Logo123 Review : Best Place To Get Customized Logo Designs

To get a brand image of your business, website or blog you must design a logo which will create a lasting image in visitors mind. You logo must be smart enough to describe what your business is all about and must be attractive to create brand image. Visitors may forget your website name but they will remember your brand logo. Logo is a graphic design which defines your brand. Logo123.com is a website which servers you to create such creative logos. Let us discuss more about Logo123.com Review.

Logo123 Review : Product Overview

logo123 Review

Logo123.com is a website which works as a freelance place to design custom logo designs. Website assures that they will design logo for you within 30 minutes of placement of order. You can place your order by specifying your logo concept at the affordable prize of $5. Logo123.com has thousands of designer working with them. They are focused with the designing of the logos hence quality can be assured. Before placing your order you can check out their portfolio where they show you all their previous work. You may get idea for your logo concept after having a look over their past work.

To start with Logo123.com you have to browse Logo123.com and click on ‘Get Started’ button. The good thing is you will get variety of logos according to your concept at just $5. From all this logos you can then choose any one you like. After choosing the logo you have to pay for its copyrights. The Logo123.com website also entertains revisions for you. For unlimited revisions you have to pay some amount. After paying for unlimited revision you can get assistance from designer to modify the logo as per your instructions. You will get a High resolution .PNG extension file after paying for the copyright of the logo. You can also buy a service of Logo123.com to keep your logo hidden. After paying for this service, your logo will not be displayed on their portfolio, where they show their past work to attract the customers.

Logo123 Review : Features

  • Logo As Per Your Specifications

    When you decide to design a logo for your brand you may have some criteria decided for your logo. Various websites are available for logo designing but most of them give you pre-designed logos. They will not customize logos as per your specifications. Logo123.com stands out with the quality of customized logo. You just have to specify your requirement and on that basis your requirement. You can briefly specify your need to logo.com website. They will customize logo as per your concept. You can then choose from numerous designs.

  • Low Affordable Prices

You can find many websites designing graphic logos for your brand. But most of them may be heavy on your pocket. If you want quality logos at affordable price, you must order at Logo123.com. They have cheap plans which you can buy with ease. To place order and get conceptualized logos you just need to pay $5. To buy copyright of the logo you love you need to pay $49 only. You can also buy privacy services at a very low cost.

  • Good Customer Service

Logo123.com website servers you till you get satisfied with the logo. They give you logo within 30 minutes after placement of order. You can also buy the service which gives you unlimited revisions. The support team of Logo123.com is active 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week. They provide you non-stop service which makes these services preferable.

  • Network Of Designers

Logo123.com has thousands of designers working for them. You can get different style logos for each of the concept you place order for. Such large number of experienced designers give you assured variety and quality of logos.

->> Logo123 Plans

Logo123 Review

Logo123 designs logo as per your business. It is most affordable, simple and fastest service which customizes logo for you. You can design your logo with different product packages.

The packages of logo123 service are listed below ->>>

  • Logo Design Concepts

You can order a logo with defined concept in this service. You have to pay $5 for each logo concept. You can order one or maximum ten logo concepts at a time. The site ensures that you will get different style logos for each concept as they have variety of designers working with them.

  • Logo Copyright

You have to pay for the logo only after it is designed as per your choice. Once you like the logo you can buy its copyright by paying $49 for each logo. After your confirmation and payment you will receive a high resolution PNG file of logo and its vector source file.

  • Unlimited Logo Revision

If you want to do some modification in the logo you have to pay $20. While buying your logo you must buy this service to get unlimited revision of your logo till you get complete satisfaction for it. Logo designers will assist you till end.

  • Private Option

Logo123.com services include your logo in their portfolio. They will show your logo as their past work to their clients. If you don’t want such logo sharing, you must buy this service. You need to pay $20 for this service. After buying private option, your logo will be kept hidden.

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Is Logo123 Worth Using?

With the above features you can bookmark Logo123.com as best website for getting a customized logo. Logo123.com has professional and experienced logo designers. This is the best thing to rely on this website to get a logo as per your need. A customer oriented service must have such good experienced designers which can work efficiently. Most of the people can’t tolerate any negligence about the work. For such people it is best to choose this website which have professionals who response fast. The designers are helpful and patient. They are not short- tempered and rude to assist their customers.

With Logo123.com you get enough variety of logos designed for you to choose among them. The website doesn’t bind you to select the logo they designed. You are going to finalize the logo no one else. Only after confirming a logo you have to pay for copyrights. Many websites charge in advance which force you to accept the logo they designed as it is. But with Logo123.com you can also ask for modifications according to your need. With 24×7 customer support they marked their image in market. Most of the customers reported pretty good experience with Logo123.com. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for your logo. You can get best logo without compromising your need.
With all such facilities and features you can go for Logo123.com. As compared to other websites their plan prices are also quite low and convenient. If you want a logo you can then opt for Logo123.com among variety of websites serving same purpose over the web.

YES! Go For It 😀 😀

Logo is an integral part of your business branding. You should get a logo designed for you, it’s a mandatory factor. If you can get such logo at low price with assured quality then why to go for other websites charging too much for same logos. In all, Logo123.com is best affordable website to get your customized logo.

Chitika Review – Why It Is One Of The Best Ad Network?

Chitika is now come up as the most effective alternative for Google Adsense. Everyone wants to earn from their blog or website. The best way to earn is Google Adsense. But it is not easy to get the approval of Google Adsense. Many times bloggers and website holders give up on Adsense. With the services like Chitika you can get the alternative for Adsense which monetizes your website or blog. In this post we will discuss about this Chitika online advertising network.

Chitika Review : Best Ad Network

chitika review

Chitika online advertising network is the most popular advertising networks worldwide. It may secure lower rank as compared to Google Adsense but you can’t disregard the popularity of Chitika. Most of the bloggers or website owners use Chitika as a supplement option for Google Adsense. Some of them also use Chitika for displaying their advertisements in place of Google Adsense. Chitika advertising networks offers various types of advertisement units online. You can choose any of them as per your requirement. Most preferred type of advertisements is traditional displays and text ads.

Chitika online advertising network was founded in the year 2003. It’s headquarter is located at Westborough, MA and it also has office at Hyderabad, India. ‘Chitika’ means ‘snap of the fingers’ in Telgu language (a South Indian Language). The word refers to the speed at which Chitika services will display ads on website. Chitika shows the ad according to the time and place specified by you. They have a strong network of more than 350,000 publishers. Chitika has 51- 200 employees. It has the private ownership. You can opt Chitika to monetize your web content to make extra income. They serve four billion ads per month. Chitika also has access to advertising partners like Yahoo,

->>HomeAdvisor and SuperMedia

Chitika helps publishers and advertisers to incorporate advertising into their business plans. Publishers and advertisers relation go hand in hand when it comes to decision of displaying advertisements. Chitika also consider the context into account. So that advertisements can be matched up with the websites who promote similar contents. Chitika provides services similar to that provided by Google Adsense. It can be used as an alternative. It is very easy to use. Chitika provides good customer support. It also has the attractive intuitive interface. You can customize color scheme for Chitika’s interface.

=>Features Of Chitika 

Chitika online advertising network is best alternative for Google Adsense. There are number of features which make Chitika services convenient. You can customize color schemes of Chitika’s interface. It also has good customer support. You can choose Chitika with its below listed additional features.


Chitika has a well organized interface. It is so simple and easy to use. Chitika channels offer better understandings of performance of the ads. You don’t need to do any setups or don’t have to assign any representative for monetization. You can also get a live preview of the ads. These live previews can make you exercise the feel and look of ads. You can finalize your ads on the basis of these live previews. The good thing is loading time of Chitika’s interface is quite low.


Chitika has lower CPM and CPC rates as compared to other ad networks. It suits for traffic from Canada and US. You can make more money if you get traffic from US and Canada. Chitika’s earnings are bit low. To earn more your website must get high traffic. Chitika’s ads are based on the keywords typed in search engine. It cannot be guaranteed that the ads shown on your website will always be relevant to your website content. Chitika uses unique algorithm to find out what user searches for on the search engine.


Chitika offers useful information and list of FAQs. You can also email your queries. You may have to wait for reply on your queries but Chitika service ensures an informative reply for each query. You have to rely on this email service as no representative will be assigned to you. Approval process may take some time. It may be up to 7 days. But the approval is assured.

-> Chitika For Publishers

Publishers can choose any advertisement format from various formats available for them. They can choose via ads generator too which is located at publisher dashboard. The available formats are:

For Displays

  • 300 x 250 Rectangle
  • 160 x 600 wide skyscraper

For mobiles

  • Adhesion banner
  • 320 x 50 mobile hook
  • 300 x 250 mobile hook


  • 320 x 50 mobile banner
  • 300 x 600 half page banner
  • 728 x 80 Leader board
  • 550 x 250 MEGA- unit

Publishers can use different options to create ad channels to get unique ad units. It can track individual ad performance or complete statistics for the website. You can use ad filters to block selected keywords from interacting with your block content. You can create an ad which will be displayed on web and mobile both.

-> Chitika For Advertisers

With Chitika you can display your ads as a banner at the bottom of popular websites and apps of your region. You can place you business logo, your email link and your customized text looped all the time. Your ads will be displayed with following features:

  1. Your business logo
  2. Ad message
  3. Your contact link

Visitors who will see your ads can be your future subscriber. They can also be directed to your website. With the ads you can get email lead or text lead. You can also get the benefit of smartphone advertising feature. As soon as you will launch your mobile ad campaign, your business will be shown up on 1000 apps of different genres. They are sports, weather, news, gaming, social and all other apps. You can choose any option for better campaign results according to your need.

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Chitika Pros and cons


There are numerous pros of Chitika online advertising network. It includes various factors that are easy to use website design, intuitive interface, facility to customize color schemes and placement of ads, low minimum payment, and also best customer support service. Let us discuss in detail.

– Easy To Use

Chitika is designed by keeping non- programmer beginner perspective in mind. When you start using it, you will explore its features and functions automatically. You don’t need to go through any training or learning schedule to use Chitika. Any user ever a beginner can get most of Chitika’s function at the very first time also.

– Pleasing Design

Chitika has an intuitive interface. You will love the design of Chitika with its easy navigation feature. The control panel of Chitika’s website is specially designed to create intuitive interface. This allows you to create quality ads with minimum effort and time. You can find different tools and information which can help and guide you to create ads.

– Customization

Most of the advertising services don’t offer much options and tools for users. To place quality ads users need the help of tools and guidelines. Chitika provides the customization feature by offering facility of changing scheme color. This customization make Chitika stand out in other advertising networks. You can also customize placements of ads on your website.

– Low Minimum Payment

Chitika help you to make more money that too with minimum efforts. The minimum payment amount of Chitika is $10 which is then backed up by regular processing.

– Quality Customer Support

This is the best factor of Chitika which impress its users. They provide excellent customer support. Other companies should also copy their customer support quality. It is too easy to contact their live representatives. You can contact them through email or call.


Each coin has two sides. Likewise Chitika also has some cons with the list of pros. They are listed below.

– Low Earnings

The earning limit of Chitika is very low. You should have high traffic or very high clicks to count big earnings. This seems tough to achieve for beginners.

– Irrelevant Ads

Many users complained that, the ads which Chitika display on your website are not relevant to your website content.

Shall I Go For Chitika?

Chitika is as I told you best alternative for Google Adsense. They have knot with top advertisers like yahoo. Chitika also got awarded with numerous business awards and by press recognition from top companies like Apple, Mobile Marketer, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg TV, CNN Fortune and many more. Before some years in the past, the need of such advertising services has not been recognized as the benefit of such services was limited for elite marketers and advertisers only. But now the technology of RTB is used. This technology is innovative and smart enough to give optimized strategies which opened new routes. This made it possible to use these services for small markets. Now even smaller business can also get the benefit of such services.

If you are new in this web world and want to give a push to your business then get started with Chitika. If you want to start advertising and modeling your business then you must use Chitika. You can freely use these services to boost your business. The ad packages may get heavy on your pockets but you can experience the services worth you pay. Google Adsense has a long list of rules and long waiting period. In such conditions, you can go for Chitika as an easy and quick method for earning good income. If you are a publisher you can get more income with Chitika and if you are an advertiser, you can get a platform to show up your business. It may be quite costly at the beginning but once your business will take of it will be worth to invest with Chitika online advertising platform. It will give you good value for money results. With this content you can be sure enough to rely on quality and services provided by Chitika.


CometChat Review – An Ideal Chat Platform For Your Website

CometChat is a chat platform for all of you who have websites or blog. When any one visits your website or blog, they may want to discuss some queries or suggestions with you. They may even want to offer some business opportunity. To make such conversations easy, you must add a chat box on your website. There are many plugin available for this purpose. CometChat is the best tool among all. You can integrate CometChat plugin with your blog or website to provide a chat box on your site. You can chat from your website itself without creating hassle of going on some other platform.

CometChat Review 

cometchat review 

CometChat is a chat platform which let you chat with your visitors. In addition to this they also enable all the users of your site to chat with each other and with their G-talk friends. You can also share images with each other. The users can also broadcast videos through CometChat Platform. While sharing all these assets, CometChat also maintains the privacy of users.

When any visitor comes on your website right from that moment they are eligible to use CometChat to chat with you and their friends. Visitors can see their online friend list. This list is automatically displayed on the site. Visitors can enable chatting with a single click on the CometChat plugin. Users can stylise their avatar to know each other well. We all are fond of expressing our emotions with emoticons and smileys. CometChat provides smileys to express your moods. The platform has wide range of smileys to offer you variety of expressions. CometChat has a function called notification. Whenever user gets a notification, it will be shown on their dashboard. This ensures that no notification will be missed by user. CometChat alerts user about each notification.

Users can see all online friends with a list appearing on the dashboard. With this list you can start chatting with online friends immediately. CometChat also integrated social networking like Gtalk with it. With such integration you can chat with your Gtalk friends without hassle. You can also set your status message to let your friends know your availability for chatting. To make your chat experience live and connected, you will also see a small pencil icon when your chat friend is typing. This makes chat more responsive. Users can also see when their friend was online last time with the feature of last seen timestamp.

>> Features Of CometChat 

CometChat as told earlier is a platform which can be integrated with your website to give you a chatting platform on your website. It comes with a package of features as listed below :

  • CometChat can be operated by running it on any server. As it is light weight it gives minimal load on the server.
  • CometChat helps you share files like documents, images, music and videos.
  • Users can share their screens with their friends through CometChat platform.
  • With the text massages users can also send handwritten messages which make the CometChat platform more interesting.
  • CometChat ensures users that they will never miss any notification. With the feature of notifications you can get an alert for each and every notification. The CometChat tool provides a push notification tool for mobiles. Such push notification makes it more possible to alert users for new notification.
  • You can chat with more than one person simultaneously. You can chat with one, five or more than ten friends at a time. CometChat shows scroll buttons when you have more chats going simultaneously.
  • Users can also hide their chat when they are not chatting with the hide bar feature of CometChat tool.
  • When users visit your website, they automatically get login into CometChat also. This feature skips repeated logins.
  • User can block unwanted person from CometChat.
  • User can save the conversation on CometChat platform.
  • CometChat has a whiteboard feature which let you draw anything you want to share with your friends.
  • You can also make your chat more attractive by changing text color of your chat messages.
  • You can also create a chatroom to gather your friends at single place and share files with all of them at a time.

 => Plans Of CometChat 

Cometchat Plans

CometChat services come with various plans according to your need. They offer a trial period of 14 days to try their services with selected plans. Here are the detailed plans CometChat offering you.

  • Professional Edition

    This plan is suitable for small sites. They have to do onetime payment of $129 only. The buyers of this plan can enjoy text chatting. Users will not get a branding stamp of ComeChat. The plan offers real time translations. You can enhance your chatting experience with interesting stickers and emojis. Also, broadcast your text messages with a single click. You can type in non- Latin characters.

  • Premium Edition

    Premium Edition is the most preferred plan. It comprises all the plan features of professional edition. It gives the added features like mobile browser compatibility. You can chat through your mobile browsers also. You will get a collaborative whiteboard in this plan. Buyers have to do a onetime payment of $249 only. You will get ensured installation. This plan comprises custom advertisements.

  • Platinum Edition

    If you select plus plan you need to pay $499 as a onetime payment. You will get all the benefits of premium plan like mobile browser compatibility and customized advertisements. With all these features buyers can experience video chatting with this plan. You can join your friends in a conference. You can also do voice calls only. With voice only calls you can do conference also. The platinum editions provides feature of screen sharing also. You can broadcast your video and voice chat.

    ComeChat also offers a basic Edition plan for which you have to pay $49 only. The editions come with 30 days money back Guarantee. You can return your product if you don’t find it worth your need. 30,000 customers use ComeChat with assured services. You can also own ComeChat plan within 60 seconds. 127 countries all over the world are enjoying ComeChat services. With these plan with warranty you can try them.

Pros and Cons Of CometChat 


  • CometChat provides easy integration. CometChat don’t need any setup or hosting hassles. You can easily hook it up and get started. You can simply add it to your site. It takes few minutes to add CometChat on your site and start using. This is so because CometChat don’t need the complex installation procedure. It also skips the time consuming process of uploading of PHP files like other tools.
  • CometChat gives good performance even when there are thousands of users using its features. This is because of CometChat cloud. The cloud handles all the traffic on it. It optimizes the load and ensures consistent performance.
  • CometChat gives facility of upgrading and downgrading your plans. This makes it more flexible to choose a plan.
  • CometChat integrates local authentication system with it. This feature helps user to simply login on your site and access CometChat without separate login. Users don’t have to do multiple logins.


  • CometChat don’t provide cross chatting. The person you want to chat with must have CometChat at his end. You can’t chat without CometChat at both the ends.
  • Many users shared their problem with browser. The font size of CometChat changes with the browser. Sometimes the font size is too small to read.
  • CometChat provides the feature to block unwanted users. But users encountered automatic back in of such blocked unwanted users.
  • Design issues like running well on all browsers need to be set up. With the browser change CometChat window may look cropped and you have to scroll here and there to get a complete view.

Customer Support Of CometChat 

CometChat has number of platforms to give complete support system benefits to users.  Whenever user encounters any problem or gets stuck at any point, there are number of ways by which user can get a solution or support. The support system assets are as listed below.

  • Forum

CometChat has a forum to answer your queries. By using this forum you can see problems faced by previous uses and also know solutions for them. After entering in the forum you can choose any of the categories provided on the forum. Categories are suggestion, questions, issues, cloud etc. you can follow recent discussions going on the forum.

  • Tickets

CometChat provides support tickets for the users. With these tickets you can get help from support team directly. After login you have to specify your category of issue. According to your concerned problem, a dedicated support team member will be assigned to you. You can then ask your query to the support team member in one to one manner. The dedicated team member can then serve you to give you best solution.

  • Member area

Member area is meant for managing your licenses. After logging in to member area you can get the guidance for all your subscriptions. If you want to renew your licence to continue using CometChat you can find step by step guide in this member area.

  • Server status

Server status shows real time reports of all the services managed by CometChat. The status table shows the information about service is operating normally or not. It also shows service disruption, service outage and data unavailability.

Refund Policy Of CometChat 

CometChat comes with the 30 days money back guarantee. It also mentions its refund policy on their official website.  CometChat support team ensures 100 % assistance with your issues, but then also if you get technical difficulties or issues related the sales, you can ask CometChat support team for the refunds. If user thinks that CometChat doesn’t fit to their needs or don’t go well with their site, they can contact the team.

CometChat gives the easy return policy which is ‘NO question asked money back guarantee’. This feature will be available till 30 days of the purchase date. User just has to request for the refund.  The support team will inspect and approve the refund request. CometChat refund policy promises to give the refund within a week of approval. The refund will be returned via payment method you have used while purchasing same CometChat service. It may take 20 days to reflect the refund in your banks account.  If such method is not possible because of any issue, the support team gives the guarantee of refunding same credit you spent while purchasing the product.

The refund policy is applicable for Basic, Professional, white-Labeled Desktop manager, platinum and premium edition, white labeled mobile app and mobile sdk. Refund request made within 30 days of purchase will be eligible for full refund.  The charges for the service are very transparent. Moment you get the approval of refund request, you will not be charged further. For example, if you started using the services from 1st of the month and raised your cancellation on 6th of next month, you have to pay for current month. After that you will not be charged at all.

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 Should we buy CometChat?

To engage Visitors on your site or blog you need something exclusive than your content and design. Engagement is the important factor to decrease the bounce rate of your site. CometChat offers the tool to interact with your visitors. You can entertain your visitors and inform them about your latest posts through CometChat. CometChat can transform your website or blog to a community of users which are the key part of your brand success. This community can prove its benefits for your brand. If you want to include a chat platform to keep your visitors buzzing on your site, you should buy CometChat and add its plugin to your site. You can take interactivity to the next level by installing simple, hassle free CometChat tool. It is an all in all chat tools for your website.


I would like to give a final thought about CometChat that you should look carefully at all the plans and packages CometChat is offering. What it includes and is it well fit for your needs or not.  CometChat is one stop plugin to give you all chatting benefits. You can once again go through its features to make it clearer why you should buy the CometChat. According to me, it gives best features and it comes with 30days money back guarantee. So, it will not be worthless to give CometChat a try.

RackSpace Review: Is It The Best Cloud Hosting? Get Discount Coupon Code

Rackspace is a cloud company which serves the purpose of cloud servers. Cloud server is a virtual machine system which can be made available on demand which can deliver performance according to need with reliability assurance.  You can also define the cloud servers a compute engine on which you can run your application in the open cloud. The fundamental building block of these cloud servers is the cloud architecture. Cloud servers are easily adaptable and provide flexible functions. Rackspace Company has experts with them who help you to use their cloud servers efficiently. It ranked the top most cloud provider.

Let’s find out more information on Rackspace cloud hosting plans, features in this Rackspace Review. We are going to share a complete information on Rackspace hosting plans, customer support, pros and cons and refund policy. So, let’s move forward and study this detailed Rackspace web hosting review.

Rackspace Review 


Rackspace.Inc is providing manager infrastructure for many years. It has a long history. It has also come up above the OpenStack, which is a cloud operating platform as an open sourced service and has the company of trust NASA as its co-founder. Rackspace committed OpenStack to open an Infrastructure-as –a-service (IaaS) solution which will be completely based on the open source. This commitment resulted in a good decision for Rackspace. Rackspace is going well for providing efficient service at reasonable prize beginning from $10,300 per year having a package of eight- server Web app. Amazon gets the top position above Rackspace as an Editor’s choice. It secures excellent place because of features providing pure virtual infrastructure.

Rackspace gives a good performance to deliver managed clouds. Rackspace has two devoted virtual CPUs (vCPU) at the place of single CPU. But doubling CPUs don’t assure high performance. Rackspace managed cloud is more than a service providing virtual infrastructure. Its service level agreement (SLA) turned to a Business contract.

Rackspace is providing its services in the regions of North America, The European Union (EU), and Asia-Pacific. It has worldwide situated six data centers. As compared to services like Amazon, Rackspace is efficiently handling its entire load with these six data centers. Rackspace also offers a choice to its customers to select among virtual infrastructure platforms. Rackspace runs Linux and OpenStack. It also runs Xen for the hypervisor. It provides virtual machines (VMs) as well as Linux distributions. Both of them work over Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

Rackspace claims to be number one in the services it provides. They promise to provide services how you want. As per your IT need, they are customizing services for you rather than enforcing you to join the crowd. Rackspace pronounces itself as the leader of hybrid cloud solutions. Their services come with 100% guarantee of network uptime. Rackspace makes your hiring procedure easy. You have to hire engineers for your business purposes only. No need of hiring network engineers if you shake hands with Rackspace. In all Rackspace is providing combine infrastructure in the presence of specialized experts.

Rackspace Web Hosting Features

Rackspace encounters 500 billion of page views each year for web hosting and infrastructure power. Its web hosting services are too flexible as it can be customized as per requirements. User need is the primary factor of designing its service architecture. The Rackspace ensures 24x7x365 Fanatical support from their side. Rackspace web hosting services will take care of all the performance issues. You don’t need to compromise your sleep to solve the traffic and congestions. It was providing fast page downloads with lightning-fast CDN. It has the expert team taking care of other unexpected surges also. They can monitor all your events if planned in advance.

Rackspace gives you the platform for your business growth. It solves your entire problem with scaling your business to higher levels. If you already have a distributed business then also Rackspace will help to maintain and enhance your business. Such hyper growth of your business will lead you to success. Rackspace has an easy to manage feature with it. It can give you the ease of managing your website or your client’s website. You can deploy new site within 5 minutes using Rackspace. It also offers security patching for your website automatically. It has a technical control panel which makes it simpler to get the website deployed. It uses dashboard for the domain.

There are some services provided by Rackspace website hosting services. Some of them are, >>>

  • Cloud sites

Rackspace is a premium web hosting facility for developers who are serious about building their website. Your business website is the prime factor for the number of users and your revenue. You can’t afford your website to be cumbersome and slow. Slow page load may affect you adversely. Such time of user disappointment and inconvenience may create long-term impact on your business. Hence Rackspace web hosting came up with ‘cloud sites’ which can keep websites up and fast in case of heavy traffic also.

  • Web content management

Rackspace has the experienced experts. They know how to build up the environment according to your needs. They have also recorded the proof of their excellence. They also commit around the clock support for you. Rackspace web hosting architects an environment which is consistent, reliable and has high uptime and speed. To manage the web content, it also has advanced monitoring for the web content which can gain visibility in the infrastructure.

Rackspace C-panel 

Rackspace control panel gives you an interface to manage your Rackspace cloud infrastructure. The interface is quite easy to use i.e. the c-panel is user-friendly. The control panel has a drop down list of Rackspace cloud products. You first have to click on area product headings like servers, networking, storage, etc. on clicking such respective title, it will show a drop-down list of all the products in that area. For example, if you click on ‘Networking’ it will show the products namely Load Balancers, Networks, Cloud DNS, and CDN.

C-panel has various features to manage your products efficiently. You can add ‘Tags’ to customize any of your resources. ‘Filters’ can be used to sort of resources having same tags or any other same properties. There is a check box next to filter which when tested shows the list of resources having a matching one. The control panel has another feature called ‘search’ which can give you the assets you are searching for. You can enter part of the asset name, IP address or any tag in the text search box to locate the asset.

C panel has the provision for various administrative actions. Each resource has a gear icon which let you know all the actions which can be performed on that resource. It also has an action menu which gives you all the details of respective resource. To have access to other control panels, you can click on top left o the control panel which has a Rackspace cloud drop- down menu.

=> Rackspace Web Hosting Plans


There are various plans offered by the Rackspace as per user requirements and need. Here we will explore those different web hosting plans.

  1. Premium web hosting plan

When you mainly rely on your business website for entire revenue, you need to maintain a website with complete dedication. Users will never entertain slow loading pages. No one can wait for the page to load. To avoid such inconvenience and risk of losing customers, Rackspace is giving a premium web hosting plan. This plan starts from $150/month. It creates new website and database for it on demand.

The package includes:

  • Predefined designed architecture
  • Optimized architecture to load pages faster
  • Scaling your business with multiple domains
  • Promises reliability
  • Provides security environment
  • Offers 100% guarantee of uptime
  • Fanatical support 24x7x365
  1. Rackspace public cloud

Rackspace provides fast and secure Drupal hosting. Drupal hosting package has the support of Drupal experts. Drupal is a content management system which is a powerful platform to offer security. It also provides facility to enhance the flexibility of features. With all these advantages it is not easy to build high performing Drupal environment. Rackspace provides two platforms designed to get best of all Drupal’s feature. Depending on needs, users can have a choice among cloud sites or cloud servers platform as per user’s Drupal website. Cloud sites package starts from $150/month. You can launch your Drupal website with the starting prize of $128/month.

It provides features like,

  • Easy platform to grow your business
  • One-click installation
  • Full system/root access
  • Availability of unlimited domains
  • Easy scaling
  1. Hosting For WordPress Sites

If you are working on a wordPress Rackspace has a package for you. If your website has traffic on it, Rackspace can manage all the needed technical expertise and all the resources to get the best advantage of wordPress. Rackspace ensures speed and flexibility for your wordPress website to be built up as per your need.

Rackspace gives a platform for wordPress users to have full control over their website providing unrestricted system root access. Cloud site for WordPress environment can be launch with the starting price of $150/ month.

The package gives features as below:

  • Easy to start
  • Enhanced storage performance with local SSD
  • Provides quick loading time
  • WordPress infrastructure can be scaled up or down with complete support.
  • Gives complete control over cloud environment.
  • Serves availability of unlimited domains.
  • Feature of rapid scaling
  • Load balancing techniques

Rackspace Dedicated Hosting Plans

Rackspace Rapid Deployment Dedicated Server
Rackspace Customizable Dedicated Server

Rackspace Cloud Hosting


=> Rackspace Additional Features

You may create a good and smart website for your business but there are some additional features required for the website to have a great performance.

-> Email having address as ‘email@your domain’

Most of the business deals will be finalized through emails. These emails uses platform like Outlook. Rackspace makes your email function fully compatible with Outlook. It uses secure IMAP for providing this compatibility. It supports both the platforms Windows and Mac. It can also operate such this feature on smartphones and tablet also.

  • Uses Secure IMAP (for outlook &mobile)
  • Virus protection
  • Spam detection
  • Attachment size limit of 50MB
  • Auto setup tool
  • Email forwarding
  • Free and easy migrations

-> Provision of faster service

Rackspace is giving faster service provision with the availability of general purpose and work-optimized servers. It has a large space of 10 GB on the host computer dedicated to the networking. Deployed SSDs. You don’t even need to format your entire disk while building the server.

-> Large memory

You can select up to 120 GB of RAM per server. It can be 30 GB for standard server class. Thus it provides large memory.

-> Processing power

It has maximum up to 32 vCPUs to make processing faster. It will have higher computing power than standard servers having 8 vCPUs or virtual cores.

-> Ensures faster networking

Rackspace has the work optimized servers which provide network bandwidth of 40 giga-bit ethernet for each host server. To manage and to cloud block storage each host server gets 20 gigabit Ethernet. Such bandwidth serves for interoperability of servers.

-> Maximum input output operations per second (IOPS)

Rackspace provides higher Input output rate of operations per second (IOPS) by separating operating system from data.

Must Read : eUKHost Hosting Review

Rackspace: Pros & Cons


  • Support: Rackspace ensures great support system from Rackspace support team. Each member of Rackspace support system is completely dedicated to serving the customer with the highest quality service. Rackspace provides support 24x7x367 to all its customers. Rackspace gives fanatical support all the time.
  • Trained staff: Rackspace has experts in all the respective fields. All the employees are highly trained and supportive team members. Rackspace has certified professionals with them. About 3000 hosting professionals, above 370 AWS certified professionals, above 2000 cloud engineers, 200 plus Microsoft certified professionals, 165 plus CISCO certified professionals, 160 plus Red Hat certified engineers and much more.
  • Rackspace forum: Rackspace has an active community who can answer your queries and guide you through the forum. The forum members can place their query any time on the forum. Forum community can then answer them with an appropriate solution.
  • Knowledge Center: Rackspace has a freely available knowledge center on Rackspace site. This information center is well organized and gives all the required knowledge effectively.
  • Live server status: Rackspace website has a page dedicated to giving live status of the server. You can anytime check server status on this page.
  • Servers: Rackspace has both Linux Server and Windows Sever which helps you to operate a server on both platforms to store data on it.


  • Lack of sharing facility: Rackspace does not offer shared hosting plans. This limits the flexibility of distributed business to share the server features among all work places.
  • Fails to prove uptime guarantee: Rackspace promises to give 100% uptime performance but in reality, it fails to prove it. Rackspace does have a dedicated page to give live server status, but there is no information about uptime guarantee on their site.
  • No returns: Rackspace commits some features but what if someone does not feel the service worth his website or want to discontinue Rackspace services? There is no information about money back policy on the website. It doesn’t mention money back guarantee in any scenario.
  • The poor value on the high end: users are paying money for more memory. But they fail to provide memory more than 16 GB for a cloud server.

Rackspace Customer Support

Rackspace promises fanatical support to experience best support system. The success of any service depends on its support system. Once user commits for the services, he expects complete support for all features of the service. If a single user goes disappointed, it will adversely affect on website reputation. Rackspace make it sure that such disappointments will never happen.

It provides complete support with live chats via user’s email control panel. You can get help from the support team via documentation, you can make a call or you can also go with live chats. Rackspace mentioned its support call number on its website.

Rackspace has the documentation on its website. This documentation has all the self service assets. You can search article from variety of articles in the documentation. Documentation is placed on support site of Rackspace. To discover the world of cloud hosting, you can check extensive knowledge centers of Rackspace. They contain a knowledge center which contains loads of article which can help you to know all about the cloud hosting.

Support team of Rackspace is trained and has thorough knowledge to answer the queries perfectly. They are available 24x7x365 which makes Rackspace more reliable in case of availability. When user makes a call to support team he get directly connected to a trained support team member. Rackspace avoided the irritating automated menus which are too tedious to reach customer support team.

Support team is well trained and hence when you make a call about a resource, you don’t have to wait for the answer. You don’t have to struggle for searching a perfect person to answer your query. You can directly speak to the professional and get your query answered immediately. If they make any mistake they are also transparent to admit their mistake.

Rackspace Refund Policy

If the user wants to discontinue service of Rackspace server, you have to submit a cancellation request to the Rackspace support team.

You must take a backup of your website. You have to take backup of your database and email also. To stop the billing process, you have to terminate and delete the cloud server. All the data of your website will be removed when the process of closing your account happens. You can also remove all your data immediately. You have to delete complete data before submitting a cancellation request.

Many users reported that they had not found any refund policy statement on Rackspace. All they have talked about the billing procedure and how to pay but there is not a word of refund policy of Rackspace. They also mentioned that cancellation request would not be considered on the phone, by email or chats. For cancellation, you have to delete your account completely. Till you delete your account billing will continue.

Should We Buy Rackspace Hosting?

Rackspace is reported favorable by about 37% users. If we compare Rackspace with other web hosting services, it gets the marks which can say it is an average web hosting service. Customers faced problems about its uptime. They guarantee 100% uptime, but this is not followed when actual service starts. Customers also reported that we pay for more service, but we get less. Its services are not value for money.

They are good at support system. Rackspace is not using updated technologies. They stick to the technologies with which they started. They also fail to provide security environment as they promised. Rackspace can’t be marked ‘bad’, it is average among all hosting services. Rackspace is good at the network with RAID technology. The control panel is also user-friendly which makes navigations easy.

Upload speed is encountered to be slow. They never mentioned hardware details about the system to configure the services properly. Prices of the packages are also not affordable for the small scale business website. Website navigation is completed. It takes too much time to locate particular information on their website. The worst thing is no refund policy mentioned on the Rackspace.

In all, you will start with Rackspace with good experience but after a period of a couple of years, you may want to stop the services. But as there is no refund policy, you have to take your decision carefully. You must explore the package whether it suits to your need or not and then only you can buy the Rackspace services.

So, I feel it has all what a digital marketer need in a decent hosting company. So, it’s a thumbs up from my side. 😀


Just have a look at Rackspace Review and take an opinion from the existing users as well to land on a perfect decision. 🙂

eUKhost Review: To Choose Or Not ? {GET DISCOUNT & Coupon Code}

It’s a task for me when I have to choose a web hosting for my blogs. And, I know it’s just not my case, many of you must be facing same issues. Sometimes a good hosting goes out of our budget and sometimes the desired hosting lack basic features. 🙁

Seriously! It’s a test of a blogger/Digital marketer. (Haha)

Well, While searching a good hosting for my blog I found a nice company with great plans and features. I thought it will be a great help for you guys as well to make a choice among web hosting companies.

Today, I will talk about England’s web hosting company eUKhost. 🙂 It’s a major player in the IT sector with alot of customer’s all around the world. What really attracted me about this company were it’s web hosting plans and features. This motivated me to write a detailed eukhost review so that my readers should also know about the amazing hosting plans offered by this company.

TRUST ME ! You will fall for this company once you saw the incredible feature provided by them. Let’s know about about eUKhost ahead in this eukhost review. 🙂

eUKhost Review


EUKhost Ltd. is the UK and Wales based company. This company is operated Leeds and their Data Center in Wakefield, Maidenhead, and Nottingham. The company is providing best service to consumers and the customers never experience uninterrupted support from the company.  Eukhost offers you to deliver reliable web hosting with affordable price and they will also provide you UK based servers.

Eukhost is the first company in the Europe who provides automated web hosting solutions and their constant development process grab the users’ attention and the customers list has been increased.

If you need an  affordable and reliable hosting service, then you can depend on Eukhost without any hesitation.  You don’t be upset to rely upon them. They never fail to make happy the consumers. The team at eUKhost is designed with dedicated and expert executives who always ready to serve the best help to the customers.

The product list of eUKhost is included,

  • the massive quantity of Shared internet hosting
  • Reseller website hosting
  • digital exclusive Servers
  • Cloud hosting and committed Servers

To add the quality to the servers they use top class hardware from Dell, Intel, and HP. It is foremost to have nontoxic hosting for what you are promoting or corporation internet site.  The technology what they have used help them to stand in the crowd.

This ensures that the hosting company provides probably the most trustworthy web hosting atmosphere so that your website will get best hosting support. Their data centre has been situated  in Wakefield, Maidenhead, and Nottingham.

eUKhost Web Hosting Features

  1. EHost presents enormous quantities of customizable templates, search engine optimization tips, a free area title, eCommerce performance and web publication tools can make your internet site whatever you wish to have it to be.
  2. The Multifunction answer approaches you have web hosting, domain identifiers and net builder with one convenient determination.
  3. Simple all in one answer for drag and drop or cPanel websites. Includes leading internet hosting elements together with the best customer provider
  4. eUKhost has been around in view that 1998 but underwent a revamp in 2015 and presented just a few alterations. Besides the brand new website design, eHost transformed their hosting manipulate panel they usually modified from vDeck to cPanel.
  5. In case you’re in the market for a finances-friendly host, don’t omit to determine out eHost. It’s been a player in the web hosting arena for more than 15 years and is now owned by using the endurance global crew (EIG) (the equal team that owns dozens of different web hosting businesses, together with BlueHost, iPage, HostMonster, JustHost, and Hostgator, to call only a few). The organization simply underwent a major revamp and relaunch this year (2015).
  6. In hopes of deciding what all of it meant (and to investigate my verdict on the revamped host), I secured a scan account a few months ago and interviewed eHost personnel (Tom Jackson, business development govt).

->EUKHost Web Hosting Plans: What’s within the box?

  1. It’s difficult to beat a web hosting cost of simply $2.75 per thirty days… and that fee entails the domain identify, an email deal with, a website online builder, templates, and limitless domains and MySQL databases. It also includes a cPanel for an online store, PayPal integration, and different nifty eCommerce aspects, 24 x 7 cell; chat; and e-mail aid and a bunch of extra tech-relevant inclusions, corresponding to 24 x 7 network monitoring, website and vacationer experiences, load balanced server, you get the proposal. 🙂
  2. eUKhost is a low-priced entry level shared hosting provider that presents you the whole thing you ought to host and control your website.
  3. You get a free area title, unlimited storage, bandwidth and add-on domains. You additionally get free backups and email addresses, a drag & drop website builder with one thousand’s of templates and loads of free marketing tools.

There are lots included, eHost offers certain shared internet hosting services so that one plan is what you get (how’s that for effortless looking?).

eUKhost C-PAnel Overview

Ideal for participants and gurus for the web hosting individual web pages, blogs, and forums. CPanel is a very preferred web-centered control panel. Whether you are watching to move your website over to us or to work in your next gigantic venture, cPanel web hosting is a good all-around option for small to medium websites and blogs. eUKhost give you complete control over your web hosting with the enterprise-main cPanel manipulate panel – with a useful variety of add-ons bundled in like Softaculous for one-click on program installs, search engine optimization tools, and rather more.

Hosting will also be of one-of-a-kind types, however a manager panel is the only thing which enables  users to make any type of enhancements in any web hosting plans along with his defined assets and cPanel is nominated as the easiest and customized control panel with all indispensable aspects to develop easiness in managing and preserving website hosting assets. So as to entry your cPanel first open a browser and write your website URL and cPanel to access manage a panel of your internet site.

It is a full-featured website progress device that helps in your website’s administration utilizing a graphical consumer interface (GUI). With the cPanel, you could have complete control in managing your website without depending on particularly certified internet site developers.

With the cPanel, you now can manage the predominant facets of file administration, FTP, backups, e-mail administration to manage each feasible mail-associated tasks including junk mail filter and autoresponder, e-mail account forwarders and mailing lists, area and sub-area manipulate, error page management, password safety of net folders, MIME types, Apache handlers, CGI Scripts, statistical knowledge, customers management, Cron Jobs, Chatroom administration, bulletin board, looking Cart, Leech safeguard, HotLink security, SSL supervisor, community tools, and MySQL database administration. 😀

In a way, the cPanel is a complete net administration tool that is very easy to operate. As a consequence, the cPanel has come to be a boon to many site owners, who previous had to hold their internet site typically by way of programming expertise and particularly technical advantage. Now, cPanel, sometimes called manage Panel, comes bundled with hosting package and helps manage the website and its records.

Eukhost Web Hosting Review -> Plans Features & Prices

-> C-Panel Web Hosting Plan

eUKHost Plans

This web hosting plan is suitable for personal websites, blogs, and forums. You can get cPanel Hosting facility from this plan. You can shift your web hosting account to cPanel or you want to start a new website for every purpose cPanel hosting is the best choice for any website from big to small.

  1. eUKhost help you to control your website with cPanel and some extra tools like SEO tool etc. and one-click software installation facility.
  2. You can register a free domain with purchasing any cPanel hosting on an annual basis. eUKhost is the partner of R1soft, so R1soft CDP keeps store the daily backup of customers’ website. So there is no chance to lost any data.
  3. The Premium web hosting plan is coming with 24×7 customer support. The expert team of eUKhost is ready to help you whatever the problem you face with this hosting plan
  4. You can get basic plan for £3.33 per month, intermediate for £4.99 per month and Advanced for £6.66 per month.

->  Let’s have a look at the features below :

  • cPanel management system with Linux
  • Softaculous Auto Installer
  • Included PHP and MySQL
  • 24×7 Customer Support

-> Managed VPS Hosting Plan

Managed Hosting Review

With the SSD Storages, every application is performing well. eUKhost optimizes the drives for better performance and the drives help to increase the productivity of the website.

  1. Every hardware is powered by high technology. eUKhost is using Intel Xeon Processors, DD4 Ram with high speed, SSD Drives, and RAID controllers which are combined with outstanding performance and reliable VPS.
  2. eUKhost offers your Plesk which can help you to manage you VPS hosting skillfully. Plesk also provides GUI. You can easily install website, mailboxes and other applications to your VPS hosting.
  3. Every VPS Plans comes with 24×7 support. So you can get help anytime when you face any problem with your VPS.
  4. You can start with Manage VPS Hosting for £12.99 per month.

-> Lets have a look at features below :

  • Highly performed hardware
  • Enterprise-quality SSD Storage
  • Free VPS Setup Facility
  • 24×7 help
  • No hidden cost
  • Money back guarantee

-> Enterprise Cloud Hosting Plan

Enterprise Plan

  1. Cloud hosting servers are managed by powerful engineered with 100% uptime facility.
  2. The cloud hosting is suitable for e-Commerce, blog, forums and any other websites which are getting high-traffic.
  3. The cloud environments help you to scale your resource whether you run an e-commerce or any hosting company.
  4. The Data Centre defends your Cloud machines from any hardware and network problem.
  5. Storage is most important for the Cloud hosting. eUKhosting offers you multiple storage tiers with affordable price.
  6. eUKhost is the collaborator of Fortinet, so you can get the best technology for Firewall.
  7. With the help of IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and in-follow virus, the virus can be detected and isolated before reaching to the servers.
  8. You can get Value plan of Enterprise Cloud for £38.32/pm VAT extra. You upgrade your plan to performance and charges will be £78.32 and VAT extra.

-> Let’s have a look at it’s features below : 

  • 100% Uptime
  • 24×7 Customer Support

-> Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting Plan

You can get a support of advanced Proactive Monitoring. It always investigates the servers’ health so that the servers always give their best performance. If any problem is notified the Proactive Monitoring send a message to you. With dedicated servers, you get 10 minutes ping and 30 minutes monitoring service for free.

  1. You can get smarterbudlepro free along with the dedicated server. If anyone wants to buy it separately he needs to pay £450. A wide range of business tools, customer helpdesk management, and website analytics are included in Smarterbundlepro.
  2. Dedicated servers Plan comes with two different plan. One is HDD and other is SSD. You can start HDD for £69.99/per month charge with VAT and you can upgrade it to eUK E3 Enterprise and you need to pay upto £99.99/pm with VAT. The SSD plan start from £89.99/pm, VAT separately. You need to pay £119.99/pm extra VAT.

-> Let’s have a look at it’s features below : 

  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Server Management System
  • Free Plesk
  • Port speed with 1Gbit
  • SSD Drives

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eUKhost Pros & Cons

We all know everything is perfect. I have written so many things for eUKhost. But this Pros and Cons section is crucial for buyers. After reading this they decide whether they go for eUKhost or not.


Sometimes customers use Javascript, plugins for the different purpose. This raises the weight of the computer and lead different issues like sluggish loading, excessive CPU utilization and even froze the computers. For solving this problem eUKhost is using Server site-scripting which can help you for following,

Advantages of Server scripting

  • Javascript can not be supported by every browser. So server-part scripting runs run dynamic pages in these browsers.
  • Server-scripting languages like PHP helps to run content management system applications, like WordPress and Joomla. For this, the CMS users can easily edit the content on the web without code.
  • Server-scripting helps to reduce the loading time for web pages which is helpful for enhancing the website ranking in SERP of your website and users will stay on your website for a long time.
  • Though the server- scripting is on the server, so it prevents the vulnerabilities copied, cloned or scrutinized for hacking.
  • With the Server-scripting your website is safe and this is very useful for e-commerce, membership, and social media sites.

EHost’s least expensive web host

Flexible: eUKhost offers both cPanel website hosting and an internet website builder You can also get 1,000 templates to design your website attractively .

if you want to shift your website Builder account, and also you don’t wish to use their internet site Builder then you just remove the site and contact their Billing department for  ask for help. You can  tell them to shift your internet site Builder account to cPanel. Don’t worry about the refund. You can get your money back from and then you can sign up for the cPanel account. So you can understand that the account shifting process is very easy.


Hazards of Server-facet Scripting:

  • Scripting puts elevated needs on a website’s server. Web pages utilizing tremendous functions and with heavy visitors may utilize more powerful internet hosting approaches corresponding to committed servers or cloud hosting to manage with demand.
  • Server-scripting needs to refresh the to exhibit the dynamic content. You will watch this whilst you log in to a website with this server-scripting. However, the developers use Ajax to exchange data with servers  and with the help of Ajax the  web pages will be updated without reloaded the entire content.

eUKhost Support – Will You Get Assistance?

Eukhost offers you 24×7 support services. Their expert team including senior technicians and salespersons are always ready to help you. They work on alternative shifting. They provide you an uninstructed support and services on 7 days in a week. It does matter what time you want to contact. You just need to call them or take the facility of live chat. So don’t be worried about the support system. eUKhost will give you the answers to your queries and they will help you if you face any problem with their service.

If you want to visit eUKhost’s office, you can do that. But for security purpose you need to fix an appointment in advance.

If the visitors have any sales related query they can use their contact form or they can chat with expert sales executive of eUKhost. Customers will also avail the same facilities and they also submit a ticket with their problems.
Anyone can call them to their free toll-free number for inquiring about their services. Here you can see their number with extensions for individual departments.

eUKhost also mentions an email id in the contact us page. If you have any security related query you can feel free to email them that email id. You can also email them if you have any questions related to product, services, platforms which are provided by eUKhost.

So we can eUKhost help their customers like a friend. Customers never feel insecure if they host their website on Eukhost.

Eukhost Refund policy

Eukhost offer you 30 days money back guarantee. So if you are satisfied with the service of Eukhost, you can claim to refund your money. But some charges are not included in this 30 days month back policy. You can purchase some add-on features with your hosting, but charges of add-on features are not refundable. So, in short, the refund policy does not cover the following items:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • eNlight Cloud
  • Domain Registrations
  • SSL Certificates
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Additional Add-ons
  • Any additional over-usage
  • Any control panel charges
  • anti-virus program charges

There is not guarantee for successful registration of any domain which is under pre-registration. So if you try to register that kind of domain and the registration will not be successful, then you can get your full money back after the extension of a domain is available to the public.

You can also get the facility of pro-rated refund. In this case, you can get the money back if you cancel your account within the next due renewal and the money for unused periods will be refunded only.

If the customers give the valid reasons for refunding then Eukhost happily accepts the refund application and take necessary actions to refund the money.

Ekuhost does not support money back to their merchant account and VISA/DISCOVER/AMERICAN

EXPRESS/MASTERD financial services. If a customer agrees to the billing policies and terms &conditions but after that he/she attempts for refunding the money for not accepting the policies that will be not supported. If the customers do not follow this rule, their hosting accounts will be suspended immediately and additional charges will be applied to their credit card under the same financial services. If any customer does not follow the rule, Eukhost also takes legal action against the customer.

If the customers violate the web hosting and breach Eukhost Terms & Conditions, the accounts will be terminated and customers will not get refund their money.

The customers who register first time can be eligible for refunding.

Should We Buy EUKhost Hosting?

eUKhost represents low priced, cPanel established shared internet hosting. Besides the free domain identify, which is very commonplace present within the web hosting enterprise, eHost entails numerous different elements equivalent to drag and drop website builder for speedy and easy website production, $300 worth advertising swimsuit to lift up your internet site visitors, 45-day a reimbursement guarantee and a lot more.

They have a low-cost internet hosting plan, with the current 50% discount, for handiest $2.75 monthly, you will get an internet hosting plan that entails all of the integral aspects that’s wanted to start and run a successful small internet site.

CPanel manage panel allows you to have full manipulate over your account. You can add new domains, set up customized scripts akin For WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, creates new electronic mail addresses, swiftly and with no trouble.

Drag & Drop website builder is ideal for freshmen, who are looking to build an internet site, however, have no expertise, though. The website builder allows you to quickly create a customized web page, put up content, add pictures, create slideshows and galleries, create a contact kind and publish it on-line, without the necessity of writing a single line of code.

So, I feel it has all what a digital marketer need in a decent hosting company. So, it’s a thumbs up from myside. 😀



Just have a look at eUKhost review and take an opinion from the existing users as well to land on a perfect decision. 🙂

Ipage Review : Web Hosting Standards Maintained By Them Or Not?

Choosing a web host for our website is really BIG Headache for most of us. With time there are a lot of new players emerging in the market. The competition ha increased soo much that we can see neck to neck competition in old and new players. Everyone is in the race to pull the other down even by providing extra features.

ERMM…This is an advantage for the buyer as we get a lot of choices and have to select best out of these. 😉

We (Buyers) look up to several factors while evaluating a web hosting service. Let me tell you a few factors that are the key considerations while choosing a web hosting service,for smooth operations and also plays a crucial role in the world wide web.

Here are the few main (KEY) points, >>>>

  • Value for money
  • High performance delivering control panel
  • Uptime guarantee and Reliability
  • Resources and ease of use for beginners
  • Customer Support

Today, I am here to talk about one such hosting company which is the field from past 12 + years and is among the top choices of the buyers.

I am talking about “iPage“. While searching for best hosting companies, I found iPage web hosting receives top reviews on top hosting sites, but that was not enough for me to get satisfied so I did more research on its features. Today, You will get some genuine iPage review which will help you decide whether you can go for this web hosting company or not.

I found some interesting facts about iPage web hosting that no other company has covered soo far. 😀 YES! You heard me right.

I will tell you, WHY iPage is superior in comparison to other hosting companies.

WHY I-Page is best for small businesses? (As it offers great features at very affordable prices.)

In this iPage hosting review, I tested my friend’s account who is already using I-page web hosting.  I found great results after testing his server. After testing soo many accounts in iPage and I can say they seriously offer great service. So, I request you to give me your next 5-7 minutes and carefully read this article, as TODAY I am going to unveil a lot of things that can surely change your mind to opt for this web hosting company. 🙂

iPage Hosting Review

ipage logo

iPage is a website hosting company since the year 1998. The company states to be known as one of the best web hosting companies that provide a hosting solution for businesses and organizations, for social and personal needs.

The company also promise to offer a good flexibility to their customers. It is located in six locations worldwide and also, serves customers in 150 countries and hosts more than a million websites.

The company has three things on considerations when it comes to serving clients, i.e – web sites, email, and security. Also, they promise to give enough features which are needed to create good sites . Also, the company provides security to clients sites and site visitors (due to a special Security Suite). They also have a well functioning and spamless mail.

iPage claims to be a green web hosting company. WHY SO? It’s because they offset the use of energy completely. They also claim that they have acquired Renewable Energy Certificates which has further reduced its carbon footprint. Therefore, iPage can guarantee that its customers’ websites are 100% powered by wind energy.

iPage Web Hosting -> Features

iPage is offering the best and affordable hosting solution to all its users whether, novice and higher-end users since past 10 years. Hence, We can see that UNDOUBTEDLY they have a wide customer experience.

ipage reviews

We found some excellent features offered by iPage in their basic web hosting plan. Let’s have a look at these features to get idea about their services, >>>

  • Unlimited bandwidth, domains, disk space
  • Free Security Suite
  • Eco-friendly hosting
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials for Using Your Account
  • Online Help Center and Ticketing System
  • Free site builder, blog, photo galleries
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Marketing tools

iPage C-Panel Overview

ipage cpanel review

->iPage Extra Features


An administrator control panel is a place where you can find everything that you need for building, maintaining and management of your website.

When you buy a plan from iPage you are provided an account immediately after signing up for an iPage hosting plan, so you need to wait and immediately you can start creating a website.

The website control panel is very easy to understand and you. You won’t find any difficulty navigating around. The layout and display for the administration panel are very simple, clean and user-friendly.


This drag and drop website builder makes it very easy for you to design and build your website. (It’s included in your hosting plan).

You have a lot of templates to choose from. You just have to choose a template and simply drag and drop what you want to include on your site.

You can change the things in your website very easily and also, you can edit pages and delete content in just a click.

If you are expert with website building, then the iPage’s essential plan also includes Content Management System plugins for Joomla!, Drupal, Mambo and e107, and few more. You can very easily install and set up a CMS much faster and easier.

You can check some of these live examples of sites built and hosted with iPage that I found in the Customer Websites section.


One feature that impressed me was 1-click installer feature which is extremely beneficial if you are a newbie. You can set up your WordPress blog and start running it in less than two minutes.

You can find a step-by-step guide on the iPage website which is simple to follow and hassle-free.


No matter, Whether you’re setting up just one blog, or 50 blogs, you just have to use 1-click WordPress installer which is a very useful tool to maintain, update and upgrade your WordPress sites.

For more details, you can go to the iPage official site and check out their WordPress Setup tutorial if you want to learn more.


You can also build an e-commerce site with iPage with the help of its free online store builder.

iPage provides a flexibility with powerful shopping carts choices like ShopSite, osCommerce, and AgoraCart. The Shopping Carts are designed in a way that it is easier for you to take PayPal payments.


A Shopsite Starter plan is free of cost. This plan is also included in your existing hosting plan. This plan has a capping of 15 products. It has an easy-to-use setup wizard with lots of great themes to choose from.

You can manage your orders very easily in the backend. If you want you can also choose a shipping and handle options as well.

iPage Web Hosting Review -> Plans Features & Prices

iPage offers two WordPress hosting plans to their customers, WP Starter and WP Essential.

->WP Starter WordPress Hosting

Try It Now : Click Here

iPage WP Starter plan is best for newbies who want to start a website. This plan has all basic features that you need to start a website. Its features include Integrated, Handpicked Themes, Important Plugins, Pre-Installed, Customized Control Panel for Convenience, Powerful Hosting with FREE Domain Registration.

Let’s have a look at the features below:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 24*7 Support

->WP Essential WordPress Hosting

iPage offers all-in-one web hosting solution to its customers– Essential Plan. They claim to provide everything that a customer need to start a personal or business website online.

The Essential plan has some incredible features such as unlimited hosting support, free domain, marketing tools, easy to install applications (such as photo galleries, blogs), site builders: drag-and-drop (free) and template-based ones, selling tools and online stores and more.

Try It Now : Click Here

Let’s have a look at some of them below:

The Essential iPage plan

  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited email addresses at 1 domain

-> Additional FREE Features 

  • Domain
  • SiteLock security suite
  • Point & click site builder
  • Online store, Blog, Script library

IPage Web Hosting : Pros & Cons

iPage Web hosting Pros

  • Very affordable pricing with great features.
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • Proactive customer service
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop website builder
  • Google webmaster tools integration
  • You will get free $50 Google Adwords credit and $50 Facebook Ads credit along with the web hosting package.

iPage Web Hosting Cons

  • iPage don’t have SSH/Shell access so it’s bad news for programmers and developers as they may have to look elsewhere.
  • The chat support service provided by iPage is too long so I prefer their phone support.
  • Most of the add-on/upgrade services are only useful for beginners, seems company has not taken care of the experienced users.

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iPage Customer Support : Will You Get Support?

iPage has the Best SupportTry It Now : Click Here

iPage has great security measures and fast customer support. When I live chat, I was told that I needed to submit a copy of a government issued ID that matched the name on the credit card, which they told could be an excellent security measure.

Aaahh….This came as more of a headache to me rather than security measure.

At last, I called iPage’s customer service where I spoke t the concerned person who told me that I do not require an ID and I was able to make the purchase.

ipage customer support

After taking an average of live chat wait times, I came to a conclusion and found the average came out to be 12 minutes for initial contact. This was followed by an average of three minutes between responses.

The iPage web hosting gives you access to a comprehensive knowledge base that covers various other topics.

Apart from account management, you can also learn a lot of things regarding building a website using some of the most popular content management systems, including Joomla and WordPress.

Also, You can learn how to submit your website to Google manually, and also learn how to set up your website to accept credit cards for online payments . Yu can also learn how to market your website.

iPage Refund Policy -> Will I Get My Money Back?

ipage web hosting review

Will I get a refund if I am not satisfied with Image Hosting? 😮

YES! This is a by default question that arises in a customer mind while buying a product.

Well….Just don’t bother much as you will get the refund if you are not satisfied with the product. J If you are unhappy and feel that this hosting doesn’t fit your needs,

iPage will refund your amount!! Unlike other web hosts which bind you into a multi-year payment term by offering great discounts. iPage anytime money back guarantee ensures that they are confident with their web hosting service and happily, you are not stuck. They issue you a refund for the remainder of your current payment term.

iPage has 30 days return policy so according to this you will be refunded the complete amount within first 30 days.

Shall I Go For This Web Hosting? 

After analyzing the products and services offered by iPage’s Essential Plan I can say that price offered by them makes this web hosting a complete worth for anyone who is new to website design. This makes iPage a best hosting company for newbies

Also, You can get complete assistance and support from iPage’s extensive knowledgebase, courteous customer service representatives and tutorials.

MOST AMAZING THING is that the complete control, security, and site backup offered by iPage at this low prices are just out of the box. I must say it is a KILLER plan by the makers to tell users that they also exist in the market.

The company is providing affordable hosting with unlimited space and data transfer. Also, You will get free useful tools to build and maintain your website. J Also, You can create a blog, website or online store with easy 1-click installers and step-by-step instructions.

TRUST ME! iPage web hosting is really a pocket-friendly and smart choice if you want to start a website. I I am very impressed with their customer service. The staff is extremely friendly and very helpful.

FINALLY! I am very impressed with them and I highly recommend you to go through the hosting plans before making a final verdict.

ipage reviewsTry It Now : Click Here


Note : If You are Non-Residence Of USA and want to avail the Ipage coupons or discount codes or deal, then you may use the below given banner to purchase or learn more about the product.

Activate Ipage UK Coupon

Activate Ipage Canada Coupon

Activate Ipage Australia Coupon

Activate Ipage Europe Coupon

Siteground Review : Why There Web Hosting Is Among Top Choices?

Choosing a host is a real headache for a website owner. Well, sometimes budget doesn’t allow to choose the best, sometimes requirements are high or low that doesn’t make us reach a conclusion.

After reviewing several companies I am here to review yet another fantabulous hosting company that will definitely wow you all with their plans, and features.

So, Here we take the curtain off from the another renowned web hosting company, SiteGround. Some of you must have heard about this company, some must have heard about it the first time. So, Let’s first get an overview of the company.

SiteGround Review : A Web Hosting Company

SiteGround is a very popular web hosting company from Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2004. It is headquartered in Bulgaria. It is serving millions of clients worldwide. This company offers high-quality hosting solutions to customers globally.

SiteGround provides a large scale of hosting solutions ranging from shared Linux hosting (the affordable, versatile kind used by most websites) all the way to Cloud and Dedicated server solutions for large, growing websites. It is among the world’s fastest growing independent hosting companies.

SiteGround Features

Now, After knowing about the company we can say YES! SiteGround is a old player in the market with a good authority. But, Before knowing about features if SiteGround let’s first find out  the features that a web hosting company must have.

While finding a web hosting company we all know our WordPress specific needs. You need to consider a lot of things while choosing best web hosting for your WordPress blog such as, uptime, support, backups, and many more.

Let’s find out must have features that you should take care of while choosing a web hosting company and also, find out whether SiteGround Hosting includes these features or not,

  • 24/7 Support : It is the most important feature while choosing a web hosting. As in case your website stops working or got some technical issue you can approach the customer service department for technical as well as non technical help. SiteGround offers 24*7 support via phone, chat and tickets. You can contact them even at 1’o clock at night if you need any help. Also, SiteGround has well trained staff that can help you to tackle WordPress and plugin related specific issues.
  • Cost : This is the main constraint for most bloggers and online business houses. No matter what your requirement are, but your web hosting choice depends on your budget. We must say SiteGround is a complete package when it comes to get a affordable hosting with lots of features. Isn’t that really cool guys! You can visit the SiteGround website and search for their hosting Plans just starting at $3.95/month – which is 60% off their standard pricing.
  • Auto Updates : The new wordpress version allows automatic updates for maintenance and security, however one still has to take care of larger updates. But, When you have a good hosting company you are free to take this burden. The hosting company will themselves update the wordpress for you. Well, SiteGround is among best hosting companies that makes automatic updates to WordPress so you always know that your installation is up to date.
  • Backup : Always choose a hosting company that provides regular backup of your website. In online world it is risky if you cant restore your site data. But, SiteGround hosting provides regular free daily backups with all of their hosting plans. So, you need not to go for any paid plugins for site backups.
  • One-Click Installation : If you are a beginner and you want to step into this field then always go for a hosting which provides easy one-click WordPress installation as it’s very harassing to install a server manually. Luckily, SiteGround has a great setup wizard which helps you to install your Wordpess in just few minutes.
  • Uptime Guarantee : Siteground also gives 99.9% up-time guarantees. This means that your site will be available 24 hours with just 0.1% chance of down so  that you and your readers do not find any inconvenience.
  • Visits Per Month : You have to decide what are you needs, like you are expecting a large traffic or you are expecting a decent traffic so that you can choose your web hosting accordingly. SiteGround offers three plans (StartUp plan, GrowBig plan & GoGeek plan) each with different traffic levels (10k, 25k and 100k respectively). So, you can choose a plan accordingly which suits the traffic requirement of your blog. If you are expecting huge traffic or you already getting large traffic then its profitable to go for a plan which is build to handle that amount of traffic.
  • Bandwidth : You can choose a bandwidth according to your blog age and requirement. Like, if you are new to this field then you can go for 7-8GB space and can increase it accordingly. SiteGround’s web hosting plans start at 10GB and goes up to unlimited. You have to decide which plan suits your budget and your requirements. Suppose, if you plan to start a songs site that require lots of downloading then surely you need to go for a bigger plan.
  • Speed : Speed is a major concern for website owners. Everyone want a web hosting with high speed servers. Well, SiteGround is way better when it comes to speed. This hosting company also  offer their own SuperCacher plugin that includes 3 levels of caching. All wordpress users can take full advantage of this incredible plugin and it’s dynamic caching.
  • Security : Everyone takes special care of their website security and WHY NOT! after all it’s the treasure of a blogger or any company. So, safety of a website is the main objective the owner. All you need is a safe and secure server. Various hosting features includes, backups, software updates, monitoring and much more.  SiteGround offers multi layer protection to all their users.

In addition to this Siteground web hosting offers several features to their customers such as, free transfers/migrations, email accounts, data transfers, multiple data centers, security measures (such as plugins), caching etc.

Hmm.. I know these features are not necessary to claim SiteGround as a good host but surely they add up to making SiteGround a good host.

Let’s move forward to find out why to choose SiteGround Web Hosting for your WordPress blog.

What Makes SiteGround WordPress Hosting Stand Out In Crowd?

Well !! After reading the above features undoubtedly SiteGround web hosting is among the best host. It covers all features that are required to make a good host.  SiteGround hosting company has got attention in industry very smartly by providing affordable and good plans to the clients worldwide. SiteGround has grabbed the eyeballs by giving  superb offers to the clients that includes awesome features of a managed WordPress host such as auto updates, clear caching, backup and security etc and in a affordable prices.

Let’s have a look at Siteground Gogeek Plan to get a better idea of what’s included with their premium hosting plans. As you login to your User Area you will find large number of helpful tabs for anything and everything. To get to know about your DNS information, account IP or other services just click on the My Accounts tab. As you sign up here you will get access to all kind of extra features from SiteGround.

Then, When you scroll down a bit you will find a WordPress Installation tab under your Account page. In this section you will find all your listed websites along with some couple helpful links. You will find a quick link to your website Admin Panel. Also, you will find a link to SiteGround’s WordPress Toolkit and as you click on this button you will login to cPanel X where you will get quick access to backend activities and various other options.

SiteGround Features & Plans

SiteGround web hosting has some incredible features in their Toolkit. It includes a restricting access of WordPress C-Panel to only allow specific IP addresses for safety of C-panel, fix file permissions, quick reset button for your WordPress Admin password. If in case you want to transfer your site you have an option to change website domain (or sub domain), move installation to/from a new folder to another folder, SSL certificate in case you have a private SSL certificate, and also, if you have decided to remove your website from the server you can delete applications.

Well, With the help of these features you can manage your site pretty well.

->SiteGround Extra Services

Guys, Also apart from basic features Siteground has some additional features. Yes! You heard that right. (I know you have a big smile on your face reading this) J . Let me tell you about the premium features available from SiteGround.

HackerAlert Malware

We know every website owner is over concerned when it comes to security and protection from hackers. If you are one of them and you want to put tight security layers on your website then SiteGround’s Hacker Alert is a best option to go for. It’s premium upgrade plan comes with $1 per month price tag. It helps in crawling your site for malware and gives you regular alerts via email if it finds any wrong activity. Also, You will get tips regarding cleaning your website. According to me, HackerAlert is a great service to try once.

Premium Backups

SiteGround makes it easy for the user to restore backup. You can take daily backups of your website which is included free with all plans. They have to plans, GrowBig & GoGeek which provides easy accessibility to use restore tool built-in. You just need to click on the restore button to submit a ticket to have your site restored to a previous backup.

You know awesomeness comes when we get to know that the two of these above mentioned plans includes, 30 stored backups of your website. The GoGeek plan provides the unlimited manual restorations with the help of the SIteGround support team.

Dedicated IP Address

SiteGround gives you an option to go for dedicated IP address. You can choose this option of dedicated ip address from extra services option.

But, yeah let me tell you it’s not a compulsion for a blog or website owner to choose this option. If you want to go for SSL certificate then you might choose this option.

WordPress Staging

SiteGround also provides free staging sites to their customers. This is an awesome tool to go for as in case you are developing a website for someone else by that time you can put your own theme and also add content before going live.

As you are ready just just click one button to move your staging to your live site. Also, if you plan to move back from the live site this plugin will automatically backup data on your site.

CloudFlare Plus

Guys, When you check out the SiteGround plans you will find that almost all plan’s of Siteground have this option. Isn’t that great 😀

As we all know CloudFlare can boost the speed of our WordPress site. It provides worldwide delivery of static files (such as images or other content) using the datacenter closest to every reader.

You will find that sometimes you will get a awesome speed of your site which can increase by as much as 50% and you can save 60% of your bandwidth. If you go for choosing this option you will get hourly statistics, SSL support, optimized image resizing and two levels of image compression.

Standard AlphaSSL

For those who need SSL certificate for their blog, SiteGround is best option by far. SiteGround’s two major plans, GrowBig & GoGeek plans includes free standard SSL certificate for 1 year. If you want to purchase the SSL cerfificate via credit card then they also allows you to create a secure connection between your customer and your server. Also, If you plan to create a multi-site installation with various sub-domians, all you will need to use is WildCard SSl, which is offered by SiteGround . You can easily upgrade it with just one click.

SuperCacher Plugin

You can enjoy the premium plan of Super cache plugin with SiteGround GoGeek WordPress Hosting plan. YES! You heard that right. J Also, You will choose 3 levels of the powerful SuperCacher Plugin (static, Memcached and dynamic).

You can easily install this plugin. When you select wordpress you can install this plugin automatically. This plugin helps in increasing the speed of your site by caching static content, database query results and dynamic copies of your web pages. You can easily edit your cache settings by clicking on the SuperCacher menu item in your WordPress dashboard.

Choosing A SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plan

Well, After reading all these features I know most of you have got impressed by this web hosting company and it’s hosting features. Naaa….But the features doesn’t end here. Now let’s find out their super amazing plans offered by this web hosting company.

After seeing the features offered by SiteGround web hosting company let’s find out how to choose a plan that’s right for you? SiteGround offers three major plans– StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek.

Thinking! What’s difference in these and what will suit you best? Ahhh... Relax! Here, I will tell you which plan you should go for and why?

Now, Without wasting much time let’s dive in to get the best out of this ocean. 😀

SiteGround Review : WordPress Shared Hosting Plans

SiteGround Web hosting

StartUp Plan

If you’re starting your website first time or, if you are new to WordPress, or if you do not have much traffic on your blog initially then SiteGround’s StartUp plan is perfect choice to go for. This start up plan is especially designed for beginners keeping in mind lower traffic websites. This hosting plan allows you to host one site and can handle around 10,000 hits per month. So, If you think you have that much requirement then don’t think and just grab this plan NOW.

HEY! You know StartUp Plan works like charm for smaller online shops with a reasonable number of products. Also, If with god’s grace you start attracting more than 10,000 unique visits per month on a regular basis then you may have to shift to another plan with more caping and features. J

Let’s Find out what all features SiteGround Start Up Plan is giving >>>>

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Builder
  • cPanel & SSH Access
  • Free Setup & Transfer
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • SSD Storage
  • Free Daily Backup
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Unlimited Traffic, Emails, DBs
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs
  • Free CloudFlare CDN

GrowBig Plan

If you are using a small plan and your website has grown big and your traffic has increased then you can upgrade to the GrowBig plan. This hosting plan of SiteGround allows you to host an unlimited number of websites. You can host on your own network as long as the traffic is just around  25,000 per month. Also, you will get additional features including the basic backup & restorations, priority support, double the web space and WordPress SuperCacher.

This plan is designed to accommodate huge trafficked website that can be either single website or multiple average-size websites. This is a popular plan among customers who prefer to host all their sites in one account.

Let’s find out the features of GrowBig Plan >>>>

  • 24*7 Support
  • Ultimate Speed
  • Security Layers
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Premium E-Commerce
  • Premium Joomla & WordPress

GoGeek Plan

Well, it’s a giant plan for those who get flood of traffic on their websites. Especially, those whose site is growing bigger every passing day then surely SiteGround GoGeek Plan is a great option. 😀

This plan includes many premium features such as, 1-click staging, premium backups, unlimited professional website restorations, SG Git github integration, free PCI compliance for online stores etc.

BEST THING is that this hosting plan is great for average-sized e-commerce websites as it consist of a much larger product line. This plan also consist of server PCI compliance!

  • More Power per User
  • Geeky E-Commerce
  • Geeky Staging Tools

TRUST ME! This web hosting plan is one of the best plans offered by SiteGround.

As, we got to know about the features offered under these various hosting plans of SiteGround let’s find out how to set up hosting with SiteGround.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review -> Plans Features & Prices

Siteground Cloud Hosting

After testing SiteGround cloud hosting plan, I have found it to be ultra fast, autoscalable. They have used advanced and innovative technology and also they allow us to customize plan accordingly.

The plans offered under cloud hosting plans includes, >>>>

  • Entry Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Plan

These plans provide high speed as they use lightweight Linux containers with SSD disks which is good booster for a site speed. They provide 7 offsite backups of your site for 7 consecutive days providing guarantee of data loss. BEST THING about this plan is 24*7 fast customer support by real experts! You need not to wait for long time on call or chat as the ultra fast support provided by SiteGround takes less than 10 min to reply on tickets.

Let’s have a look at the features of cloud hosting plans, >>>

  • WHM & cPanel
  • Apache/Nginx & CentOS
  • Free Domain Name
  • Softaculous Autoinstaller
  • Exim Mail Server
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL
  • Private DNS Server Setup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 5 PHP Versions & HHVM
  • IP Tables Firewall
  • SSH Access

SiteGround Dedicated Hosting Review -> Plans Features & Prices

SiteGround Dedicated Hosting

SiteGround Web Hosting : Pros & Cons

Pros of SiteGround

As we all know that everything in this world is not perfectly perfect. Their are many points related to this point which i have explained in this review. But this Siteground web hosting pros & cons topic is is very crucial for buyers to know. Because this will help buyers to show both advantages and disadvantages of SiteGround web hosting company.

1. Speed & Performance :

When people are surfing any website on internet they expect that when they type URL of any website the it should respond and open quickly. So, this is the responsibility of your hosting providers to send the requested files to the website user who is browsing website quickly.

SiteGround hosting company promises to deliver great website speed. They have manage to successfully satisfy thousands of their clients.

We personally checked few websites which were hosted on the Siteground servers. Awww !! Damn.. Speed of website was lightening fast. We were very much impressed with the speed performance of website.

2.  99% website uptime: 

This is the best part of SiteGround that you will never find a down time on your website. TRUST ME! Your website will be up always and if any issue occurs it will be resolved in no time.

3. Feature Set :

They are offering very strong and genuine feature set. They are providing major facilities like daily backups to secure your website from data loss. They are also giving their users very much standard cPanel to manage the server and maintain the back end of the website.

For very starter or beginner website owners they make sure to do free domain name for a year, free account transfer and also give free site builders. This shows their care and concern towards each and every clients. This is the reason they are among well known hosting brands company.

This hosting company has focused developer-oriented features which are very unique and handy.  CloudFlare’s CDN is also merging well their features and what is the most attractive part is that they are providing free PCI compliance and free Git & staging areas which is helpful to have integrated.

4. Transparency* & Community :

SiteGround is transparent and supportive of community in an industry that is usually pretty closed off. It’s refreshing to work with a company that is straightforward and supportive instead of working with a giant company that’s short on details and long on product upsells. They have a simple sign up process.

Their transparency and community support is a major pro because it indicates a deeper culture of investment in the long-term. If you’re a customer, that’s a good culture to buy from.

Cons of SiteGround

Like any web host, SiteGround has disadvantages. Here are the cons that I found while using SiteGround.

1. Limited features in the basic plan

SiteGround’s basic plan has very fewer features of hosting. It has only single website and 10GB of storage space. The users can only get an overview of some basic features of this website builder platform.

2.Website transfer not good

SiteGround’s doesn’t offer an easy one-click website transfer. Several users complain about this thing as they got a hard time transferring their website.

3. No free trial available

SiteGround don’t provide a free trail to the users so that they can try the services of website builder platforms before they conclude about them. As you all know that free trial is the best way to attract the customers initially but unfortunately, SiteGround is not providing any free trial as of now.

Must ReadIpage Web Hosting Review

SiteGround Support : Will You Get Assistance ?

SiteGround customer support is incredible. I personally had a great experience with them. The staff reviewed the things in no time. I can’t just hold myself to tell you all about their amazing support.

First, they are transparent and responsive. You contact them via any medium like messages, email or phone, they will revert back in no time.

Secondly, I found SiteGround staff to be very knowledgeable with in-depth knowledge of all aspects.

Also, SiteGround invests a lot in their employees. They put on technical events to train developers as they know employees are an asset for the company.

They take 5-10 minutes or even less to revert back once you lodge a complain.

SiteGround Refund Policy

Good thing is SiteGround has easy 30 day money back guarantee for all shared hosting plans.

YES! It means they are confident about their product and they give a freedom to the customer to return the product if they aren’t satisfied.

But, This policy is not applicable to their Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Services, Paid Support or Third Party Services.

What Should You Do ?

If you are planning to buy web hosting which makes you feel relax in terms of after sale services then SiteGround web hosting would be a preferable option among all the hosting providers. The are successfully serving thousands of customers for many years have goodwill which makes them stand among other brands.

In the end, I would like to say the last thing that It is difficult to trust something first time but till the time we don’t use anything we can not build the trust and know about the product too.

Take Your Chance..Trust people who have been already satisfied from the SiteGround reviews and their web hosting services.


Hostgator Web Hosting Review : Why It’s Among Top Choices?

Are you searching for the best hosting company? Do you want to start your website? Are you searching for the web hosting company which will satisfy your client’s need? If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then you are landed on the right post.

Yes, you are at right place!!!

I know, we can’t bear the loss of even a single penny. And, WHY NOT! After all, it’s our hard earned money. If we are not able to get the maximum benefit of our investment, we obviously don’t like it. So before buying any product or service, we make sure verifying the performance of the product by reviewing it. We find so many people who have used that product or service in the past. We ask them so many questions. We spend our valuable time to find reviews on Google. So today we will give you a complete analysis of one of the web hosting company who has been claiming to be the best among web hosting providers.

So, in order to make your task easier, we have done research on the performance of the product. We ask so many questions to the users of the product to find out the result and performance of the product.

TODAY! We will give you a complete analysis of one of the web hosting company who has been claiming to be the best among web hosting providers.

Yes! It’s Hostgator, one of the best hosting providing company for newbies.

When you want to start your website or fulfill the client’s need for website one of the most important factor is a good Host. The performance of the website depends on Host. If you buy a good hosting then definitely the performance of the website will be high. Otherwise, your website takes too much time to load. So a good host plays a vital role in the success of any website.

Our a review team has done a complete research on the web hosting services provided by Hostgator. We have brought some genuine reviews about Hostgator after using the web hosting services over the period of time. So we know that which one is good and which one is not.

So after receiving so many queries about Hostgator web hosting from our readers, we have done a lot of research on the Hostgator web hosting. So now we are ready with all the collected data.

So you don’t need to bother much as below you will come across the facts of web hosting services provided by Hostgator.

Hostgator Review


Hostgator was founded by Brent Oxley on October 22, 2002. Hostgator reaches their 1000 customers in just one year. Hostgator is the global provider of web hosting and related services. These services include Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated web hosting. The current location of official Hostgator is in Texas. They are having more than 12,000 servers under their management. The users of Hostgator are ranging from freelancers to a big company. The customer satisfaction survey shows that about 90% customers are satisfied with their services.

The main advantages of Hostgator are their cooling, security and data centers.

The VPS plan of the Hostgator is very good but along with that the shared and dedicated plans are what make the company stand out from the rest of the web hosting company.

Hostgator has a wide variety of VPS plans. These plans are divided into 9 different levels starting from level 1. You can choose any of the plans depending on your need.

There are 3 different plans like Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and Business plan are included in Hostgator’s Linux web hosting plan.

Hostgator knows the customer’s potential. So they are always ready to help their customers. There can provide you help via support portal, live chat, and forum.

Most of the servers of Hostgator reside in Provo, Houston, and Texas. You can also active CloudFlare by which you can route your content through 23 data centers worldwide.

Hostgator Web Hosting Plans

It’s most important to identify right web hosting plan for you. Hostgator provides various kinds of plans depending upon your need. Hostgator offers Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting and Reseller hosting. You can choose any plan from these four types of plan. But be aware before choosing any one plan. First, you should identify your requirements and then you should go for any plan.

Hostgator Web Hosting plans

Hostgator Shared Hosting Plan

Hostgator Web Hosting plans

If you are a blogger or you are having a new website then shared hosting is an ideal choice for you. This is a most economical option from all above types. In this type of hosting, your website is put into the server in which many other websites are also running. All these websites are sharing resources of the web host.

Hostgator VPS Hosting Plan

Hostgator Web Hosting plans

The second type of web hosting is VPS hosting. This is best for the advanced user who wants to install some software on their server. This is like shared hosting but here the websites are less for one particular server. So your website’s performance will be good as compared to shared hosting. This is the best choice for you if you have a website which drives a huge traffic or business website. Here you get full domain access.

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Hostgator Dedicated Hosting Plan

Hostgator Web Hosting plans

The third type is dedicated hosting. If you have any e-commerce website and you are selling many products online then you need dedicated hosting for your website. In this type of web hosting, one server is specially allocated for your website. So your website gets full and exclusive access to all the resources of that server. Here also you get full domain access.

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Reseller Hosting plan

The last type of web hosting is reseller hosting. In reseller hosting, the account owner can sell some amount of space and bandwidth to another website. In this type, reseller first purchases hosting from the host and then he/she sell to the other person. So by this way reseller earn some profits. Reseller may purchase dedicated or shared hosting from the host.

Windows web hosting is also supported by Hostgator. If you are dealing with ASP.NET website then you need to choose windows hosting. In windows, hosting Hostgator offers the power and flexibility of parallels Plesk panel, IIS, Microsoft SQL server etc.

Hostgator Web Hosting Plan

Hostgator Web Hosting plans

Generally, Hostgator offers three plans for web hosting. These plans are Hatchling plan, baby plan, and business plan. Each of these plans offers more features than other. The best thing about these plans is all of these provide unlimited space and full bandwidth.

1. Hatchling Plan

This is the very basic and starter plan. Main features of this plan are:

  • Single Domain
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Starting at  $2.78/month
  • Shared SSL

2. Baby Plan

The baby plan has more features as compared to Hatchling plan. The Main features of this plan are:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Starting at $3.98/month
  • Shared SSL

3. Business Plan

The more advanced plan from both of the above plan is Business plan. The main features of this plan are:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Starting at $5.98/month
  • Free SSL certificate

The Hatchling plan is best for those who want to host only a single domain. But if you are having multiple domains and you want to host them, then you should definitely go for Baby plan or Business plan.

So there are lots of plan in Hostgator. Each plan has its own features. You should be clear in your mind about your requirements before choosing any of the above plans.

Pros And Cons Of Hostgator

Pros Of Hostgator

Reliable server and 99.9% Uptime: The best thing at Hostgator is its servers and Uptime. The uptime of the Hostgator is 99.9%. So there are high chances that your website runs well at any point of time. Hostgator takes care of its server. They are having the reliable, and powerful server. We have used Hostgator hosting so we can say that its server and uptime are remarkable.

Better pricing for the long term: Initially the price of Hostgator is a bit high. But there are many hosting companies who offers very low price for the first year. The renewal prices of such companies are very high. It is not the case with Hostgator. Initially, they charge more but if you want to invest for a long time, then their renewal charges are less as compared to other companies.

Free Site Migration: Suppose you want to transfer your host to Hostgator. The migration process is not easy for inexperienced, person. So Hostgator provides facility to the newbie. You just need to fill one form. Rest of the process will take care of Hostgator team.

Transparent and 45 days Money Back Guarantee: The best thing about Hostgator is their services are very transparent. Transparency is a rare thing in the world of web hosting. But terms and services of Hostgator are very clear. So you can exactly know what you are receiving from them. Also, Hostgator provides 45 days money back guarantee.

Unlimited Features: There are many features which you get unlimited by Hostgator. You get Unlimited space, Unlimited transfer, Unlimited Emails for any plan.

Choice: Hostgator provides many different plans. So with Hostgator, you have flexibility while choosing your plan. You can choose your plan from a variety of plans.

Cons of Hostgator

Customer Support: The customer support of Hostgator is slow. If we compare response time of Hostgator with another company then Hostgator takes 20 to 30 minutes time to reach you. While other web hosting companies like BlueHost and Inmotion Hosting takes only 5 minutes to reach you.

Costlier: The charges of Hostgator are a bit high as compared to other web hosting companies for the first time. The reason for these high charges is their services. But still, we need to pay those high charges which all cannot afford.

Too crowded: Due to the popularity of Hostgator, there are around 9 million websites running on their servers. So it might affect the performance of your website.

High Charges for Domain: Hostgator is a web hosting company. But it offers Domain registration also. But they apply high charges for domain registration.

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Is Hostgator A Worthy Choice!

So by now you know what advantages of good web host are, what the plans of Hostgator are, what are the pros and cons of them.

I know, choosing a web host is crucial for any webmaster. The website performance totally depends on the host. If you want to make a quality website and a long term website then you should definitely go with Hostgator.

Hostgator provides 99.9% uptime to your websites. So there is very low downtime for any website. So that is very important for any website. Whenever any webmaster wants to buy a host, he looks for company reputation, price, hosting features, and customer support and server performance. So, Apart from Hostgator price and customer support issues, all other parameters are very good at Hostgator. They are also working very hard to solve both of the issues.

The Hostgator is also a reliable company since many years. It has a very good reputation in the market. There are a wide variety of plans are available for customers.

So if you are really serious about your website then Hostgator is best for you. The price is a bit more as compared to other companies. But the quality of the services which Hostgator provides is also a top notch. They have many features for each time of websites. So if you are ready to pay some more money and expect the quality service from your host then Hostgator is for you. We also have used Hostgator and we are also satisfied with their services.

Guys, we strongly recommend you to go with Hostgator for your websites.

If you like this post then do share it with your friends and help them to choose the best web host for their websites. I would like to hear your views on the Hostgator. So feel free to share your experience with Hostgator via comments.

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Host1 Plus VPS Hosting Review: Why People Trust Them Blindly?

Before telling you about anything our team just want to welcome here for landing on perfect place to get info about the term which you were searching on Google.

Yes !! We know you that you are hungry for the information you are looking for Host1plus VPS hosting reviews.

Don’t worry!! Our team has done very deep research and created awesome piece of review on the VPS hosting plan of web hosting company Host1 Plus.

We were searching for best VPS hosting providers company who could give us great VPS hosting services for our new blogs. During surfing on internet, our one of the team member found Host1 Plus web hosting company.

We were just amazed to see the features and plans. Honestly telling you one major  thing thing which attracted us more that was Pricing of all the plans with great features. They are offering one VPS hosting plan called Amber plan which starts from just 2$ per month.

So, we thought why not to write another review for our blog readers and help the people who want VPS hosting plans.

So, before elaborating anything regarding the Host1Plus hosting plans, let us give you brief introduction about their company.

Host1Plus Review

Host1 Plus is a hosting provider company which was founded in 2008. It provides storage and access to websites. It has a lot of services to offer, such as VPS (Virtual Private Server) and reseller hosting to domain name registration and SSL certificates. It provides high value hosting services at optimum prices.

Host1 Plus recently launched rDNS management interface and added IPv6 addresses for VPS customers. It has become one of the very few web hosting providers with self management functionality of the User Interface.

Host1 Plus is highly popular with bloggers, developers, business owners and web designers. It helps them managing their online assets and database. It offers a complete package, so business developers are happy to choose this over other websites.

They offers a lot of web packages options with remarkable features. The VPS hosting is more suitable for powerful websites with heavy traffic. Developers often choose this to get root access to their server.

Host1 Pus price/performance ratio is quite good. You can expand the capacity of your VPS according to your need. It also provides you with the added benefit of allowing you to host unlimited amount of domains on your VPS.

It offers 4 different VPS hosting plans; namely, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This hosting company is Located in 5 different locations, USA (Chicago and Los Angeles), Brazil, South Africa and Germany, you can choose the closest server location in order to get faster connection speed.

Let us tell you in brief about all the VPS Hosting plan.

Host1 Plus Review: Hosting Plans & Features

See below image to clarify you doubts regarding plans & pricing of VPS hosting plans.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Amber VPS Plan:

  • With CPU of 0.5 Cores
  • RAM of 256 MB, HDD+SSD of 20 GB
  • Bandwidth of 500 GB

This is a package for a less powerful website with not much traffic. The prices vary according to location starting from $2/month.

Bronze VPS Plan:

  • With CPU of 1 Cores
  • RAM of 768 MB, HDD+SSD of 60 GB
  • Bandwidth of 1000 GB

This is a package for a less powerful website with relatively higher traffic. The prices vary according to location starting from $4.75/month.

Silver VPS Plan:

  • With CPU of 2 Cores capacity
  • RAM of 2048 MB
  • HDD+SSD of 80 GB
  • Bandwidth of 2000 GB

This package is suitable for businesses with relatively higher traffic. The prices are variable subject to location starting from around $14.70/month.

Gold VPS Plan:

  • CPU of 4 Cores capacity
  • RAM of 4096 MB
  • HDD+SSD of 200 GB
  • Bandwidth of 3000 GB

The gold package is an optimum package for heavy domains. The prices start from around $29.30/month and go up according to the location.

Platinum VPS Plan:

  • 6 Cores capacity CPU
  • 8192 MB RAM
  • HDD+SSD of 500 GB
  • Bandwidth of 7000 GB

This is suitable for those powerful and heavy websites which draw huge traffic. You can get this package at an average price of $64.50/month.

Diamond VPS Plan:

  • 8 Cores capacity CPU
  • 16384 MB RAM
  • HDD+SSD of 1000 GB
  • Bandwidth of 12000 GB

The price of $105/month. This is suitable for those heavy businesses and domains which are visited by thousands per day.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Features

1. The VPS is scalable

2. An IP account to suit your SEO needs

3. Unlimited domains and customization

4. Auto installer feature

5. Great performance at nominal price

6. Multiple operation centres

7. SSD Caching

8. Intel Xeon processors

9. 500 Mbps uplink

10. IPv4 and IPv6 support

11. OpenVZ virtualization technology

12. Linux operating system

13. DNS Management

14. Instant development

15. Live Stats

16. Full Root Access

I feel i should disclose all other plans of the Host1 Plans & Pricing so, that you can have look at their other services.

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Host1 Plus Web Hosting : Plans & Feature

Host1Plus Web Hosting

Host1 Plus Reseller Web Hosting : Plans & Features

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting

Pros and Cons of Host1 Plus


  • All kinds of payment options
  • Reasonable prices
  • Data centres at multiple locations
  • RAID Data storage
  • Geolocated IPs
  • 2 Free backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24×7 Live support
  • Solid Security
  • 14 day money back guarantee (T&C Apply)


  • Little higher charge for cPanel and Extra Care Support
  • Phone support is little hard.

I personally think that VPS plans of Host1 Plus has cons which will not give that much trouble because it has lots of Pros to satisfy their clients.

Host1 Plus Review : Final Words

To earn maximum profits out of your business, you need good hosting services. Host1 Plus has a great track record since 2008 and you can opt for it for your business needs and solutions. It is an inexpensive yet high quality service provider.

This is the reason people trust the this brand blindly. They are serving their clients efficiently and successfully have manged to win the heart and trust of their customers.

Host1 Plus is ideal for businesses with heavy traffic website and has amazing prices for high class services. The best thing about Host1 Plus and its services is that they keep you off your worries.

With amazing staff and support team, you can completely rely on them for taking care of your server. It costs a little extra but is every bit worth it.

So, no need to hesitate…JUST GO FOR IT !!!

Ravgar Review : One Of The Best I-Phone Cases

Own an iPhone? But you have no clue how to make it unique, Well this is your chance at making it unique.

Ravgar Overview

Ravgar is the one company which makes the most amazing and cool iPhone covers. You will go totally crazy with their collection on Amazon (USA and India) and on their facebook page.The motto says “Born out of love for Good design” They claim that as well and provide you with some amazing covers.

Ravgar Features

Ravgar Price

The covers are simple and elegant. They also have a matte finish look and have a great texture. The covers happen to be anti-glare. These covers are specially designed for i-Phones and they fit perfectly. The cutting is perfect and they just look great with their simple yet funky designs.

The  Covers are Durable & Tough. It comes with scratch resistant Coating and keeps your phone “Scratch-proof” & “Dust-proof”. It also
absorbs the shocks from sides & corners. The cases are lightweight and durable for a long time.

The Ravgar company is basically a mobile accessories company and they have been making the dreams of certain people come true. People who own iPhones love the covers by Ravgar and they do live up to their promises. It’s a Chandigarh-based company and they provide in-house products.

-> Some Product Highlights from the Manufacturer

Ravgar Features

  • Matte Finish : The company’s Printing Technology ensures that the Designs printed on mobile case don’t fade away.
  • Construction : The product is durable & long lasting. In addition to this it is Scratch & Impact resistant, Ultra slim and Lightweight, which will keep your phone weight light.
  • Slimmest Protection : Ravgar cases protect your i-phone from any type of external damage. The product is shock resistant, scratch resistant iPhone SLIM Guard case
  • Design : It’s enhanced Lip to help keep Screen off the surface. It’s openings are cut very finely to allow full access to all the functions of your Phone, Easy Installation, Comfortable hand grip.

Ravgar Refund Policy

The best part about the whole process is that they are also giving you a 30-day money return policy. Isn’t that all we want? To have a free
will to change something when we don’t like it.

Conclusion : Should We Buy This Product?

If it was up to me, I would have definitely bought this product but now it’s up to you guys. Do you want the old boring colors and patterns or something that describes you? I guess nahh! So, Must give a try to Ravgar superior quality cases.

YES Go For It!!!