CometChat is a chat platform for all of you who have websites or blog. When any one visits your website or blog, they may want to discuss some queries or suggestions with you. They may even want to offer some business opportunity. To make such conversations easy, you must add a chat box on your website. There are many plugin available for this purpose. You can integrate CometChat plugin with your blog or website to provide a chat box on your site. You can chat from your website itself without creating hassle of going on some other platform. BUT, When I purchased this service from them the things claimed by them were totally OPPOSITE of what these cheaters have mentioned on their blog.

Let me tell you first WHAT is Cometchat and What Services they are providing? Read this complete Cometchat review to unveil the frauds performed by this company with me.

CometChat Product Overview

cometchat review

CometChat is a chat platform which let you chat with your visitors. In addition to this they also enable all the users of your site to chat with each other and with their G-talk friends. You can also share images with each other. The users can also broadcast videos through CometChat Platform. While sharing all these assets, CometChat also maintains the privacy of users.

When any visitor comes on your website right from that moment they are eligible to use CometChat to chat with you and their friends. Visitors can see their online friend list. This list is automatically displayed on the site. Visitors can enable chatting with a single click on the CometChat plugin. Users can stylize their avatar to know each other well. We all are fond of expressing our emotions with emoticons and smileys. CometChat provides smileys to express your moods. The platform has wide range of smileys to offer you variety of expressions. CometChat has a function called notification. Whenever user gets a notification, it will be shown on their dashboard. This ensures that no notification will be missed by user. CometChat alerts user about each notification.

Users can see all online friends with a list appearing on the dashboard. With this list you can start chatting with online friends immediately. CometChat also integrated social networking like Gtalk with it. With such integration you can chat with your Gtalk friends without hassle. You can also set your status message to let your friends know your availability for chatting. To make your chat experience live and connected, you will also see a small pencil icon when your chat friend is typing. This makes chat more responsive. Users can also see when their friend was online last time with the feature of last seen timestamp.

CometChat Features 

CometChat as told earlier is a platform which can be integrated with your website to give you a chatting platform on your website. CometChat comes with a package of features as listed below :

  • CometChat can be operated by running it on any server. As it is light weight it gives minimal load on the server.
  • CometChat helps you share files like documents, images, music and videos.
  • Users can share their screens with their friends through CometChat platform.
  • With the text massages users can also send handwritten messages which make the CometChat platform more interesting.
  • CometChat ensures users that they will never miss any notification. With the feature of notifications you can get an alert for each and every notification. The CometChat tool provides a push notification tool for mobiles. Such push notification makes it more possible to alert users for new notification.
  • You can chat with more than one person simultaneously. You can chat with one, five or more than ten friends at a time. CometChat shows scroll buttons when you have more chats going simultaneously.
  • Users can also hide their chat when they are not chatting with the hide bar feature of CometChat tool.
  • When users visit your website, they automatically get login into CometChat also. This feature skips repeated logins.
  • User can block unwanted person from CometChat.
  • User can save the conversation on CometChat platform.
  • CometChat has a whiteboard feature which let you draw anything you want to share with your friends.
  • You can also make your chat more attractive by changing text color of your chat messages.
  • You can also create a chatroom to gather your friends at single place and share files with all of them at a time.

 => CometChat Plans 

CometChat services come with various plans according to your need. They offer a trial period of 14 days to try their services with selected plans. Here are the detailed plans CometChat offering you.

  • Professional Edition

    This plan is suitable for small sites. They have to do onetime payment of $129 only. The buyers of this plan can enjoy text chatting. Users will not get a branding stamp of ComeChat. The plan offers real time translations. You can enhance your chatting experience with interesting stickers and emojis. You can broadcast your text messages with a single click. You can type in non- Latin characters.

  • Premium Edition

    Premium Edition is the most preferred plan. It comprises all the plan features of professional edition. It gives the added features like mobile browser compatibility. You can chat through your mobile browsers also. You will get a collaborative whiteboard in this plan. Buyers have to do a onetime payment of $249 only. You will get ensured installation. This plan comprises custom advertisements.


  • Platinum Edition

    If you select plus plan you need to pay $499 as a onetime payment. You will get all the benefits of premium plan like mobile browser compatibility and customized advertisements. With all these features buyers can experience video chatting with this plan. You can join your friends in a conference. You can also do voice calls only. With voice only calls you can do conference also. The platinum editions provides feature of screen sharing also. You can broadcast your video and voice chat.

    ComeChat also offers a basic Edition plan for which you have to pay $49 only. The editions come with 30 days money back Guarantee. You can return your product if you don’t find it worth your need. 30,000 customers use ComeChat with assured services. You can also own ComeChat plan within 60 seconds. 127 countries all over the world are enjoying ComeChat services. With these plan with warranty you can try them.

CometChat Customer Support

CometChat claims that they have number of platforms to give complete support system benefits to users but when you go their customer centre and calls them the representatives NEVER RESPOND you back. Whenever user encounters any problem or gets stuck at any point, you get NO SOLUTION from them to move out of this situation and you are left helpless. YOUR WORK IS SCREWED UP AND YOU SUFFER.

Documentation is a user guide which can be followed to get most of the service. Documentation has the step by step guide which gives the procedure for users for easy installation. User can learn how to install the CometChat tool on their site. They can also get the guidance for configuring and managing their CometChat plugin. But, when I called them to resolve my installation issue they DIDN’T EVEN BOTHERED TO LISTEN. Till date, I never got rely from them.

CometChat Refund Policy

CometChat comes with the 30 days money back “NO – GUARANTEE”. Its refund policy on their official website mentions money back guarantee but actually there is no as such money back guarantee from them. When I mailed the customer support to give back my money they provided vague reasons and never responded me back after 2 mails.  CometChat support team also ensures 100 % assistance with your issues, but then also if you get technical difficulties or issues related the sales you are NEVER RESPONDED BACK.

CometChat refund policy promises to give the refund within a week of approval which is totally FALSE CLAIMS. My refund did not reach my despite so many mails to the company.

 Never Go For This FRAUD COMPANY “CometChat”?

To engage Visitors on your site or blog you need something exclusive than your content and design. Engagement is the important factor to decrease the bounce rate of your site. But, if you feel that CometChat can be the option to fulfil these requirements then YOU ARE WRONG. If you want to get harassed by the company after purchasing the product then you can go ahead to FALL IN HELL.

The company claims its benefits for your brand but actually truth is that if you installed their product once on your website you are surely going to loose your clients and income because of THEIR POOR SERVICE. 

I would like to give A FINAL THOUGHT about CometChat that you should look carefully before getting trapped by this FRAUD COMPANY. Donot trust their written guidelines as the service is opposite to what they have mentioned on their website. So, In my opinion its a BIG NO to this WORST COMPANY. If you are reading this article we suggest you to share it maximum in groups and social media so that others are protected from such fraud companies.


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