They customize their plans as per the unique needs of each business.

The expert’s make a layout for your dream business. They set up a future business plan and work in one direction, as being so good at their work, they know where they need to go to get the best results for their clients.

2. Web Development

After making a layout of your business brand, its time to get into some REAL BUSINESS NOW.

ClickDo provides their clients with a structure website to layout the business model. A web development is the first step towards a brand building or a successful business. The experts at ClickDo works at building, creating, and maintaining clients websites. They help in choosing best web design as per the business need, further they also take care of web publishing, web programming, and database management.

In addition to this, ClickDo provides best web hosting services with 99% of time up guarantee. They ensures 24*7 website maintenance and ensure regular backups.

Well, that’s what you expect from a Best Digital Marketing company to do for you when it comes to handling basics.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Yeah! Now enters the main player of online business – Search Engine Optimization.

You must be well aware of the fact that in today’s competitive market SEO came out as a major player than ever. Search engines serve millions of users every day with bunch of answers to their questions or for the solutions to their problems.

If you own a web site, blog or online store, SEO can play wonders to grow your business and meet the business objectives.

Lemme show you how they made a place on search engines for their company, check this out>>>

The team of experts at ClickDo are too good when it comes to SEO. They exactly know where and when to hit at when it comes to promoting your business. They have satisfied many customers, who are ranking on the top on search engines for their business.

Ahhh!! You thinking Who Told Me!!

<<<Well! Obviously Mr. Fernando Raymond didn’t called me up to tell me,..Lol 😀 .>>>

Ofcourse! I saw the feedback from their clients which shows how satisfied they were while served by ClickDo.

4. Social Media Marketing

With the introduction of Social Media, the overall marketing landscape has changed drastically. With the introduction of new avenues, it has become extremely easy for marketers to use powerful tool at our finger tips which has a power to take your piece of content in front of world in few seconds.

The experts at ClickDo makes sure to introduce your business in social media daily to make people addicted with your product. ClickDo Social Media Marketing Experts claims to know exactly where to find out profitable clicks from Social Media Marketing.

<<<Remember! If at present you are not using Social Media Marketing for your business than you’re surely far behind. >>>

5. PPC Consultancy

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are listed among the top priority business in the digital marketing space nowadays. Pay per click advertising on any social networking sites is a great way to reach your potential customers fast. It is indeed one of the best medium to promote your products or services.

Well!! Talking about ClickDo PPC Consultancy i would say they are just too good in customizing a PPC campaign as per clients need and preferences. You can find stupendous creativity in their PPC ads and also find eye catchy results on search engines.

I THINK!! this is something that makes ClickDo stand way beyond its existing competitors. PPC campaigns are need of an hour for every online venture and ClickDo is a profitable choice to ensures regular ROI with their great PPC advertisement campaign.

6. Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization has become oxygen to the online business. Well! Not just because you find social networking is growing high but also because Social Media Optimization helps in improving the performance of SEO. A great Social media optimization can be a boom to drive traffic from both direct social site referrals and from search engines to your blog.

ALERT!!! In today’s time if you are not using social media for your online business and surely you will lack far behind.

ClickDo has shown great results in SMO, driving potential customers to your website. They use various social media platforms, say, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. to achieve a high degree of exposure.

7. Video Production

Guys, In today’s era Video’s are the best medium to promote a website. Trust Me!! With video’s you can grab a lot of attention to your brand. Video Marketing works like a charm in online Industry.

Well Yeahhh!! When it comes to video production and marketing than, ClickDo is just best in this task. The team of experts here exactly knows, what to focus at, how to make it presentable and how to grab alot of eye balls for your video.

Seriously, you gona get incredible experience at ClickDo for video production and marketting.
😀 😀

8. Designs Infographics

Infographics are the visually compelling communication medium. They have a power of communicating complex data in a visual format narrating a thought that begs to be shared.

ClickDo provides one of the best infographics designed by their experts that are extremely powerful to convey the main idea of your business.

Yeah!! You are thinking in a right way. ClickDo has a potential to convert leads from their eye catching and extremely powerful infographics.

ClickDo SEO Servives – Worth It Or Not!!

Guys! Looking at the above picture of services provided at ClickDo we would suggest, whether if you are a small business owner, or a big business giant who want to build a website that’s creative and are focusing on it branding and to get great business out of it than UNDOUBTEDLY, ClickDo is the best choice ever.

ClickDo has shown hence proved results, working for big brands of United Kingdom. The SEO agency has experts who are specialized in various fields say, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web development etc who have excellence in their field. SO DEFINITELY! You are smart enough to find out why they are among the top SEO agencies in London.

After finding out the work done by ClickDo team I can say that they are KILLERS IN THEIR FIELD. So, its a definite THUMBS UP from my side. So, What are you waiting for!! JUST GO FIND THEM.

All I can say is, BEST digital marketer who believe in making a small business to a GIANT BRAND.

InMotion Web Hosting Review: Best Choice Or Not? Reality Exposed

Well, Nothing bad in researching and purchasing the perfect product and services. I also like to do same when i am in mood to buy anything.

Finally, you have landed here on my lovely temple (Beforebuyreviews) where i worship and help the people with giving them honest and most deep researched reviews to choose the perfect product and services of the companies.

You must be thinking Ohk Ohk !! I understand and respect your sentiments for your Temple  (Beforebuyreviews). Now just start explaining me about InMotion hosting reviews for what i have landed here for.

Hmm.. Don’t Worry!! In this article i will tell you all about InMotion and give its review that why and how this can be your best web hosting choice.

Let’s Start !!

InMotion Hosting Company Overview


If you are in hunt of very reasonable well priced and pocket friendly hosting company with great features which can support your website nicely. Then InMotion can be really good choice from where you can buy web package.

InMotion has been in hosting industry from long time and have tremendous records to serve the people with there non-stop service and support to the there clients. They are best in business and from decades they have maintain the best hosting hardwares with the policy of not compromising with the quality of the service.

Lets have a quick glance on InMotion Facts :

  • Plans starts with just $5.99 a month
  • They have 3 plans from which you can choose
  • Plans have unmetered data transfers per month
  • You have ease and comfort in the coding options as it is flexible
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Plans are also available
  • All plans have unlimited storage space and email facility
  • Free Backups with all Plans

You must be assuming. Well OK!! But Still its not Steal Deal.

Yeahh !! I know that. I will tell you more about InMotion hosting, what they have more in terms of features, benefits, plans and Pros-Cons.

InMotion Web Hosting Review : How They Are Best In Business ?

This company has got many awards for there web hosting class and quality. They are CNET Certified Service Provider for 13 years. But don’t worry they have not become the arrogant typically like big giants of the industry. They are still in hunt of discovering new technologies, services and try to make customer support stronger so, that there customers feel proud to be associated with them.

They try incredibly hard to make there clients website on 100% uptime with uninterrupted hosting services. Well, you may find difficulties in finding pocket friendly means in budget web hosting package who can manage there clients in such a effective way like InMotion hosting company.

What Makes Them Successful Web Hosting Providers ?

InMotion Hosting company was founded in way back 2001, it took time to settle down for them. But amazingly very soon they became successful and got themselves listed in among top giants of the hosting industry.

Secret Of there Success –> Unconditional Support

Support!! Support!! Support!!

This is the main thing which consumer asks for. This is on the top of the priority list of the consumer and clients.

talking about InMotion hosting support they are extremely good in that. They have designed very simple structure to support there users.

Obviously, you will ask me about the How and what options they have in support ? Well Don’t ask me watch below the video to explore all the options on InMotion web hosting support options.

I hope You found some answers of common doubts and question regarding InMotion company support. I personally like there structure of supporting ways and providing useful information to there clients.

What About Real Human Being Support ? ( Means Actual Agent )

Don’t worry everything regarding support doesn’t relies completely on there computing system. If you want actual agent to get support then, definitely they have those Angels ( Hahaha!! Lollzz !! I mean Agents) whom you are desperately in search for when you are stuck and seeking for support.

Our Research Team Personal Experience Regarding Support:

To check there support team we personally took initiative. One of member of our team made an attempt to do live chat session with the company’s agent. After opening the live chat and filling out the genuine information, we are able to connect with there support team.

It took me 3-4 seconds to get in contact with the live chat session (they promised also that it will take 3-4 minutes to get connected). When we got connected soon immediately one agent replied to us.

We had good communication with him. But frankly telling he was himself little confused with some of the answers which he gave to us but after verifying all the question’s answers with his senior team member he was able to answer and satisfy us properly.

Over all he handled our questions very well and information which he gave to us were genuine and informative.

Good thing was that he was not forceful with his opinions and products which normally company and there agents do. Every thing which he told to us where very accurate and motto was not to sell there products but to guide there customers on right direction.

InMotion Web Hosting Features: Quick Guide

Well, If you remember in the beginning only i told that they have starting plan of 5.99 $/month. You website can get setup in just that little amount. No Worries, that this is basic setup but you will be provided with range of different technologies, features, support and rewards.

Maximum Speed Via Zone Wise Setup : They have many different data centers which will help in serving there clients zone wise according the geographic. Putting server nearest to set geographic ensures the maximum superb quality speed.

Business Class Hardware & Tools : InMotion company never compromises with the quality especially, the quality of servers they use. They have high and optimal updated tools and servers which gives powerful quality and up time to websites of the clients.

Consistent Backups : Losing data is the worst nightmare that any website owner can have. To ensure that you don’t deal with such a horrible nightmare company maintains regular backups for the clients.

OHhh !! One thing i forget to mention over there. InMotion hosting company provides one very great facility. I must tell you that.

They provide online locker in which you have around 100 GB storage facility with 1TB data transfer plan ( i guess this is great thing ” i personally loved this”).

Extremely sweetest and fruitful deal this is. I am not just saying this actually i mean it. One thing more you can expand the things more higher by choosing InMotion other plans.

InMotion Web Hosting Plans “Common” Features & Facilities :

You must be wondering that why i put common in inverted commas. I did that because features varies according to plans.

We have extracted the common features an facilities which InMotion web hosting company is providing in all of there plans. Lets have Look :

  • Free Domain Name : You will not have to give any extra charge for domain name while buying any of there web hosting package. Even you can transfer your existing domain name without paying them extra.
  • Free SSD Drives : Company have now included free SSD drives facility to there customer in every web package plans. This will help in developing the reliability, performance and speed.
  • Free To Do Coding : Clients can easily do coding in there desired different languages like PostgreSQL, PHP, MySQL and Ruby.
  • One Click Installation : Company is providing single- click installation for more than 310 applications.
  • Secure IMAP Email : You are provided with most secure IMAP email which will help you in accessing easily with any device.
  • Integrate Google Apps : Simple three steps wizard has been provided to you so that you can integrate Google Apps easily.
  • Free Regular Data Backups : You don’t have to worry and pay extra cost to maintain the regular data backups of your website. Instead company will take the regular data back ups of website that too free of cost.

InMotion Hosting -> Flexible Plans and Pricing

They have five major types of plans:

  • Shared Business Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

If you are new to the online world then let me explain the above terms to you so, that things get more cleared to you.

1. Shared hosting is basically basic package which is designed to run your website with other websites on same server. Shared hosting is for newbies and it is also low budget which suits easily to newbie.

2. Managed Hosting is for the people who want that there website back end should be managed by the companies like installing wordpress, plugins etc. In this all the professional assistance to run and maintain the website is provided by the company.

3. VPS Hosting is Virtual Private Server which is in between option where you allow the sharing of a physical server. In this you have your own virtual operating system, which is almost same as the functionality of dedicated server.

4. Dedicated Hosting is the server which is completely for yourself. In this you have to pay the rent to become the owner of physical server.

5. Reseller hosting is the hosting in which you can allot your space to third party to host there websites.

See I told you earlier above i am here to help you and give you detailed information. 🙂 🙂

So,, Stop Yawning!!! 🙂 🙂

Keeping My Promise In My Mind Lets Move Further Its Not End Yet.

InMotion Hosting Company have different plans for each types of hosting.

Shared Business Hosting :

  • Launch Plan : They are providing this plan at $5.99 per month. You may find deals under $6/month if you look for it but different offers are launched at different times and for different periods. But after the introductory period expires you are again rolled back to $5.99 per month.
  • Power Plan :  $7.99 per month
  • Pro Plan : $13.99 per month

InMotion hosting plans are very good and in budget. Above price of Shared Business hosting plans can be little expensive if you compare with the introductory offers provided with other hosting companies but when package expires then long term prices which they charge are different. So, above pricing is long term price which remains same.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Launch : $5.99 monthly
  • Power : $7.99 monthly
  • Pro : $13.99 monthly

The cost of Managed hosting plan may go up and down for few cents or dollars as per the company policies. But don’t worry these wordpress hosting plans are loaded with features which compatible to user needs.

They are best in business we have already told you because there professional assistance via experts are really great for managing your Managed wordpress hosting plan.

VPS Hosting Plans

  • VPS-1000HA-S : $29.99 per month
  • VPS-2000HA-S : $49.99 per month
  • VPS-3000HA-S : $74.99 per month

May be yes, VPS Hosting Plan and pricing are high as compared to other hosting companies. But frankly telling you its worth it. They charge little bit extra because even there basic VPS plan has got 60 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, two TB of bandwidth and two IP addresses.

Talking about there Top VPS plan they are providing there clients 200 GB of storage, four TB of bandwidth, 8 GB of RAM and three IP addresses.

I compared plans with other hosting providers and amazingly i found that InMotion hosting company basic plans are even good enough to compete with some Hosting company’s top tier plans.

Reseller Hosting

  • R-1000S : $13.99 per month
  • R-2000S : $19.99 per month
  • R-3000S : $27.99 per month

Basic plan of company has monthly bandwidth of 800GB, disk space 80GB. Their Basic Value plan has monthly bandwidth of 1200GB, disk space 120GB.

If you talk about there Highest plan it includes 160GB disk space and monthly bandwidth of 1600 GB.

Whats best thing in all the plans are that you will get 1 dedicated IP address FREE with all the plan.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

  • Essential : $119.99 per month
  • Advanced : $159.99 per month
  • Elite : $229.99 per month

Dedicated server will fulfill your need of running big online business. This will be your own complete physical server which will be serving your purpose.

Well, this is the reason they are expensive as compared to other hosting plans. But still if you compare it with other hosting plans offered by companies are still pocket friendly for you. You can check out for discounts on the dedicated plans and who knows may be you will get good heavy discounts.

Which Plan I Tested ?

We tested Shared business hosting plan which was named as Power Plan. Its price was very low in budget i.e 7.99 per month. Although all of Inmotion hosting plans have everything unlimited but still  i choose this plan to test the company’s server performance.

As per there plans policy they gave me unlimited domains to host on there server, unlimited database, unlimited bandwidth etc. (Ofcourse with Terms & Conditions).

Guess what !! The plan was actually power house and perfect for me. Server gave great speed and superb website pages loading speed. The lightening speed was impressive and 2 month of our usage we never faced the server downtime.

Inmotion Hosting Review : What They Have In E-Commerce Features

InMotion Company offers premium web builder which helps you in including e-shop page to your website. They offer lot of built-in features and facilities to construct super awesome e-commerce portal to open the online store for the visitors to online shopping.

But i found one drawback in E-commerce features that it has limited ways to collect payments. But it is not that big issues which can not be resolved. You can update your e-shop with the available plugins in the market to improve the payment methods for your users.

Whats About Security ?

Inmotion company has designed special wordpress plugin called Sucuri Security plugin which they give to there users free. They have made many security barriers to protect there clients websites. There plugins protects the website/blog, looks and scan adware to make sure that every thing is safely running and operated.

You can buy SSL certificates from them which they give with dedicated IP address (but go for SSL certificate if you genuinely need it).

By giving nominal fee $1.39 per month you can easily sign up McAfee for your email account to give your website extra protection.

Most best thing i found was that you will get free regular back ups remotely untill you get 10 GB of account database.

InMotion Server’s Uptime Statistics : Our Personal Experience & Research

We tested the servers uptime for near about 30-35 days. We personally believe that server uptime is one of the major factor for online business success. We can not take this lightly and for this, we did personal check up of InMotion hosting servers by putting them into Uptime Robot for  30-35 days. And What they delivered is in front of you via real screen shots :

Did you saw that in above screen shot that the server which we put on testing gave constantly 100% Uptime for  30 days.

Wow !!! Amazing ( atleast for us )

What else i need to tell you screen shot speaks and tells itself what is the quality of InMotion hosting servers.

Amazingly to get such a plan in just around 7$ was awesome experience for me. For you guys reading this article should not worry about the price tag because passionate businessmen deals with quality.

But before you make conclusion i have on more thing to discuss related InMotion web hosting company. I want to tell you some Pros and Cons of the company to clarify some points. Because things never goes easy for everybody.

InMotion Web hosting: Pros & Cons

Pros :

  • Free Back ups.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth with unlimited storage and emails.
  • Coding options are user friendly and flexible.
  • Flexible Hosting plans are available to serve the different purpose and needs of clients.
  • Superb customer support staff team.
  • WordPress Managed hosting plans are awesome and outstanding as compared to the other companies.
  • Easy to use site builders and with one single click installation for near about 310 applications.

Personally telling my experience was very nice with the Inmotion hosting company.


  • You will have to buy there plans and packages for 1 year means no other options like monthly, quarterly etc is available.
  • Full highest level of service access is given to the clients who opt for top highest pro level plans.
  • Mixed reviews has been found for there website builder themes as many have said that it looks little bit out of trend.

See Folks !! No body is perfect. You all know that very well. But we should look at the full side of the glass in stead of looking half empty side of the glass with water. I have personally seen bigger giants even failing to deliver there promise.

It happens with everybody but the thing is that InMotion company have successfully served there clients since 2001 year. There business have rise and increased every day as they are doing extremely well with there services. There flexible and ease to use tools are very attractive and sweet deal (because plans are completely affordable) for every person who want to set up there website.


For Whom InMotion Web Hosting Suits Well

They are not just for high profile businessmen as it has all types of products and service with different tiers and level to meet up the customer needs. There hosting plans easily helps and compliments to people who want to set up the new or small online business.

But let me explain in points whom they actually suits lot :

  • Perfect for the people who want start there WordPress blogs as there plans have great features and services to support the needs of users.
  • Perfect for setting up new online e-shop.
  • Perfect for those who want to take there large or small online commercial enterprises to the next level of success.

One thing more i should bring into you notice that is about Inmotion Refund Policy. This also very important point to read.

Inmotion Refund Policy

If you are planning to buy the dedicated, VPS or reseller hosting web packages then you can easily get your amount refund in time period of your first 30 days.

But if you are planning to buy VPS plan, shared business hosting plan or reseller package with a 6 month or for longer term, then you get your money refunded with 90 day full guarantee.

Wow !! 90 days are more then enough to judge and test the products and services of company. This is long time and you can say that complete sigh of relief to the people who are always in two states of mind whether to buy or not.

Now its time for my favorite part that is Final word and Conclusion regarding Inmotion web hosting company.

Hope this part is your favorite part too.

FINAL WORDS & CONCLUSION : InMotion Hosting Worth It Or Not ?

If you ask me about my Final words about the InMotion hosting company then i will answer you from the behalf of BeforeBuyReviews team. We did all our best to do hardwork in researching about he products and service of the company to expose there reality and truth.

We tried to explain you every thing with appropriate screenshots. Inmotion web hosting company has the combination of features with super awesome flexibility (in plans), user friendly easy to use tools, tight protection with upto date security and not to forget great support and assistance to there users.

I discussed with you in beginning only that Support is the biggest back bone of there success in such a competitive hosting industry.

They have managed to raise there standards in very time and effectively serving there clients with there pro active support team.

So, keeping in mind of what the positive things we got from our personal research (especially Server 100 % UPTIME for constant 30 days) We have full marks to the Inmotion team.

And For The Readers

We would like to recommend the InMotion Hosting services to you as well as it is great hosting company with sweet and perfect deal to start and launch you Dream project with them.

Thrive Themes Review: True Facts About It {Get DISCOUNT & COUPON CODE}

Hello Readers!! I know why you have landed on this page Thrive Themes review. You must have had tough time while choosing the best themes for your website. Genuinely its tough task to choose and install the best suitable relevant theme. Yes, Of course we also need a theme for our website which can also help in conversion.

Moreover, it becomes much more difficult when there are thousands of themes options which are available in the market. We found thrive themes has great products including thrive content builder and thrive templates which provides a great advantage to its customers.

It is a good thing that we all have thousands of options to choose but More Options = More Confusions too.

But don’t worry and time to be happy.

Our team have done solid research on the Themes providers and bought one best option via review for you called Thrive Themes.

Our Hardworking team found Thrive Themes have some very eye catching and full of amazing features themes products. There themes can be very helpful and fruitful to bloggers and as well as affiliate marketers to generate healthy income. There Thrive Leads is among awesome performance wise email opt-in plugins for WordPress. Today we will have a look at detailed Thrive Themes Review and also find out Thrive content builder review. Not only this, We have some great discount, coupon on thrive themes. Those who are looking for thrive themes discount, thrive themes coupon, thrive themes coupon code then you have landed right destination.

Here we go,>>>

Thrive Themes Review: “Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugin”


Thrive Themes Products & Services 

WordPress Themes: They have Top conversion focused WordPress themes which is generally liked by bloggers and affiliate marketers who believe in generating lots of money. This is why there themes have taken place in the list of perfect Top conversion focused WordPress themes.

Thrive Content Builder: They have amazing content builder plugin which can be used very easily just by drag and drop technique. You can actually create Awestruck Landing Pages with Thrive content builder for goal conversion. .

Thrive Landing Pages: Thrive have best conversion optimized landing pages which are high-end sales and lead pages. With the help of Thrive content builder you can create Landing Pages which have eye catchy and attractive looks which can very useful in sustaining readers on site for long time

Thrive Leads: If you are looking for best WordPress opt-in plugins then thrive has very good Thrive lead opt-in plugin. This will definitely help you in adding and increasing the amount of email subscribers lists to increase you business more.

They do there branding in market by claiming there products and services via tagline ”Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins”. I was in confusion that is this just company’s Tagline or they actually deliver there promise.

But our team did depth research about Thrive Themes products, then later we got clue that they have caliber to satisfy and deliver according to there promise. When you will read this our team’s fully researched article then you will exactly understand what Thrive Themes are capable of.

Thrive Themes Products Review

Before starting this paragraph above I mentioned that Thrive Themes make resources and tools for WordPress which best and focused on conversions. After using the different product we found that whether you talk about there Landing Pages, Lead Pages or Themes all are SEO Optimized and user friendly tools.

There tools increases the visitors engagement and helps in building online business empire rapidly.

If i have said many positive points about there products then, i believe now its high time to explain you there services and products in details. This will help you in understanding there product in more deep.

Lets Begin With Detailed Explanation

Thrive Content Builder : Let’s Dig Theme Deeper

Better WordPress Content

They claim that more then 7000 people are using there Thrive content builder. There content builder tools are very easy to use. If you are not coding technocrat and looking for simple solution of drag and drop tool which allows great user interface then, I must say Thrive Theme content builder is ready to serve you purpose.

There visual builder plugins offer variety of options which you can very easily use on your post and pages. Thrive content builder plugin will give you exact real time experience of viewing.

As above i said that the plugin will give you real time view that means you don’t have to worry about how your presentation of content will look afterwards and on each time you don’t need to update a content and preview to see that how your content will look from the user end.

Thrive content builder gives you very simple options of click and edit feature, which allows you to edit the building block which ever you feel like doing so. So simply you can say Its just drag-drop and click-edit then get started.


CLICK HERE TO TRY–> Thrive Content Builder

How Simple ?? !! It Sounds Awesome !!

Well, Let us tell you more about it..

Thrive content builder has also got options and features like :

  • Supportive responsive pricing tables,
  • Retina ready font icon
  • Time defined call to action
  • Content grids
  • Awesome looking content boxes
  • Testimonials
  • Countdown timer
  • List building elements

And Many More… 🙂 🙂 Like

You can create you own custom Homepage. Now you must be thinking whats WOW in that. Creating custom homepage will give you freedom to design your homepage accordingly.

You can use the various option on homepage like opt-in forms (call to action are always effective) and increasing traffic and revenue by user engagements. This will help you in creating your homepage attractive and that too without knowing about any coding.

After all Homepage is the first impression on user.

And “First Impression Is The Last Impression” I hope you have heard that before.

If you are Newbie, then this will be mouth watering deal for you. I said that because if you need the all above on other platforms like wordpress theme via custom theme development then you will have to be ready to spend more then 100 dollars.

If you are in the category of advanced users then we will definitely half force (politely recommend) you to try once thrive content builder tool before going and opting other tools.

Thrive Landing Pages : Whats Impressive ? 

Landing Pages for WordPress
We had talked above about content builder plugin but no one can deny that you need to have very effective landing pages to convert your leads into revenue. Goal conversion is very very important factor to run any business.

As per our personal research we found that Thrive landing pages plugins are very promising and effective. They provide features which are extremely impressive to create super attractive landing pages.

Thrive landing pages provides customizable ready to use templates which allows you to prepare your own desirable landing pages.

CLICK HERE TO TRY NOW –> Landing Pages for WordPress

You can customize your landing pages with opt-in forms for increasing subscribers via email, add videos pages and creates awesome landing pages to promote you products and grow your sales.

Thrive Themes : Are They Responsive WordPress Themes ?

Thrive Themes team have wordpress themes and plugins which are completely focused on conversion. They have themes which are specially designed to drive traffic and covert them into sales.

Thrive Themes wordpress themes are very light and instant responsive. The coding of the themes looks fine and has the elements to load the page quickly as compared to themes designed on other platform. This is very important factor for the users nowdays.

I mean who want to just look at there screens loading the site for long time. Nobody has that much time and patience to bear that.

So, to grab the users permanently we need very responsible and quick loading pages which keep the high users engagement.

What if i say the Thrive wordpress themes are search engine friendly and well optimized for SEO.

Then, obviously you will say it is Icing on Cake.

Yes,, They have very well SEO optimized wordpress themes. You can create abundant traffic from search engines like Google and promote your page or blog posts fast.

The readability of fonts and colors are very good. If you want to customize by your own you are always welcome by thrive WordPress themes. You have all the liberty to put the email opt-in forms according to your will.

Thrive themes comes with the landing pages templates which emphasizes on conversion to increase the sales and revenue.

Just create the super perfect landing pages with Thrive themes and increase your revenue upto 200%.

Now, Let us show the proof of our hardwork which we have done on the research of the Thrive Themes. We have collected the best themes of Thrive Themes team and listed below for your ease and convenient to choose.

Here We Go :

Voice Theme

If you are looking for elegant and good looking theme which hits the right part of eye which causes awestruck then Voice theme will not disappoint you. It accompanies a vertical menu desoand header less outline that accentuates on your article content.


CLICK HERE TO TRY–> Voice by Thrive Themes

It is very good theme which has high quality readability which promotes your well written content on the page effectively. Voice Theme offers responsive interface control panel which allows automatic page generator, quick loading speed, visual customizer and other valuable features.

Pressive Theme

Pressive theme is very responsive theme which suits both big and small screen resolution very well. We had a close look on the Pressive theme and by this we found that Thrive themes have designed this theme for affiliate marketers, bloggers and looks perfectly alright for business.


CLICK HERE TO TRY–> Pressive by Thrive Themes

Pressive theme offers six eye catchy colors variant which are completely again customizable according to your needs and requirements. You can easily change the widgets to match the theme color and also alter the color of shortcodes.

Performag Theme

If you are looking to create blog which is related to magazine stuff then this Performag theme is just for you. This theme is designed in magazine style which will your make your task easier in the user engagement.

CLICK HERE TO TRY–> Performag by Thrive Themes

Performag theme is very well designed in magazine style which supports optimized ad placements which will surely increase your social sharing and also will enhance the conversion task. Rich features of this theme will help you in earning money from your blog.

Well we have mentioned above Rich features, now it should be justified also..

Some cool features of Performag theme and its control panel are :

  • Super quick loading time
  • Six different color schemes
  • Theme is available in dark and light version.
  • SEO friendly design
  • Email subscription option
  • Easy to use visucla customizer

Now, I guess we have justified are statement and now its upon you to choose this awesome theme.

We know you are thinking that can you people tell us about more options if available in Thrive themes.

To fulfill your demands is our Motto.

No need to think any more just continue reading below if you want more options..

Squared Theme

Squared Theme is another theme designed by Thrive team which ensures great promise to bloggers who want to run there online business.


CLICK HERE TO TRY–> Squared by Thrive Themes

I said above because this theme has great features which includes multimedia post formats, proper flat design style and as usual perfect email opt-in quality. Squared is simply awesome themes which will take your business to next level of success.

Squared theme helps in developing easily super cool landing pages or you can say sales pages. This responsive designed theme has different color options, schemes, accessible control panel and SEO friendly design and even lot more.

Rise Theme

One another theme is designed by Thrive themes which is power pack with superb features with unmatched quality. This WordPress theme is just killer and attractive looking which is created for bloggers and online internet marketers.


CLICK HERE TO TRY–>Rise by Thrive Themes

Rise theme has very unique and attractive looking grid based blog section, home page and this theme allows you to design your own pages. This will serve your purpose and requirements.

Rise theme also allows you to create extraordinary looking landing pages, with it you can use

This theme comes with a very stunning email subscription option to convert your traffic into subscribers. Here you can also use Thrive content builder to design more eye catchy design of Rise Theme.

Support : Are They Lazy Or Pro-Active ?

Well !! Support is the most important part which really encourages anybody to buy premium paid products.

Frankly telling it is not uncommon doubts or questions which arise while purchasing products. It is very common and natural to ask the questions regarding support.

In the case of Thrive Themes after sale service and support, our team have done very good home work. We did close study and found that they have high quality different tutorials and video tutorial to support there customers.

Thrive Themes not only focuses on solving the matter by just providing tutorials but you can get help via their customer support team also.

So, just breathe relax in terms of support and after sale services. Thrive Themes team is very much responsive as there designed Themes. 🙂 🙂

Must ReadGrammarly Review {DISCOUNT & COUPON CODE} Why Writers Loves To Die For This Magic Tool?

Pricing : Too Much Or Fits Budget ?

If you want to buy the Thrive services then, they offer you with options to buy and get individual products with a single site license for $49.


But don’t worry, if you want buy unlimited site license, then you have to spend just $67. Thrive Themes also offer you membership packages with personal as well as agency license.

People normally go for membership packages as it gives the liberty to users to access all the Thrive Themes products without any limits.

CONCLUSION : Whether to Buy & Go For Thrive Themes Or Not ?



Hmmm !!! This is the real big question which would have come to your mind after reading all above researched article.

Taking decision may not be very easy. But if you are looking for something light quickening with complete package. If you are also looking for rich features which compliments with WordPress resources then surely there is no doubt in cracking the deal.

Our team after heavy and deep research found that it fits and suits there tagline “Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins” with there products and services.

You may agree with this  us after reading detailed explanation about Thrive Themes. There every product are well focused on goal conversion and responsiveness. This is the first priority and demand of the users.


So, Finally Our Team have finally done Thumbs Up for the Thrive Themes.

Hey! If you wish to buy thrive themes, thrive themes content builder then you can click on the banner below from where you will get thrive themes coupon. You can use these thrive themes coupon code to get heavy discount on the products offered by the company. Our team always try there level best to help our readers in getting heavy discounts on the products and services offered by thrive themes. Our motto is to save our readers their hard earned money. If you also need thrive themes discount coupon, then just click on the given banner below.

We believe you should also not feel reluctant to show them Thumbs UpThrive Themes will definitely improve your online business and take it to the next level.

Thrive Leads: Build Your Mailing List
I WANT TO CHECK MYSELF & THEN TRY IT–>Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

LinkTrackr Review: Affiliate Link Cloaker “Get Discount Promo Code”

LinkTrackr is basically described as a link cloaking and tracking software. What i feel is that in the internet marketing industry the word “cloaking” has negative connotations, but for affiliate marketers, its is no less than a blessing. Usually, affiliate marketers are in search of link cloaker and affiliate tracking software to track link of their competitors. Link tracking has become an important part of affiliate marketing. Thinking! how linktrackr can serve your purpose. If you’ve ever signed up for an affiliate account somewhere, you must have noticed that they give you long, ugly URL’s. They may consist numbers, id’s, and often look a little sketchy. This is a reason you want to cloak your links. Check out  complete Linktrackr review here.

I usually set up redirects in my htaccess file just because my affiliate links look something like which is easy looking on the users eyes. I you run a affiliate site and you are posting your links all over your site and on Twitter, guest blog posts and other places, and by default if your real affiliate link changes you can easily fix it in your htaccess, instead of figuring out where you posted that link all over the internet. If by-chance you met with a bad luck on that day and you was unable to update it or remember where you’ve posted it, you’re going to lose commissions.

But, if you are using Linktrackr, you can redirect your links through the domain. You can just enter your long, ugly affiliate URL to cloak or you can use a URL from your own domain, like the one you have set up in your htaccess file already.

Common Guys! Lets get more information about LinkTrackr features and find out how you can be used as a Link cloaker to cloak, control and track the links of your affiliate very easily and effectively. TRUST ME! I have tried many affiliate link cloaking tools in last few years, and finally i have found the best out of them, LinkTrackr to cloak and manage all my links. Yeah! It is awesome and today i will provide several reasons which shows why i prefer using LinkTrackr over than any other link cloaking tool.

Just give us your next five minutes and you will discover WHY TO CHOSE “LINKTRACKER”?

LinkTrackr Review – Affiliate Link Cloaker


WHAT Is A Linktracker?

LinkTrackr is a web service that allows you to create, cloak, split test and track all your links at one place.
TRUST ME! LinkTrackr has made it really easy to perform certain tasks,

  • It gives protection and Cloak your affiliate links against commission theft.
  • It helps in optimization of your links for search engines index and social media sharing.
  • It helps in tracking all your links clicks and performance anywhere on the web, like: third party sites and social media.
  • With help of only one link, it perform split testing and test multiple URLs.
  • You can track clicks from banners or ads you create on other sites, eg: Facebook ads, solo ads, PPC, and more.
  • You can see your overall stats for total clicks and conversion rate displayed on Linktrackr.

Guys! You can also set a custom domain to cloak all your links behind it, so that your links will look short, more professional and easy to remember. LinkTrackr has several features engraved in it, Curious! I’ll show you what each feature gives and what you will get.

Features Of Linktrackr

Link Cloaking Software - LinkTrackr

1. A/B Split Testing and URL Rotator

LinkTrackr has another amazing feature, that is a split testing feature. Using this feature, you will be allowed to split test and distribute the traffic evenly between number of links, you can also distribute the trafficbetween them anyway you want. This feature is perfect for testing different landing pages, or product offers.

Let me explain you HOW! Just imagine that you have 3 landing pages and you are interested to find out that which one will convert the best. So, with the help of LinkTrackr you can diverge the traffic equally among all these landing pages and make sure that each landing page will get 33.3% of the traffic or you can set the percentage % in anyway you want.

You Must be thinking WHY LINKTRACKR? Well, yes there are other link rotators that can split traffic between your links, though they will make equal distribution of traffic but they will not give permission to assign a definite percentage of traffic to a particular link , whereas LinkTrackr gives you permission to proceed further with it.

2. Custom Domain URL

LinkTrackr has an amazing feature, that is the ability to use your own custom domain url to cloak your affiliate links. Also, you can use the already existing domain names in LinkTrackr in order to create new links this shows that you need not to use a custom domain to create links, but it’s just an additional feature that allows you to better brand yourself.

Yeah! If you use a custom domain of your own to cloak your links like: than that looks more good and professional than or

If you want than you can also add few more new domains at anytime to be used for your links, this is helpful if you own multiple websites and you want to use a different URL for creating links for each brand.

3. Affiliate Links Cloaking

If you are nervous and confused! than calm down, as creating links in LinkTrackr is very simple. You simply need to enter your link name, URL and destination URL to be used as your cloaked link. So, this is how this link cloaker works.

Lets take a example, i’m using as my custom domain name to cloak all my links. There you will find another option to arrange all your links in groups or categories which makes it very easy to search for your links inside LinkTrackr, specially at the times when you have ample of links.

4. Affiliate Links Optimization

For every unique link that you create in LinkTrackr, you have an option to enter what’s called “link meta information” which includes the title, description, keywords, and image url to be used for your link.

When you will click on the fetch button and LinkTrackr will play its role here, i.e It will automatically fetch data from your affiliate link and will drop it inside all the fields in your website. Rather, if guys I would suggest you to write a unique meta information to allow search engines to index your backlinks and to treat them as unique content.

5. Advanced Conversion Tracking

Well YES! Conversion tracking is very important during an add campaign. But, usually if you want to track your conversions you will need to place a piece of conversion code on the “thank you” page. The only issue is that if you are promoting other people’s products as an affiliate you have no access to the “thank you” page of the merchant’s site.

But when it comes to conversion tracking than let me tell you, LinkTrackr was able to solve this problem using 3 different tracking methods for affiliates: Pixel tracking, Postback/Callback URL tracking and TID tracking.

6. Hiding URL (Basic Cloaking)

When you create a link inside LinkTrackr you are met with another option, the ability to hide URL. With the help of this option you will prevent your main affiliate link from appearing in the internet browser. When you will chose this option you will find only your cloaked affiliate link created in LinkTrackr. With this your blog readers who visit this link will not be able to see the main affiliate link of your website.

Also, If you are promoting an affiliate offer or a product, kindly check out carefully as this option will hide their URL completely so make sure to read their terms as some sites don’t like their URLs to be hidden.

7. Conversion Tracking

CONVERSIONS! that part which can make your motivation level boosted to another level. Linktrackr helps you in tracking your conversions: leads and sales. So, if you are running add campaign that you should always use a conversion tracking platform to easily track all your traffic campaigns. If you are not using this than you are blindly doing your online business and you are wasting alot of money.

Just Imagine! If you are running Ads on PPC, banners and solo ads.

Than surely, you have to see from where exactly you are getting all your leads and sales and which ad campaign is bringing you the highest conversions rate. LinkTrackr is one such tool that allows you to track your conversions easily by putting a simple code on your website. By putting a acode you will be able to see your total conversions and the total sales amount.

8. Cloaking with Viral Bar

If you want you can display a social sharing bar at the (top or bottom) of each of your links to encourage viewers to share your links and get more viral free traffic from social media sites.

Just Imagine! if you creates a cloaked affiliate link with a viral bar, so what happens is that when people will share your link on their social media profiles, by default they will share your cloaked affiliate link of your website rather than main affiliate link, hence, your commissions will be shielded which will allow you to earn more commissions through viral sharing. So, Definitely it is a powerful feature in Linktrackr.

9. Real Time Clicks Tracking

Another super awesome feature of Linktrackr is its real time link tracking which means that click stats are displayed instantly on LinkTrackr dashboard with no delays, this fast tracking feature is very helpful specially for tracking your Ad campaigns clicks and performance.

If you are getting real time statistics than it can make a lot easy for you to determine weather your add is working fine or not. You can monitor the total clicks and unique clicks regularly anytime, may be today, yesterday, last 7 days, last month ..etc. This is how this affiliate tracking software track links.

10. WordPress Cloaking (Convert Keywords To Links)

Now comes the Last but the BEST feature of LinkTrackr, WordPress Cloaking. Linktrackr allows you to automatically convert keywords into an affiliate link or a tracking link. Now, You will get a FREE LinkTrackr link cloaking & tracking plugin that you can install on your wordpress site to instantly convert the keywords you specify into your affiliate links.

This awesome plugin can help you to save your time as after installing it you may not find any further need to add links manually in your wordpress blog for 100’s of posts.

Click Here To Get –> WordPress Affiliate Cloaking Plugin – LinkTrackr

What’s Unique About LinkTrackr?

WordPress Affiliate Cloaking and Tracking
WELL! The other plugins performs same function of link cloaking and will get the job done, but TRUST ME! LinkTrackr is more reliable.

Check Out : MilesWeb Hosting Review

Here’s why:

You can install these two wordpress plugins, Pretty links and Mbp ninja affiliate, on one of your domain names to start creating links, if someday your website went down for any reason, all your links will stop working which can be a nightmare.

Rather! the above mentioned plugins will store all your links on your site database which will increase your website size with time.

SO, if you are using a these two wp plugin, you won’t be able to use a custom domain for your links, and you have only one option left that is to use your main domain url (where the plugin has been installed).

If you reply on a wp plugin to manage all your links might seems good for small sites, but if you are serious about your online business than you should use a web based tool.

God Forbids! If someday any of these plugins stop working in the future, not to mention other compatibility issues that such link cloaking plugin may cause with your other wp plugins. So, if you want to make your future secure and risk free by not creating links that work today and stop working after few months than go for a better option NOW.

->LinkTrackr Plans

Linktrackr Plans

Is LinkTrackr – An Affiliate Link Cloaker Worth It!!

Well, UNDOUBTEDLY LinkTrackr is the best 100% hosted link tracking platform that stores all links and data, so don’t look up to install or configure any plugins just go for it .

Just like me, you can get a surety that all your links and Ad campaigns are working no matter what happens with my website.

So, According to me, LinkTrackr provides the unique features for visionary internet marketer. This tool start from $9/month and goes up-to $69/month for the extreme plan.

So if you are working hard to make internet marketing as a profession than TRUST ME Lintracker is the super awesome plugin in the market and you should definitely go for it. It’s basic plan start’s with the $9/month, of’course which is not to high in cost and later, upgrade when you create more links.

CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW –> Affliate Cloaking Software – LinkTrackr

Link Cloaking and Tracking Software That Works - LinkTrackr

SEO PowerSuite Review – Vital Tool for Advanced SEO Needs

SEO Powersuite Review : We know how critical SEO is for a website’s success. If you own a website then you certainly want it to rank and get proper analysis so you can get it ranking at the top. But, that doesn’t happen with the drop of a hat but takes time, dedication and thorough analysis of market trends, competitor’s approach and selecting the keywords wisely. In all these process of tiresome SEO work, we wish if there was a way or a tool by which the entire strategies and algorithms be clubbed together for effective results and with ease.

There are such a tool now which is the SEO Power Suite that is one of the nicest application or software developed by Link-Assistant.Com. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Let’s check out an honest SEO Powersuite review ahead. Also, we have some great discount offers on SEO Powersuite along with discount coupons. You can get SEO Powersuite coupon code ahead in this article.

->> Company Overview

Link-Assistant.Com is a established Software Company founded on September 14th 2004 by Viktar Khamianok and Aleh Barysevich. Starting off with a group of partners, the company has grown to be a very successful software unit specializing in core SEO products which are used by Professional Bloggers, SEO experts, Webmasters and Search Engine Marketers around the world. It has it’s headquarter in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). The company launched powerful software which combines 4 essential tools or applications for the marketing and handling all key optimization tasks of a website.

SEO Power Suite Review : Features & Plans

SEO Power Suite Review

The 4 top-notch and vital tools are mentioned below:

Rank Tracker – Ranking and Keyword Research



A very easy and user friendly software used to check rankings and for extensive keyword research. This easy to use software is of high demand and generates incredible interest among SEO experts from across the world. This accurate SEO tool is the most accurate in monitoring rank of a website and helps locating the current status of the website in terms of rank and its position for the targeted keywords in over 700 plus search engines both local and international. It doesn’t restrict you of any keyword or domain limits. The Rank tracker application also lets you discover the most important and lucrative keywords using the 16 keyword suggestion methods that helps tremendously with a website’s rank.

WebSite Auditor – On Page SEO

It is vital that your website is optimized properly such that each part of the website contributes to the overall ranking and growth of the website. On Page or On Site SEO generally refers to the technical betterments that need to be done for your website’s ranking to improve on search engines. Thus WebSite Auditor is the perfect tool which helps you analyze the overall website structure and content analysis. The auditor tool helps identify areas which are lacking and requires attention. Thus, these can also be improved and significant changes be implemented instantaneously.

SEO SpyGlass – Researching Competitors and Building Links


The SEO SpyGlass is a very effective and promising tool which allows you trace the links and the origins of your competitor. It literally does a full X-Ray of their link building strategies and helps identify the link building methods and strategies. You can take advantage of this full profile view of link building and use their strategy and weapon to outdo them in the competition or get in the league if you haven’t already. The SEO SpyGlass tool is a one of a kind and extremely valuable in terms of delivering accurate and sensitive information which is a game changer for any business.

Link Assistant – Link Building Strategies and Managing Links


Link Assistant software is a gift to making Off Page SEO a breeze. The tedious process of link building tasks such as searching for link partners, generating link directories, verifying links, monitoring the popularity of the links, and a dozen more tasks that can easily be achieved with just a few mouse clicks. The process of link building is never easy really and to have a unique and high performance software such as this is a great advantage for sure. Off Page SEO is the most important in terms of growing the popularity, revenue, rank and a website’s overall search capabilities using the most accurate and appropriate keywords. Link building serves a great role in helping a website’s rank improve by allowing it to accepted and spoken about by other websites which account to the authority and popularity of that specific website in context.

->> Additional Features

With all these useful software packaged in one rocket fuelled suite which is the SEO Power Suite is incredibly exciting and is vouched as the best software for SEO out there that is helping thousands of websites achieve their regular goals, identify competitors, be in the league always, be at the top of the game, helping improve ranks, generate traffic, build affirmative leads, creating strong links and all that one can imagine.

The SEO Power Suite is thus recommended by Bloggers, SEO experts, SSEM experts and Webmasters across the world who are using this software with successful results.

->> SEO Power Suite Plans 

The SEO Power Suite is offered as a Free version, one for the Professional with a License and one for the Enterprise with a License.


Free: For people looking to try before ordering, this is the perfect solution which gives an overview of the features and functionalities or tools available. If one wishes to check their web rank and other features occasionally then Link Assistant offers the Free version for life!

Professional: If one is promoting a company’s website or a specific website and requires help with the rankings, link building, competitor analysis and all that bundle of tasks solved easily then Professional License will help them achieve the tasks easily. The original price is $499 and that is offered at $299 for a limited period only!

Enterprise: This is ideally a License which most of the Software and SEO companies prefer while maintaining their SEO accounts and helping their Client websites rank at the very top. This tremendously effective and valuable software is priced at an unbelievable $1199. Further, Company is offering this plan at just $699, isn’t that awesome?

SEO Power Suite : Pros and Cons

The company offers with a series of videos and effective links for training that can help you be on the right track and be a Pro at effective SEO results for your Clients like never before.

The Software is built and updated frequently with the guidelines of the latest release and updates from Google thus helping SEO experts, bloggers, and webmasters take advantage of the software without the need to worry about future changes in policies which will barely affect the operation of this extremely valuable software.

Customer Support 

Link-Assistant.Com the company is a very reputed company which offers support in the form of Ticket Submissions and ideally respond in 24-48 hours.

Refund policy

Seo powersuite Refund

Link-Assistant offers a 30 Calendar days refund for all its products sold by Link-Assistant.Com. The products are SEO PowerSuite, BuzzBundle, LinkAssistant SEO Tool, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and Rank Tracker.

In order to receive a refund, please contact the Link-Assistant Support team by email or message and make the subject line state “REFUND”.

Further information which needs to be included for availing a refund:

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Online Invoice Number
  • State Your Refund Reason(s)

Link-Assistant reserve the rights for processing a refund and only to the approved customers after a process of thorough verification of their eligibility.

Should We Buy SEO Power Suite?

Bluehost Review

SEO Power Suite helps companies or individuals use the software effectively which is a complete value for money. So, Just don’t wait and think. Go grab your product NOW! If you need any discount or coupon to save your hard earned money then click on the link below to get the coupon codes. Make the most of this opportunity and stand out of the crowd and be a leading website in your niche.

Seo powersuite

Go For It!!!!

DreamHost Review : Is Web Hosting “Rock Solid” Or Not?

Today we are going to talk about the most promising web hosting brand and share the most of the queries through this topic Dreamhost reviews. This will help you or who are going to opt for the services of this company first time.

Our team has got many mails and messages from the newbies and they asked us to elaborate and give honest DreamHost review and tell its features, Pros & cons. So as per our main motive to serve our website blog readers we are back with the OK TESTED and real experiences and experiment done by our team via surveys regarding DreamHost web hosting services.

DreamHost Review : What My Conducted Surveys & Researches Says ?

Lets us start Now from the going in Flashback of this company to explore there history an current presence and scenario in Internet world.

DreamHost Web Hosting Company History –> ” Are They Old Game Players”


This company was started way back in 1997 in Los Angeles, USA. There official source has said that four friends who were crazy in the technology and were true in love with it, they together launched the company. Since then they and there company is serving and playing major role in providing domain names, web hosting and space for the people who want to start there online blogs or website.

Company claims to provide successfully web hosting to more then 1,500,000 sites, applications and blogs. They also claim that almost 400,000 web designers, content creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses and developers are supported by the DreamHost company.

There officials have stated that company has successfully spread in more then 100+ countries have done more then over 750,000 WordPress installations with there helpful staff.

DreamHost basically provides web hosting service (managed WordPress hosting, managed VPS hosting, dedicated servers), open source tools, Ceph storage etc. with the commitment of 24*7 days dedicated support to there users.

Hmmm.. We feel the string + Vibes from company. Must say,, they look like Old game players and trustworthy web hosting providers in the flock of internet market.

Now this was all there strong and promising history, But we personally don’t put all our trust in box on just listening to history.

Lets talk about there current products and features “which you are looking for“.

DreamHost Shared Hosting Review : 200 % More Faster “Rock Solid”

Shared Hosting plans are perfect for portfolios, online stores, blogs and even other complex database driven websites. Company promises to give with solid state drives (SSDs) which is best for reducing the load time of your website. That’s the reason company claims that site will load 200% faster then other website which are hosted on other company’s server.

Why and How they Claim to give “Rock Solid” shared hosting server ? Lets check it out below there Standard Features :

  • Web-based Control Panel
  • Full Unix Shell
  • Canned CGI Scripts
  • Access to Raw Log Files
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Full CGI Access
  • PHP5 Support
  • IPv6 Support
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Subversion Repository (SVN)
  • Rails, Python, Perl Support
  • Crontab Access
  • SSL Secure Server
  • $100 Google AdWords Credit

Hey !! Did you read all the mention points. If yes then you would have definitely got your question’s answers that why the say they are “ROCK SOLID”.

Now, What it will do you is that it will help you in doing following things easily :

  1. You can run easily WordPress Blog
  2. It will help you in Hosting your Design Portfolio
  3. You can host your Client Websites
  4. Host Your Own Websites
  5. You can Build an E-commerce Site
  6. It just Great for Startups

Look at DreamHost Phenomenal Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing below :

Company is providing few other things with there every shared hosting service which includes in there package are :

  • 1 Free Domain With Package
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth (there are some terms & conditions)

We must say that there product has real powers to attract any body who wants to start there new online business.

But !! What about those who want don’t want to manage the WordPress by there own and need managed WordPress hosting plan ? This is What you want to ask us ??

OK Yuppp !! We will answer you Don’t Worry !!

CLICK HERE TO TRY NOW -> DreamHost Shared Hosting Plans

Now, for those who believe in saving there time or are less aware of WordPress or few other website Back ends management or want to avoid mess then below topic will help you out more briefly.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans With “DreamPress 2–> Is It Yippee To Newbie ??

We mostly all know managed web hosting are treat given by hosting companies to newbies who really don’t know how to handle WordPress and its back ends like data back up, doing fine tunes to the virtual private servers your WordPress site and MySQL database live on.

This managed WordPress hosting is also helpful for people who don’t want to mess with other WordPress issues and management but just want focus on there content and improvement of website efficiency. No, Doubt it saves our precious time.

What Actually is DreamPress 2 :- Expalin Me The Sh*t Out of it  

DreamHost has newly launched the latest version of managed WordPress hosting name DreamPress 2 tool. Earlier they had DreamPress 1 to serve the purpose of manage WordPress services. The major difference among first version and latest version of DreamPress is speed.

Company provides Virtual Private Server With DreamPress 2. They promise to host WordPress sites on its own unique isolated VPS. You can also host MySQL databases are also hosted on the isolated VPS provided by the DreamHost company.

Another major difference they claim that you will be provide with automatically installed WordPress on every occasion of DreamPress 2.

But in there shared hosting plan, you can use DreamHost control panel to install WordPress via just using the 1-Click Installer.

We guess installing WordPress is also easy process for people who use DreamHost shared hosting plans.

Here Are Some Great Features of DreamHost WordPress Hosing Plans :

1. New PHP 5.5 with OPcache -> This PHP 5.5 with OPcache makes awesome experience of using WordPress, as is lightens up the speed more faster and also makes other third party plugins of WordPress compatible easily.

2. Varnish Caching -> This sits in front of and is more faster as compare to Apache. Varnish get sets on DreamPress easily automatically.  During traffic increment Varnish gives layer of  protection and improves latency.

3. New Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM beta) -> HHVM 2.0 and WordPress 3.9 both have worked perfectly together. Let us tell you that HHVM has been claimed Facebook’s faster replacement for PHP. HHVM can ve utilized by clicking on the enable option of provided control panel.

4. Memcached -> Memcached settings was again fine-tuned back by the DreamHost web hosting company to bring changes in this tool. Surprisingly it has resulted in the improvement of site loading time fast and less requests to the MySQL database. Now, what actually will Memcached do is that it will help you in having more visitors simultaneously on your site.

5. Solid State Drives (SSDs) -> Simplly telling you SSDs will help you in faster hosting of your WordPress site with faster caching.

Some More Awesome “Awestruck” Features :

  • MySQL database
  • PHP 5.5
  • 1 dedicated IP
  • SFTP/FTP access
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • WP-CLI pre-installed
  • Full shell (SSH) w/Git available
  • Use any theme or plugin
  • $100 Google AdWords credit

Frankly telling Last point ($100 Google AdWords credit) was really Mouth Watering 🙂

Have a look in there Managed WordPress Hosting Plans which has suited to the budget of there millions of users :

CLICK HERE TO TRY NOW -> DreamHost WordPress Hosting Plans

That was actually great quotes for managed WordPress hosting plans.

We said above line because this hosting plan promises to handle 2.1 Million visits per month this estimate is based on 50-100 un-cached visitors per minute (averaging 3 page views each).

Wow !!! That’s really Cool and Perfect motivation for everybody who were looking for powerful and efficient quality server.

Now we will talk about another service and product of the DreamHost web hosting company below.

DreamHost Managed VPS Hosting Service & Product Features

Well, this is another product and services offered by the company in there quotations. We carried various survey and personally talked to many bloggers and website users who are this company customers.

They stated that Dreamhost provides worthful and good managed VPS hosting service providers. When we asked them to list company according to there service then many of them put this company in Top 7 and few of them decided to list it among Top 10 in the web hosting providers industry.

Lets Have A look On There Managed VPS Hosting Service Features :

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS -> They are promising to give there users security updates for five years and long term support with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. This will generally help in reducing the users website downtime less, working with latest new software libraries will have less friction and there will be no left security holes for your VPS.

Control Panel -> This will help the users to easily handle there VPS themselves only. Using DreamHost control panel users can anytime easily add or join and manage other multiple virtual servers. Are you thinking can i add more storage or can i add more RAM? No issues. DreamHost allows there web-based control panel to shift the scale of the usage effortlessly. You can easily do up and down of your virtual server according to your usage.

There are other lovely features which is provided by company which we believe it is  “Must and Needed” in the Managed VPS Hoting services. Below we are Listing it.

Standard Features With No Extra Rate & Charges :

  • Nginx
  • XCache
  • Crontab Access
  • Subversion Repository (SVN)
  • Phusion Passenger
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • PHP5/Perl/Python
  • Node.js
  • Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • Access to Raw Log Files
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • One-Click Application Installer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users
  • Password Protection (.htaccess)
  • SSL/TLS Certificates with Let’s Encrypt
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • $100 Google Adwords Credits

YO ! MAN !! Impressive.. (What We Believe not forcing you).

Now You must be thinking OK buddy I am Impressed BUT what the plans and pricing of the managed VPS hosting service of the Dreamhost company.

Hmmm… Well don’t worry we will provide below the infographic of Plans and Pricing of the managed VPS hosting service : CHECK It Out -:

We hope you liked the plan and pricing especially if the company is offering so many features with there products. Even the starter plan is good in budget.

Overall Inpressive!!

Managed VPS hosting plans and pricing is somehow worthy.

Now You Must be thinking. Everything is OK..

But what if i grow or my projects grows big and i enter in “PRO” category ?

Then what would be my future with this company ?

Will they be to able handle my Server ?

Do they Have Dedicated Server facility and service for Pro People ?


DUDE !! I AM Already in PRO category Lets Talk about Company Pro Dedicated Server Hosting..

Hmmm.. Long lists of questions and queries have arrived in your mind..But no worries we have done all the research and complete Homework for you that’s why we are called BEFOREBUYREVIEWS Team. Hehehehehe… 🙂 🙂

Now coming back to your queries and questions..Yes DreamHost company have Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans to fullfil the needs of people who may become Pro or already are in Pro category.

Let me clear first one thing that Dedicated server hosting are needed by pro people or agencies like reseller hosting providers, company with high profile clients, large e- Commerce websites and simply you can say huge and high traffic driving websites.

So talking about DreamHost they are providing great Fully dedicated server hosting to there clients already.

There Dedicated Server Features Are :

  • 1-Click WordPress Installer
  • Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)
  • RAID 1 Storage
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • DDoS Protection
  • PHP/Perl/Python/ Ruby Support
  • 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

This is perfect solution and features for Pro people. But personally i am missing $100 Google AdWords credit.

Yes I am Greedy,, Whats Bad In it.. 🙂 🙂

Now Let’s Look again to DreamHost Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans and Pricing below :

If any Pro blogger is reading this article then his eyes will definitely Pop Up automatically & stuck for few seconds extra by looking above on the starter $ price of DreamHost fully dedicated server hosting service. Because it cheap as compared to other available companies in the market.

Don’t Believe us. We have told you earlier that all the research and home work has been done by us.

We talk with facts and figures.. Look at the below comparison :

CLICK HERE TO TRY NOW -> DreamHost Hosting Plans

Now we hope you will believe after watching the facts and figures in above pic.

To Be Frank !! Obviously,, We are not saying other companies are not worthy. Everybody has plus points an negative points.

HEY BBR TEAM !! I Expect More From DreamHost : Can They Meet My Following Expectations

  1. I want from them free Domain name with package.
  2. I want that they should provide me Control Panel with package.
  3. I want One-Click Installer software which allows user quick installation of packages like phpBB, user forums, Moodle, Joomla, blogs, Drupal, wikis, WordPress and e-commerce.
  4. I want to have claim on my domain name.
  5. Will they allow me easily to transfer me away from Dreamhost easily at my will.
  6. Will they provide me CloudFlare performance and security services.

Our Answer To Your Questions Is Simply “YES”. They will meet and meet up all your above expectations.

NOTE : Jquery and Jabber (includes Jabber server which is running on your own server)  is little exhaustive so they provide you limited support in Java.

They have even very good Refund Policy. You must have a look at it.

DreamHost Refund Policy : Will They Treat Me Same & Nicely As Before While Selling Package

Don’t worry this is not the only question which you only have. Everybody who plans and opt for any selling product has same question that will they be treated same as they where welcome and treated while buying the products.

DreamHost has very nice and genuine refund policy which fills with joy in heart of every new or going to be there customer or consumer of there products and services. They cover every package with there  97-day money back guarantee policy.

If you feel any ups and downs during these 97-days period, then you are completely free to leave the hands of DreamHost web hosting company. Its very easy to shut your account and get back you money easily.

But we have to follow some little set cancellation parameters of the DreamHost. You have to use your credit card to pay your fees. You have to keep in mind that at no point your account was shut or closed due to spamming or voilation there any Terms and Conditions. Except any money back offers, the amount which you paid for registering your domain does not comes under the money refund policy or calculation.

But before taking into final conclusion to buy the package you should also read DreamHost web hosting company Pros & Cons.

Pros & Cons Of Dreamhost


  • You can host unlimited domains on any of hosting plans.
  • There are various option choice for users to choose from hosting plans like shared, VPS and fully managed dedicated servers.
  • Boom!!! 97 days fund return policy.
  • 24*7 – 365 days support. ” Whats else customers need “
  • Those people who are always double minded during purchase of product and services. They can relax because company provides free 2-week trial during Sign Up.


  • Company don’t provides ubiquitous cPanel.
  • Non-existence of Phone support.
  • Little expensive.
  • Support Ticket concept of company is little hectic and time consuming. Some times it breaks there promise of 24*7 support. This takes longer time to get them back to catch you to give response.
  • Payments via Paypal are not qualified during refunding process.
  • Some of the users during our survey stated that there hosted server has given little bit travel in Up-time. (But problem got solved easily after complaint)

Final Conclusion After Hectic Survey and Researches

DreamHost web hosting providers company has been very responsible towards there promises and commitments which they give to there users. They have been known to serve there customers very friendly and tend to handle there queries and problems very sincerely.

This company have succeeded in achieving mastery in providing web hosting there is no doubt in that. They have experience in this hosting providing industry and has managed to survive and build there names in such a competitive field.

Our personal surveys suggest that company has managed to satisfy there customers (few of them were unsatisfied “obviously this is world“). They have managed to deliver what they promise in many of the cases. People are now shifting towards online earning and finding the ways to earn from the blog. So, having a good web hosting service always makes positive difference.

We believe there are many fields where the company need to look up ( mentioned in CONS ).

But our Team is that much sure that it can successfully host your Dream Projects on the DreamHost servers.

Rest its your decision !!! 🙂 🙂

DreamHost Review

Our Thumbs are UP for the DreamHost Web Hosting. (Because they are Old Game Players)


CLICK HERE TO TRY NOW -> DreamHost Hosting Plans