Cloudways refers to a Cloud Platform which offers incredibly easy ways for deploying, monitoring and managing applications which are of high performance. These are managed and controlled on the top of all major providers of cloud infrastructures. The company solution is growing at a fast pace and offers computer processing resources on shared basis.

This is a spontaneous platform of cloud hosting that enables all the novices, bloggers, developers, agencies and designers to manage while deploying applications easily. It optimizes as well as performs all the setup for all necessary software on Amazon EC2 and DigitalOcean servers. You no longer need to worry about the installation of PHP, Varnish, Linux and the other scripts. Lets study Cloudways Managed Hosting review in detail.

Cloudways Review


The company was founded in the year 2011 and today it has over 50 employees. The company has scaled exponentially after which everybody joined in. The team in no time kept growing while continues growing. The Cloudways is a brainchild of two distinct men namely Pere Hospital and Aaqib Gadit. It has been incorporated in the place of Malta, while having offices in Spain and in UAE. The company has achieved a stupendous rate of growth and its hard work speaks volume for its outcomes.

Cloudways Managed Hosting Review : Features & Plans

There is a wide array of features that marks the platform ahead than that of the rest in Cloudways Managed Hosting Features

  • Multiple cloud infrastructures

Cloudways lets the individuals choose the cloud infrastructure from a wide array of places. Such places include DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google and KYUP. This lets you deploy the managed servers in about few clicks.

  • Multiple Datacenters

There are more than 35 Data center located around the world. The services of Cloudways ensure that you do not need to worry regarding latency ever again.

  • Support of multiple apps

The Cloudways server has been prepared for the hosting of web apps which are PHP based. This is the reason that lets you avail more than 10 installers of deployment packages. These packages are availed in just a single click. Moreover, there is an additional plain PHP as well.

  • Dedicated environment

Each and every cloud server present on Cloudways comes along with varied dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, Storage as well as IP. One can easily use the cloud server while you can gain complete control on the creation of apps.

  • Hosting based on SSD

This platform offers SSD storage which supports the requests of read-write. This further cuts the load-time of websites in just about half while helping you to avail higher results of SERP.

  • CloudwaysBot

Your personal smart assistant helps you to optimize the hosted servers along with applications. This is done by offering insights of real-time performance to the prescribed channels. You can check also yourself on Cloudways features and plans to study deep about their services.

>>> Cloudways Managed Hosting : Plans & Pricing

Cloudways Hosting

All of these brilliant features come in a wide array of Cloudways Plans & Pricing such as the following:

  • Highly popular plan – $17 per month

This plan is inclusive the charges of Digital Ocean. It lets you avail the following:


1 Core Processor

30GB Storage

2TB Bandwidth

  • $ 7 per month


1 Core Processor

20GB Storage

1TB Bandwidth

  • $34 per month


2 Core Processor

40GB Storage

3TB Bandwidth

  • $70 per month


2 Core Processor

60 GB Storage

4TB Bandwidth

All of these plans are inclusive of the hosting charges of Digital Ocean.

24*7 Support

It lets individuals avail heroic customer support that is available 24/7 at the same cost and no extra cost.

Pay as you go

This lets individuals pay only for the resources which are consumed by you. It lets you pay as and when with flow.

Free Migration

It lets you migrate the first website to Cloudways for free and that too at no excess cost or pricing.

Cloudways Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting Features

If you are in hunt of Hosting platform to host Amazon cloud servers then Cloudways have very good services to fulfill your conditions. They have designed there this service for the users which is very user friendly and responsive. Here are few features of their services :

  • Fully Optimized Stack : Cloudways way have lightening fast servers which have latest ThunderStack formula and amalgamation of best web server and cache technologies. By this you will get very fast speed as compared to other previous deployments.
  • Choose Your App & DB : You have full rights to choose your databases and development apps.
  • Managed Security : You don’t need to worry about your operating system and firmware security. Cloudways have automatically managed security program which take care of your server security and other emerging threats and malware.
  • One Click Scalability : With this feature you can very easily scale your managed AWS server resources (bandwidth, RAM, CPU or storage disks) by just dragging a slider.
  • Unlimited Staging Areas With URLs : If you love testing things and experiments then you can easily create such areas with pre-mapped URLs.
  • Auto Backups With Easy Recovery : They have bots which automatically creates copies and maintains regular back up to deal with lost data and recovery of old data.

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Some Other Features of Cloudways Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting

  • 1-Click CMS Apps
  • Cloud Servers with SSD
  • Thunderstack Optimization
  • 1-Click Critical Server Operations
  • Built-in MySQL Manager
  • Managed Security
  • Automated Backups
  • DNS Management
  • Web Console Access
  • Easy SSL Installation
  • Multi Cloud Deployment
  • 15+ Monitoring Metrics
  • Server Cloning
  • Server Parameters Changes
  • 24x7x365 Chat Support
  • 24x7x365 Ticket Support
  • 3-Day Free Trial

Cloudways are going very good in the market with their competition. They have claimed that their Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting service is used by over 31000 plus customers on cloud servers and 1 lakh plus website and application which are very smoothly running with their servers.
Deploy Your Apps on AWS CloudCloudways : Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly easy to use hosting solutions of Cloud
  • Ideal choice for the friendly non-tech users
  • Great Security and Backup features
  • Unlimited Apps and Domains
  • No contracts
  • Constant monitoring
  • Multiple optional features
  • Inclusion of root access
  • Scalability in all kind of account type


There are hardly any cons that were relevant enough to pen down.

Cloudways Customer Support

Cloudways holds about an excellent reputation for support that is offered. It offers relevant support even in all the unlikely events that require tech support. Cloudways offers you with optimum help at all points of the day. It offers incredibly speedy support as and when asked for. Moreover, it offers support with the real time human interaction that is available through live chat. This live chat feature always stays on which lets you avail easy solutions to all problems related to Cloudways.

Along with the live chat, it also offers a ticketing system. Both of these support options are available at all points of the day. The site further comprises of a knowledge base beneficial for simple or basic questions and answers.

Cloudways Free Trial Policy



Cloudways offers great service but however if you still face any kind of confusion, you do not need to worry. This is because it offers a solid free 14 days trial. Hence, this lets you use it yourself while making judgments whether it is valuable for you or not.

Should We Buy Cloudways?

You definitely should buy Cloudways as it is incredibly important for you to opt for the correct hosting provider for the site you wish to build. It is a must for those of you who are looking for cloud-based hosting along with simplicity without any requirement of an expert admin. They offer completely managed plans which are not associated with any contract. Along with this, it offers a 30-day return guarantee which lets you test drive the services in order to see whether it meet the needs or not. It serves as the ideal balance creates between the retention of control over the cloud server along with added supervision of automated and advanced administration panel.

Thus, it serves as a must signup for one and all.

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